Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Words of advice on drug use: Timothy Leary Channeled.

I have been contemplating making an entry relating to utilising drugs as tools to potentially aid with certain kinds of development or gaining freedom from soul based problems. Marijuana for example can potentially help a [adult] child work on controlling mother issues. I have used various substances at times over the last fifteen years.
In the process I took a beautiful message from Timothy Leary, someone I idolised around the time I was leaving high school. The message follows.
If I get around to it I will finish this post with some general points of advice on using substances within a personal growth framework.

*   *   *   

When I was starting out on my path of using LSD I felt like LSD and other drugs were fun, risk-free gateways into something more. As I progressed I began to comprehend some of the dangers. Never when alive did I understand with my conscious mind that one can lose everything.

Your mind can literally come out of you. Your understanding of how to live and behave can be harvested malignantly. Your body and your whole life can be taken for a "joy ride" destroying friendships, love relationships, putting you behind bars and potentially confining you to a new life of slavery.

I was rescued many times from things like this by my friends, family friends and co-practitioners within the psychiatric world.

Drugs are a serious undertaking. Casteneda lived the life of a warrior, had a true guide and still got into trouble.

If you know you want to utilise substances be prepared. One of the best things one can do is exercise daily.

And finally never become dependant on an external crutch like a drug. Particularly if you cannot sustain a safe, legal supply.

-Tim Leary January 2019. Received by Alexander Cooke (Methuselah).

*   *   *   

It seems relevant to include some of my longtime enjoyed music.