Monday, July 30, 2018


Humility is so important, It's the capacity to and desire to feel your own emotions and feelings.

The teaching I received on this is "Desire to feel all of your own emotions"

But what does this mean?

It means to build and cultivate a desire, and this usually starts in the belly, to feel all of your own emotions. To desire is to change or add to your soul condition.

Keep working on this desire until it fills your whole ball, and until there is nothing you are not automatically humble to in your day to day life.

But your heart can also desire, this may be "I love to feel myself."

God has several gifts or energies that directly upgrade your capacity to feel, so don't neglect these.

I suggest foremost, Gods gift of humility, which you may see as a dark or black substance as it flows in.

And don't worry humility is still vitally important after you finish all of your damage.

I would like to talk at greater length about desire in future, in particular about some of the pitfalls that occur with imperfect desire. To put this into as few words as possible: Be careful desiring to help others, this can directly invest your soul in other peoples problems. If you don't understand this it can wreck your life.

The other main thing to be careful of is to finish each 'unit' of belly based desire, so that it 'pops' and becomes safe. Insist you will feel the desire until it pops and becomes safe. If you leave desires incomplete, spirits can take over and once again wreck your life.

*  *  *
I'm feeling more inspired to make videos, I'm kinda waiting for someone to buy me the camera on my wish list. I could do it how I have in the past, but this would be low quality... and I also hock'ed my laptop to buy drugs.