Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The future of the world.

I don't get much into politics. I find what I see on even the considered valuable news channels a waste of my time and often pointless to the point of being a joke.

Lets spend weeks deliberating over changes to guncontrol laws including weather to ban an automatic shotgun. The public, constantly punished through news outlets, fed microscopic updates on the twists and turns made by politicians surely who's sole agenda is to create a smoke screen over something, by pretending this is important.*

What about Gay marriage? well, I guess we got there in the end. But that one is fucking easy, it needn't have taken over a year and involved the entire population.

Is there some other super important thing we don't hear about that politicians within democratic systems in the western world do other than waste time with unimportant things and achieve almost nothing?

It seems to me democracy maintains the status quo of its own populace pretty well. It's own comfort level. But is this what the world as a whole needs right now? No it's not.

I feel the people in charge of basic decision making should be in a condition of soul development and in a condition of love to easily handle choices like this. They should be well informed not just physically but able to utilise guidance from God and from the angelic spirit world as well. In a world as we have today, they should be very noticeably advanced in these regards over the average level of soul development of the population.

What then should public officials at the highest levels be discussing with us?
I think it would go something like this:

Umm... we have through our own actions killed our world. If humans survive here into the semi-distant future it will be in societies drastically different to what we currently have.

Escape into space is completely, totally and utterly, out of reach.

Suburbia within cities will cease to be in any way feasible without replacement technology for petrol vehicles, which so far as I can tell only negligible amounts of people are currently investing in.

We need our best people currently implementing plans to enable Australia to healthily receive a MINIMUM of ten million refugees displaced by climate change within the next ten to twenty years.

What should the best and brightest of us be focusing on solving right now, the things we should have focused on fifty years ago when it was first noticed we were changing our ecosystem on a planetary scale.

And, What would you personally like to focus on considering that this world in regard to living humans, may only survive another 100 years?
I whole-heartedly believe that a populace completely informed on the value of gods way, the value of prayer, emotional processing, and soul development in general, would overwhelmingly pursue this.

We would be saying: I want to survive, I want to be safe and comfortable enough to practice and I want to do something, anything I can to improve prospects for humanity and our world into the future.

Would you like to know one thing that I personally plan to develop until I achieve?
Taking my physical body with me.
Either into the spirit world or to some region of the varied realities other than planetary existence.
Thus, avoiding death, and enabling me to come back at any time.
I doubt I have many readers able to accurately comprehend how incredibly wonderful a two month holiday to the eighth sphere of the spirit world would be:)
I really feel this will one day be a popular goal for people to have.

Beyond Zero Emissions -

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*...If theres no smoke screen over something, what does this mean for our elected officials? Is that worse?