Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Every egotistical act, which is putting yourself before another in an unloving manner, directly works against God's plans for humanity.

Every time you desire something for another.
Every act of violence, physical, emotional or spiritual.
Every interaction you have where you are not truly yourself.

Suppression of growth in others is a big problem on our world. It stems from a desire to be superior to others, or from not being able to trust others, fear of what others may do.

God rewards bountifully those who are truly trustworthy.

A subject for study: why would you be unable to trust another. What about, why would you be unable to trust a person who is in a higher spiritual location than yourself.
How can you become trustworthy?

Is there something fundamentally missing from our universe? some kind of divine order?

I'll tell you, the problem is vulnerability to control that is universal to souls in our universe.
This enables mistakes to be made by high souls that inflict huge amounts of pain and damage on lower souls.

This is the reality behind the apple in Genesis. The sin is an inability to understand good and evil, and the action of original sin is Emon controlling Oman to bite an apple. That is original sin for our universe.
Origional sin for our planet is quite different. Our planets Aman came under spititual attack, which he did not feel which led to a turning away from gods guidance as he lived his life, and on the day following that attack he stept on and killed a small frog, which caused him distress. And his true big mistake was trying to restart the life of the frog using his personal energy, his personal will.
This started a chain of destruction of his spirit, his energy body, his soul and his physical body. In particular a lack of containment of his energy, including sexual energy. Both Amon and Aman lost easy control of ejaculation and menstration so that it was almost automatic. Instead of only ejaculating semen when they intended to concieve, and instead of only ovulating when they intended to concieve, it became, over several generations, I ejaculate whenever I orgasm, and I ovulate and menstrate every lunar cycle.

There are many universes. Each different, built along different design parameters.
Some of the characteristics of ours that are not necessarily shared by others are:
Vulnerability to control.
Energy loss, displacement or extraction, including loss of the energies that contain understanding - loss of truth.

what is something that does not exist within our universe that does in another?

loss or extraction of love...
That's pretty dark.

This has been a bit of a jumble of ideas, I'll just say two more things.

God's plan to fix the fundamental flaws with our universe, the inharmony with perfection, is currently happening, rapidly. It began with my incarnation, and accelerated at the exact time the Mayan calendar ended. [Adjustment/clarification needed]

Each planet has a design. ours is, teach god about energy work. Literally the biggest problem we face as a species is overpopulation and population growth.
so.... it is every person's responsibility to help correct this.

Start using energy work to heal imperfect sexual function. learn to contain sexual energy, including the physical substances that lead to conception.

And use those fucking condoms as well. Because you are not truly trustworthy.