Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Improving Coffee

I have never been a coffee professional but I have some intuitive understandings of how we misuse coffee. This entry here at RennaissanceSquared is more of a suggestion or appeal for someone out there to work to fix something: The Cup Of Coffee.

I think my basic gripe is the espresso machine. It's inefficient (wasteful of coffee) and to my mind does not produce the most enjoyable end product.

I think we use too much milk and not enough water in the most standard coffee orders. It's like there is some other most suitable option that I have never seen on a menu, and I kinda don't enjoy making intricate variation orders.

As I said I have never been a barista or worked in the industry so I'm not basing this figure on empirical evidence (I'm using the true name True-Pure which is in part about learning and putting through the understanding of my soul)

With the amount of coffee used to make two standard cups of espresso machine coffee,
if you double that amount you can make just under six premium cups of coffee using the most efficient/suitable method. 

I currently drink instant coffee at home, it's just what I prefer. I've used a glass syphon in the past and they make really good coffee. What I think is needed on a commercial level (coffee shops) is larger syphon style coffee making for multiple customers at a time, (something along the lines of eight to fifteen serves of coffee at a time) brewed in an experimentally verified most suitable way.

This is an opportunity for someone to improve commercial coffee, potentially earning in the process.

I perceive the need for a new commercial coffee device that is suitably designed and manufactured for those environments. 

Who knows, I hope anyway, that maybe in a few years the standard coffee ordering conversation could go: 
- 'One long white'
- 'Çoming right up...' or 'six minutes we're between batches...'

That's all for now, Thanks Guys.

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