Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Physics Principles: Upgrading your Capacity.

This is my take on the principles physics attempts to describe.

Particle is below. (The body).
It teaches about your true nature.
Try an experiment: Love particle.
What is particle?
Is it what you were before you were an un-incarnated soul?
Is particle at-one?
Why aren't you?

Chaos is to the right.
It teaches more profound ways to experience reality.
Humility is how to learn, and how to escape. (the experience.)
Chaos can be frightening, painful.
 Ask God to guide and be part of every single event, occurrence and experience of your whole future.
Order within Chaos: correction through imperfect events until all is perfect.
Chaotic learning?... Use chaos to shorten the length of time you spend wandering around scratching your head before the eureka moment.
Some of the time when a doctor says 'psychosis' it's a case of delving into chaos.
I spent eleven years in chaos, back when it was hard, before chaos changed to be more gentle.
It started part way through what we call 'Schoolies week' in Australia.
Smoking pot, in a shared Hotel room.
My first psychotic episode had started two weeks earlier.
It ended, in a single bedroom in my parents' house eleven years later, as I played anew with humility.
I still had psychosis*.
But good god it was relieving.
To come out of,
With something new..

[Disclaimer: That isn't a very good example of using chaos, it's not frightening, just use it.]

*One definition of Psychosis: A crack in the luminous sphere that makes the experience of spiritual reality painful and damaging. A lack of true health in experiencing spiritual reality.

There are six of these, Unity is above, String behind, Wave to the left and Ring to the front. My understanding is less for these. I'll simply say: String is for travel. Wave is for abilities, levitation for example. Ring is for sealing and healing. And unity joins things, you and god for example.

As I was learning about particle I had a spiritual conversation with Stephen Hawking. This is when he was alive, maybe a year before he died. He explained that it was taught to him like this: Imagine your consciousness is a balloon on a string (humility required to set this up.) Then, take your balloon and pin it's string below in particle in order to perceive it. It was said to him that particle could help him, even with his physical condition. This was 17 years before my conversation.