Friday, July 06, 2018


A fascinating thing I learned recently is the reality of the Hindu deities.

A more correct term for them is Demi-Gods, this is their prefered word, there are 16 of them, eight soulmate couples and they are basically human souls.

Human souls however that have a specific purpose and have never not been at one with God.

They are below and subservient to our universal god. The one and only. I have no idea how much power they have, I'm new to this.

They are the gods of every ancient civilisation. The gods of the ancient Egyptians, the Annunaki of the Sumerians, The gods of the Norse. They interacted with the Ancient Greek and Romans to some degree. They are the Tarot Archetypes.

Obviously, they choose how they want to appear.

This was fascinating to me, not only do I have God to interact with but sixteen Demi-gods as well. They will come to any person who desires their company in some way. They encourage humility.

Why sixteen?

One couple for each of the seven soul types, they are the centre soul image of the seven body parts, head, throat, heart etc. and Brama and Dahma who are somehow the whole body.

Why? What is their purpose?

They help and heal. They never harm, but may appear threatening in order to assist you to access your self-limiting emotions.

That's all I feel like saying, I'll leave it with you.

Ahh, I need to correct something. In the post about the Voynich manuscript I mention Horus and Woden. Woden was a mortal man who plucked out his own eye during an interaction with The Wall (Archetype/male belly demi-god.) He sincerely regretted it later... He informed his friends that he traded it for wisdom...

Horus truly is/was a god of the Egyptians. I jumped to the conclusion that is written in that post. I did the exact same thing in my last life when I interacted with the ancient Egyptians. On hearing accounts of how their deities interacted with them, members of their temple, I assumed they were evil spirits.

You live you learn.