Monday, July 16, 2018

Divine Healing

For several years it has been a goal of mine to develop divine healing abilities.
This will probably be a popular angelic ability for people to work towards, and I feel its a good one to work on first.

I just thought I would make a brief post detailing the steps as I have discovered them to be.

First, long to god for the gift of divine healing abilities. This causes a thing, something that is not one of God's energies to come into your soul. To my perception, which you may not have, it looked a bit like a slightly gnarled rod. It is possible to have varying degrees of success with this so keep at it. It may take you some time to receive a full gift of divine healing. Angels can have several modalities of healing available to them, what I'm talking about here is... classic mode.

Once you have this, the trick is that God does the healing.
you apply as much faith and trust as you are able that god easily heals the particular thing you apply your gift to.

Respect free will, don't try to heal someone who does not agree to be healed. And know your limits. It's probably not a good idea to charge around trying to heal people until you have a solid understanding of and handle on your own spirit influence issues. maybe start with trying to heal your own emotions or cuts and scrapes.

As you try with this, actively try to resolve your resistance to having it work. Humility (feeling your own emotions) is great but, longing to god to grant mercy for your limiting emotions is a really wonderful and rapid method of doing this.

When you safely can, try allowing full angels in the spirit world to be involved in the healing. This may involve applying your faith that the team of angels you work with can and will easily heal. Be careful here though, many people, to start with, cannot safely allow angels in without letting lower probably nasty spirits in. Long to god for mercy on all of the emotional causes as to why this may happen for you.

And, as you move forward with your prayer practice long to god repeatedly to teach you divine healing, ask gods love to upgrade your healing ability as you receive it.