Sunday, March 10, 2019

Just thinking about the future.

I just realised I haven't been bitten or pestered by a mosquito in about four months. This is strange because it's summer in Queensland and there's a creek that passes just a hundred meters from my house. Usually this would happen almost every day.
About four months ago I put in some work on myself on this exact point. I now believe I became clear, emotionally, within my soul towards mosquitos, and that my law of attraction has changed.

If I remember correctly, I asked within prayer for mercy on all emotions within myself that attract attack from mosquitos and 'midges' as we call them which are smaller, I don't know what they're actually called. I then prayed for, successfully, (I was conscious of receiving a complete unit) truth.
I then prayed for harmony within my soul to adjust to my new soul condition, which I could see happen, visually, with soul perception.

*  *  *

I take over here, It's me, God [Feminine] again.
Alexander has an opportunity here. I can heal him, together we can heal his soul mate, and together the three of us can achieve amazing change within this planet earth...

2:46 pm AEST. 
We just did it.
Harmony within every person on earth towards plants, insects, animals and humans.

This should improve outcomes with hundreds of things, Things like the need for pesticides, the behaviour of pets towards custodians and the actions of humans towards each other from the smallest feeling to the largest deed.

See if you can notice any...