Thursday, August 29, 2019

Primary Lessons: Respecting Free Will.

I thought I'd start posting about the primary lessons of divine path progress.

I'll Start with Respecting free will.

1) Heal using one of these methods All causes as to why you do not feel and respect the will of others.
       -Divine Mercy.
       -Faith God can easily heal.
       -Humility. (it may take many years this way even if you are keenly aware of your Law of                            attraction and highly skilled with humility.)

2) -Receive all truth from God on free will.
    -Have a desire to respect free will.
    -Upgrade Harmony.

What makes Will "Free"
Free from Sin/
Respects the freedoms of others
Doesn't Cost You Anything.

I kinda don't want to get involved in convincing people why this is a worthwhile thing to fix within oneself. Try not to miss the boat due to rebellion. I'm just going to say it once. It's worth doing. It opens doors.