Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Einstein on Genetic Modification, Selective Breeding and Experimentation.

[Channelled Message]

With every engineered change within a human, plant, or animal genome there is a weakening of the whole. This includes as scientists will one day find increased susceptibility to virus, disease and frighteningly, future unmapped mutations.

Emotions within humans associated with not caring about selective breeding of animals result in changes at the soul level for every creature. Changes that enable strange new behaviours outside of God's plan for our planet. The truth behind the article that follows about the cross-breeding caterpillars is an example of this.

If every scientist learned to communicate with and receive truth from "God,"  the creator of our universe about all possible experiments, not only would they discover, before taking the experiment reason to avoid some things, due to unfeasibility, design flaw or consequence, but they would also become inspired in how best to experiment.

-Albert Einstein, January 2019. Through Alexander Cooke (Methuselah.)

Thank you Alex for your time, I would like to add how humorous your thought was reading this afterwards that spirits can express long thought trains by being unhindered by the need to breath and how this creates unusual punctuation. I suggest returning to Win Wenger's "Held breath underwater swimming," A practice I used throughout my life and told Win about. -Albert

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