Thursday, September 13, 2018

The problem and the solution.

For some time now I have observed a problem.

People who I have taught or others, who learn to receive gods love, and who have some dark desires and emotions, fail to achieve moral development in the sense that unloving actions towards others, do not change.

However, the inflowing of gods love and other divine gifts make that person stronger and more capable of achieving their unloving desires.

I speak mainly of spiritual attack, one of our planets most debilitating problems.

Where have I gone wrong? I ask. How could God allow this?

There is a most soothing solution.

Divine surrender
Divine serenity.

Surrendering to God and gods way teaches easy connection to god, easy reception of gods assistance.

Divine serenity makes one comfortable in any environment. More capable of baring the stresses of life. And more capable of behaving in a level-headed way.

Both of these gifts, are substances of gods creation, build for human consumption. Or energies designed to upgrade a soul, a child of God, as they are received by that soul through prayer.

These gifts I feel are a perfect solution to this problem.

Please feel the joy and pleasure of receiving them.

With all My love, Alexander.

*  *  *  *  *

Two more things.

Soon I hope to post a video talking about earth changes. Helping improve outcomes with earth changes is a significant part of my design for my life. Earth changes began 1700 years ago and are different and separate from man-made climate change. My conscious understanding of several things needs to grow, so I'll work on this and god willing I'll be uploading a video to youtube within several days.

Every time your soul releases or heals or becomes free from an unhealed emotion, your vulnerability is not automatically resolved.
"Divine Complete" is the substance I recommend you become familiar with to fill the holes created by your new freedom from sin. It is the easiest way to become safe when you heal. Insist you will pray for and receive this before you race out to get some hot chips, or otherwise reward yourself.
God's love can have a similar effect but you need to be very successful to become solid and complete in this way.