Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Way

I would like our planet to get to the point where one in ten people living are at-one with God. I feel getting to that point will require the people of earth to have among other things a healthier connection to spirit. Clear communication and interaction with, and ability to receive help from your own guides and Guardians.

Becoming at-one is a personal thing. It requires sustained individual effort to get there. Your own desire to get there, to receive new permanent connections to your creator, to hone yourself, heal yourself and correct yourself until you can fit into the role of Angel, and beyond. Being At-one is a beautiful, powerful thing and pivotal to what humans within our environment are here for.

I'll post some guidelines on how we should consume animal products over the next ten or so years and moving into the future beyond that. Following these guidelines will be vital for preserving earth's eco-systems so that humanity can rely on and enjoy them into the future instead of seeing cataclysmic failure of them.

What I would really like to see now though is for more teachers to come forward and start to satisfy the desire people have worldwide for high-quality information on how to grow, be it person to person, through visual media, literature or online.

It only takes a solid foundation of functional understanding in four key areas for the average person to build apon and be able to continue in their own self motivated, perpetually evolving personal growth along 'the way'.

  Morality        Prayer
  Humility        Connection to spirit

The way that is every humans birth-right and destiny.
The way that is perpetually evolving.
The way that involves god and heart.
The way that can include any effective, healthy method or tool from every existing Religion or system of personal development.

The way that is called simply the way.

Alexander Cooke.