Monday, February 18, 2019

Healing Self-Love

Healing your love of self is so important.
When you cannot love yourself unloving behaviour from others is more common.
loving your self enables god to love you more,
loving yourself more greatly enables love of your soulmate.

When you can love yourself everything works better and is better.
It is wise to think about love of self as something you can perfect, work on until it is complete.
To do this you will have to heal all the pain in you of not being loved, and be humble as you love yourself.

The other way I could have written this post is:

So I pissed myself this morning.
I was sitting working on love of self.
All over my mat,
All over the cushion I sit on,
Into the tails of the blanket I put around my shoulders,
The whole load of pee, And it was alot.
I Healed every past lack of love towards me and I lovedmyself until it was perfect.
And the pee came, no stoping it.
As I laughed.