Sunday, June 02, 2019

Safety and Sanity as you Grow.

Whenever you attain a new [higher] location (sphere),
Only two things are needed to become very safe.
All the truth up to and of that location,
And the harmony of that location.

* * *

These are two things you can pray for to receive or achieve. Divine truth is a substance that contains understanding. It comes from God, and it can come from some highly developed souls you may meet on your journey. Praying for truth feels different from praying for love as an example. Love you can have a gentle, sincere longing for, and experience, and know you are experiencing it's inflowing. This is satisfying. Truth on the other hand, you will need to have a feeling of relying on god and then pull quite strongly. You might feel or see it coming in. Try and complete units of truth, for example all the truth up to the sphere you are in or, specific lessons such as loving your soulmate, loving your children, becoming divine, God. some of these lessons form a disk or sphere that fills you when complete. Receiving truth I generally find to be relieving. The feeling is of being more able to cope with existing, and it's good. 

Harmony is a characteristic a soul can exhibit, not a substance. God fixes it when you ask through prayer. Most likely you will feel and see a change occur, quite easily when you ask. This is worth doing.