Sunday, December 09, 2018

Impervious Steel, 'Damascus Steel' explained.

As a child I the first science book I read mentioned Damascus Steel.
It is used to make knives and weapons that are incredibly strong, durable, can be very sharp and hold an edge better than anything. We are incapable of making it today. What we think of as 'Damascus steel' is not true impervious steel but shares some of these steps. Impervious steel shines like a mottled sun.

When I lived it had a different name and literally, in it's true form (correctly made) was impervious to break down through natural events.

I'm not going to explain every step in detail, more just explain the missing elements that are unknown today.

  • Select finest (Iron) ore. Tap with resin piece to divine sound. (developed spiritual senses required.)
  • Found to Iron lump, purify through hammering (Iron Hammer.)
  • Hammer Tin ingot flat.
[Preperation 2]
  • Select black fossils
  • Chip to remove extraneous material
  • grind fossil pieces
  • extract (a centrifugal device was used in my time) ground fossil.
[Steel preperation]

What is needed here is a steel saturated with fossil carbon, it is more complicated than I want to go into now. A vacuum container is needed.

  • Mirror every true stroke of folding process with counter stroke on tin plate.
  • Fold 1200 times until sound on cooled metal is dull.
  • During folding keep temperature well below tin ignition point.
  • Shape Blade
  • Heat to ~_1400c (just white hot, removes tin)
  • Quench in olive oil
  • File.
  • Heat to >700c (cherry red)
  • Quench in vinegar
  • detail sharpen
  • Heat to 460c (blood red)
  • Quench in Ammonia.
  • Polish.

Slice fig or other local fruit with finished blade and share with new owner. [Do not plunge into heart of robust slave.]

This kind of metal was used for various things not just weapons. A sundial in a city centre for example. 
A five-inch knife of this kind was commissioned for me by Juan, the first emperor I served. I was spiritually involved in its making.

I was carrying this when I was captured and then tortured at the age of 743. 
It was buried with my feet. The officer in charge of capturing me was also charged with disposing of the remains of my body. My head went to my family. I had crossed paths with this man many times. Spoken with him and instructed him. Particularly when he was a child. As he buried my feet, with knife underneath, he said a brief prayer.

May his feet walk this earth forever.

This Blade remains out there somewhere.
It is still sharp.
And still shiny.