Friday, June 18, 2021

Philosophy of Life VersionMark 2.0

 In my final weeks of Highschool which was in 2004, the graduating grade was asked to prepare and present a talk on having a philosophy of life. For me this felt like the first thing in ages that I wanted to be involved in. My presentation was a success, it went something like this.

I plan on delving into the esoteric, this seems to be the best thing I can do once free from the confines of school.

When pressed by the audience 'but what does that mean?' I made a vague nebulous gesture and said, 'spirituality, spiritual reality.'

I concluded with, well I guess that's not really a philosophy, it's more of an action plan, I'll have to get back to you about a philosophy.

I can now formulate a philosophy of life, which follows.

An emotional stance or standpoint that nothing matters.*

Waiting for the exact right moment to do the next thing, the exact right thing. Endeavoring always to if possible take the first moment you can do something, the first opportunity.*2

"Listening" the whole time to God and the universe to understand what is correct.*** A constant emotional or feeling based conversation seated in your own desire to feel.

Love is all there is. A constant question, Is there a better way I could be doing this? A more loving response?

* Everything Matters. this is a subtle thing that relates to detachedness, not wasting your energy on every little thing.

*2 Don't be Hasty. Prepare yourself until you are emotionally ready before doing things.

*** Start, or check and restart your constant emotional conversation with God. The question is: do you want to FEEL? This is called 'True Prayer'.

I call this part of my way, Perfect correctness.