Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Please Drink Enough Water.

It's important in this time to drink enough water. Two to three litres a day as a minimum. This will help you be alert and ready to do everything right. Water is actually vital to rebuilding your spirit after healing your soul. What I generally do is stop and drink directly from cupped hands under a tap, several times a day, until thurst is completely satisfied. Be yourself as you drink and try to be more mindful of your own genuine thirst.

There is a Tai-Chi way of drinking that is great first thing in the morning that cleanses the palet before you drink for your bodies water intake requirement, Hold a mouthful of water in closed mouth and 'Zen Out' (go quiet, cease thought) for 4-7 seconds before spitting onto the ground (garden.) Do this Three times. Then drink to quench thirst.