Sunday, October 14, 2018

What are You Here For?

Pray for God to prepare you for the role you truly desire to play in this world.
If you are a returned (reincarnated) person, this is one of the best ways of moving into greater harmony with the plan you made for your life before you left.
If you currently hold a position of responsibility, pray for God to help you be ready to do God's work on earth. Help you be ready to create the change that is needed, to take the hard road, not the accepted or expected road.

Ask Gods mercy to heal the emotions that hinder you.
Repentance is gods method of correcting past mistakes.

Put a focus on resolving addictions.
Being Special,
The need to prove yourself; I'm better than you, I really can do it, I'll show you.
obsession with learning from people, instead of God.

Desire to learn True good. My actions never harm, I work in perfect harmony with God, I work towards achieving Gods true plan, I am humble enough that the energies of my soul never create issue, My love does not contain control, My feeling towards others is only love.

*   *   *

Resolving addictions is one of the most satisfying things in terms of the amount of beneficial change in how your life runs and feels. I'll give some examples of how they work. If you have faith enough to make divine mercy work it may be very quick and easy.

Addiction to power: I don't want to feel my own powerlessness emotions, In my avoidance of these feelings I (or sometimes a spirit,) have created a desire for power. Generally you start by feeling this, the desire for power, and then move on to the powerlessness which was probably created in your childhood, often by spiritual attack or directly inherited from a parent with the same problem. Someone has taken part of my power by attacking my spirit, and I don't want to feel that. If you are faced with an abusive energy criminal, someone who spends their time attacking children, trying to profit from their stolen energy, this is what you attempt to heal in them. Do you see the cycle of abuse here? An energy criminal attacked me, if I make certain choices, don't manage the addiction well I may end up an energy criminal who attacks others. The other way this can go is I make different choices and probably end up a victim, maybe treated for some kind of psychosis. Fixing these first three addictions I mentioned, power, glory, wanting to feel I'm special can completely change the experience of people with serious mental health issues.

Vigilantism: I avoid the fact that I actually feel i'm a bad person by attacking bad people. Through these actions I get to feel good about myself. Violence of any kind is a mistake. Example: A community attacking a sex offender in their suburb, or Trump threatening 'severe punishment' if Saudi Arabia murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi. (Currently in the news). Heal your own self-worth issues.

Desire/addiction to fame: The consequences of addiction to fame can be complex, Generally, but not always the problem is your own desires that you have created yourself. Healing any imperfect desire feels a bit like creating a desire. Feel the desire as it exists within you. Dissolve instead of creating or making stronger. What makes a desire for fame an addiction... it depends, it's complicated. If you end up famous by following a passion it's very different to I desire to be famous but don't really want to do anything,  have no real passion for film or music or whatever.