Monday, July 23, 2018

Spiritual Attack is never Ok, It is always a mistake

This post may seem bizarre to some, I am going to talk about something I have always wanted to discuss openly, Spiritual attack. If this is not a familiar subject to you then please do not judge me too harshly.

In the past I have shown strong support for Alan Miller (Jesus)
However now in light of how he has treated me spiritually over the past six months, from the moment he learned with his waking mind something about me, he has attacked me. He learned that I am in a more loving condition than him, that my souls home in the spirit world is higher than his, from this time he has brutally suppressed and attacked me spiritually.

I will say two more things.

His soul has heavily suppressed all of the people living in the Kingaroy region and all members of the 14 including Mary.

When he was mistreated by members of the media in Australia and I'm talking mostly about channel nine, he attacked brutally and so subtly, trying to cause relationship breakdown for example. Something that should not have happened. Teams of angels including myself were needed to undo the damage.

He is intensely controlling and manipulative. He is literally the most dangerous person at this in the world. He can easily destroy someone's life.

But why does he do this? He learned to do it at a young age, he has always gotten away with it, he is ego driven, from my experience he cares only about getting what he wants and uses spiritual attack to do this.

What has my response been?
I hate spiritual attack with a passion. I Have lived with it all my life. Apart from two or three occasions when I fought back I have tried to heal him and I've been very successful. I healed over twenty emotions in him that could have been the cause of this unloving behaviour. His actions have remained unchanged.

Undoubtedly the situation is more complex than what I have written, and maybe Mr Miller and I will talk about that together one day when things are more friendly between us.

Perhaps I'll pull this post, it does not support the feel I'm going for here at Renaissance squared, but I need to vent, and people need to know about this behaviour.