Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Acquiring Angelic Abilities.

Three things are needed.

A non-violent, non-harming attitude and condition. Non-violence should have seeped into your bones. In such a condition that you would never try and harm using abilities. That includes harming someone's Will - doing something they do not want you to do.

Very strong and clear connectedness to God and doing God's work, In God's way.

Freedom from Ability Attack. (Someone taking your abilities or lashing out through your abilities.)
I can help with this when you are ready.

Then it is a matter of also following these steps.

Learn the concept of the ability you want to have. The 'name' True-Pure can be used for this.

Learn the steps you will have to go through to arrive at having the ability. I suggest writing this down and checking that it is complete and accurate. The 'name' True-Pure can be used for this.

Resolve all resistance within yourself preventing having the ability and become strong enough to cause it to work.

We have kind of arrived at this strange, wonderful and frightening place in human history where regular people can start possessing miraculous Angelic Abilities.

My strongest piece of advice is focusing on God and living a Godly life. Because if you can come into harmony with God, one person, one soul can change and improve the whole world. 

I'll finish with something I wrote down some time ago:

Anyone can do God's work, so long as they work in perfect harmony with God, and perfect harmony with all others doing God's Work.

Don-Fa Lah. (Alexander)