Saturday, May 11, 2019

Twelve Laws Of Love.

1) Love is the Highest Aspiration of Humankind.

2) Love makes whole, People who love Grow.

3) God's love for us is the reason why we are.

4) People who receive Love from God learn. But if not Respected, these learnings bare (carry)                Consequence.

5) Consequence in the form of Responcibitly: If you receive God's Love You must Love Or Growth        Ceases.

6) If growth ceases and you do not Love, Pain Occurs.

7) When Loving action returns, Growth can start again.

8) People who continually learn from God how to love Best, grow Most.

9) When people grow in God's Way, The Effect they have on God's Universe is Three-fold.

  • Everyone, particularly those people around them become Happier.
  • People They come in contact with are presented with Opportunity to Grow.
  • Harmony within God's Universe can Improve.
10) God's Love can Heal Or it can Burn. Your receptivity to It's Lesson Determines Which.

11) God Knows the Universe Succeeds in Its Purpose.

12) The Universe's Purpose is to Grow God.