Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Ten Laws of Free Will and Why to Obey Them.

1) If a person's will expresses dislike of something, do not do it.

2) If you are giving a perfect lesson in a loving way, that enables a person to avoid/heal ongoing or future pain/disharmony, the first law can be countermanded.

3) If a person acts on harmful desires, and if harmony enough exists within that environment to enable an angel at one with God to act, that angel is free to restrict freedom of will.

4) If You are in greater harmony with God than others on a subject, then your will should be respected over others.

5) When sin/disharmony is present within a soul then all care should be taken following any free will desires.

6) Will should be expressed in such a way as to heal sin within oneself over avoiding consequences of that sin.

7) In the event of cataclysm anywhere in gods universe, all angels should heed the call.

8) Growth in love is achieved any time will is expressed lovingly. This, as you know is desirable. (should be sought for.)

9) If you are capable of achieving an at-one-ment condition* before taking action, do so if practicable.

10) Strive to become divine before all other concerns.

Adherence to these laws will bring harmony and thus happiness/joy both within (a soul) and without (the universe). 

*At-one-ment is a condition that does not require complete freedom from sin. It can turn off at certain times such as when you heal an emotion. You can be considered an angel after the first time you achieve this state. However, it will turn off periodically until true at-one-ment is obtained. It is turned on by God through prayer for God to make you at-one.