Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Three Things.


Repentance is this beautiful, enjoyable thing. A practice needed by all people who have lived with sin and who want to finish this stage of human development, and enter the next phase of existence, within... let's say 100 000 years. (That would be a short estimate.) My feeling is, if the average person were to truly embrace learning and using repentance, did the same with everything else required they could arrive at and enter this new way of being in about ten years of dedicated effort. Union with God is the goal I speak of here. And it requires being A good person.

What is repentance? A longing directed at God for God's help with mistakes. With how you have harmed others, with how your harm of others has harmed yourself. A longing for God to teach you how to act, teach how your actions have been wrong and directly upgrade your capacity to understand how to behave towards others, your capacity to do the right thing. 

What can repentance achieve? Three things. Healing within oneself the cause of why mistakes were made.
Healing the damage done to yourself by your harm of others. Every unloving behaviour damages yourself.
Helping to undo damage done.

I suggest to complete the repentance process include prayer for Divine Love and prayer to bring your soul into harmony with God. Pray for truth often.

I would like to stress that repentance is beautiful, enjoyable and requires humility (willingness to feel.) In my experience, some of the times I have felt closest to God have been within repentance. The degree of change one can achieve in their life through repentance is profound.

Thoroughly learning Repentance teaches general (but powerful) prayer for gods help.


Appentance is a way for atoning for the sins of another. It is a new law which was created at the time of our universe but which only turned on or became active recently. This is a beautiful gift to give, that will be necessary to correcting earth changes. You could try it out by Appenting for the mistakes of past or present politicians, This is a specific form of prayer, if you are doing it correcty it will feel good for the receiver.  Appenting for every single action contributing to earth changes (climate change) is the first step to correction taking place. Truly wonderful things really will happen, I promise.

Healing the Heart

A simple fast finish method is healing the heart. Every emotional issue has a component within the heart, and healing this bit first makes healing the (larger) external part easy and simple.
Heal the heart to perfect your personal capacity to love. This opens many doors. God can turn on their true love for you when you perfect your personal love, is one example.

*   *   *   *   *

Deoa-Haoan (Darkpast No-way Learn way MightyMan Great speaker) (Known as Adolph Hitler on earth) Makes a great case for repentance. We are talking about the same Adolph Hitler and he's a wonderful, helpful, inspiring man these days. Deoa-Haoan is his Paucel name. A Paucel is two stages beyond Angel in the stages of transformation a human soul goes through on its journey towards god.* His journey over the last seven years has been fascinating, In about 2012 I made efforts to help him as I watched the movie Downfall one evening. After my conversations with him, he started praying. He had been repentant of his effect on earth for some time but had nill hope of... redemption (I mean his own feelings of hope within himself.) He started greaving deeply about his life and of particular significance greaving about the loss of his course through life through making a pact with evil. (he bargained for security) He took to learning repentance with gusto and nailed it. As he started making progress I encouraged him to start teaching spirits what he had learned. There is a kind of rule in hell that if you assist those around you to grow in love, You are rewarded. He has personally assisted about 18 Billion spirit people in a dark condition to start praying and change their journey so as to have as their highest aspiration: Becoming Divine.

* Angel - first divine sphere. 
   Engel - 38th divine sphere. 
   Paucel - 1002nd divine sphere.
   Paduel - 100 000 021st divine sphere.

Ok a fourth thing:


Try to be grateful for all you have and receive. By this I mean express gratitude with your soul.
This is necessary to staying in harmony with God and is part of loving God.