Monday, July 15, 2019

Help with Becoming At-One - Part 3.

Difference between Spirit-world and Afterlife. The spirit world surrounds the earth and is full of conflict. The afterlife is Only beautiful and peaceful and full of wonderful lessons. As soon as you have begun the at-one-ment process, which every person has, it is possible to access the Afterlife, even while awake. Work to convert and send your spirit-world spirit-body part into the afterlife if you want greater peace and freedom to work.

Connections to god. There are three connections to god I want to talk about as part of the process of becoming at-one.
A permanent connection to the holy spirit: This is what I asked for in 2014 and receiving it began my journey of at-one-ment. Use this connection to heal your self. This narrow connection often goes below the feet or above the head. Everybody already has this one. I arranged it.

Beginning of at-one-ment connection. Completing this connection makes you officially, at one with God and a Divine Angel, A baby one, taking your first tentative steps, partially within heaven. Use this connection and keep using it until your whole spirit is solid gold. Then it can do other cool things. This less narrow "pipe" connection goes to the heart.

Solid at-one-ment connection. This is a broader upgrade to the last one. It never shuts down. Enrollment in several angelic schools is a possibility after you achieve this connection.

At-one-ment is an ongoing process that should be worked on and improved daily. Seek ever greater at-one-ment with God... I will add to this list in future.

God as your Partner. At-one-ment with your soul-mate is a necessary process to work on, in order to go all the way, to getting into heaven. However some people have as their other half (soul-mate) someone who is incredibly Evil. Trying to heal such a person is often a grave mistake as it only makes them stronger and more capable without any change to their evil nature. (I'm pretty much only talking about reincarnated people here, people who might have had thousands of years screwing themselves down tighter into hell, committing themselves endlessly to evil.) However God provides hope. If you are one of these unfortunate soul halves and you are sincere god will take the place of your soulmate in this process. If you do not feel confident doing this be wary. There are very real dangers here. You can pray for my help to make direct contact with God to begin.

I need to clarify that last one. There is a location, and the people there are called 'God', that is what they are. There is a distinct part of God for each of the 2084 soul images (think moulds or designs from which souls are cast) that is 4168 soul halves or singular male or female personalities. This form of God, and there are others, is what I mean when I say 'God' will take the place of your (super evil) soul mate if needed. God in this place is completely trustworthy and does not make (disharmonious) mistakes. Who knows, maybe we can all find a reason to do this, even without a perilously evil other half.

Praying from the top. Pray with your high bit. The part of your soul that existed before you reincarnated.

That's all