Friday, November 09, 2018

World Hunger, Improper Eating and Satisfaction.

People all around the world, to varying degrees, have emotions of not being able to eat properly, of not eating perfectly.
We may eat too fast, not receive the spiritual essence of the food, and compensate for this by eating too much.
Almost everyone on this planet has the problem of their spiritual food, the spirit body of their physical food being taken away. Often by living people who are sleeping.

These emotions collectively, hit against certain parts of the world and cause areas where famine and hunger are common.

In my last life it was common for me to spend large amounts of time eating only small quantities of food, very carefully. This is one secret to longevity.
From a young age I was taught how to eat well, how to swallow food into the low belly energy centre, commonly called Dan Tien. We called it Doma which is a word from the natural language of earth.
Swallowing into Doma to feed your spirit is one way, the other is inhaling the smell or essence of food into your heart, Juntah (Joon-Tah).  If the seat of your soul is below midway on the body use Doma. If above midway, use Juntah, this is a generalization, you can and should use both.
Chew with your whole mouth and love your food.

This is how to get true satisfaction from simple foods.
This is how to properly nourish your spirit, which keeps you alert.

I invite you to start trying to eat better. Pray about it. Receive gods truth on eating. Believe your food into Doma. Inhale food into Juntah. Try to heal the ill health that makes this hard.

Allow enough time to feed your children. Rushing the feeding of weened infants is what creates some of the emotional problems of bad eating. Try and listen to what they need.

Every person who resolves the soul based issues of improper eating, helps to some degree or other everyone else do the same. And it is the collective soul condition of the planet that creates the physical problems of malnutrition and starvation.