Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Hell is a good thing.

Just in the last few weeks I've been learning something.
Hell is a real true Divine location,
Its purpose: Getting a body back on earth.
Go through the hell process, meet every detail of every requirement, 
And any deceased person can visit or live again on earth, with a physical body,
Should they want to. *.

Talk to Choab at the gates and begin your work.

I have nearly finished this while still alive, My final step to complete my work, Talk about it.

*Some people feel they need a good reason to visit earth again in this way, some great work they are most suitable to perform. I suggest with some soul work this limitation can be diminished or removed to the point where it could be achieved for the simplest loving reason. Sharing a meal and a word with some earth acquaintance, perhaps known only in dreams. Holding a lonely loved ones' hand, eating again your favourite meal. 
I will help earth become more accepting.