Sunday, April 01, 2018


I feel that one of the most beautiful things God has designed into us as humans is the soulmate relationship. Each one of us has, somewhere out there a perfect partner, some other being who is both part of us and separate to us who will, considering emotional condition be a perfect counterpart for us all the way through the infinite, eternal journey that is life. I hope in this post to provide some guidelines for anyone to follow in order to begin or develop your inter-soul relationship. 

If you observe a soul incarnating you see that it is a singular personality, either male or female. However at some point before this, this singular personality is connected to, or at one with its counterpart, it's other half, a masculine to its's feminine or a feminine to its masculine. It then splits apart to connect to a newly forming foetus moments, a fraction of a second after conception occurs on earth. The conception process essentially provides an earth-based physical and spiritual body, vehicles if you will for the divinely created soul half to experience through. 

I will add just one thing, God designs some souls homosexual. In these souls, both the more masculine and more feminine halves connect the same gender body. Why would god do this? create a minority of souls who have no potential of procreating with their own other half? well, I don't know but perhaps in a state of true emotional health (and I feel this quite strongly), procreation  is not at all important to a souls happiness. If someone who is half of a gay soul loves kids, ample opportunities can be provided for that soul to love and enjoy the company of children. [Edit 14.08.2019]I hope that in the future it will be commonplace for parents to send off their Gay child infant or toddler to live and study under healthy Gay couples in their community on a temporary manner when every party is amicable to that circumstance or at the suggestion of a knowing leader.[Edit]  I feel gods design for humans includes beauty in variation, and this may be part of the reason why god builds some humans homosexual at the soul level. 

Split by Death/Inconquerable distance - Starting your relationship now.
Accurate Mediumship abilities or a humans natural healthy thought or soul-based communication abilities are what I want to talk about here. Many of the healthiest and most capable people on the planet today and throughout human history are and have been aware of a human's subtle communication abilities. Talking in one's mind with other living people or deceased people (spirits). Developing, enhancing, making more accurate these capacities should be a priority.

This really is a vast topic all of its own, although many people do not have these capacities active or developed, everyone is capable of doing so, particularly if they are receiving divine love. However, We are all, every one of us to a remarkably high degree unable to trust the information we receive via these channels. This I think of as evidence of the damaged human condition on this planet. we are all insane. our perception is out of harmony with the truth of reality. This is because of our soul condition. We are not pristine as we are designed to be and have not been since the fall of Aman with original sin. So how do you work on this? I'll provide one example. The Mudra or Kuji pictured below is something I came up with after praying about this issue. But, I didn't come up with it. It is, like all the Kuji divinely designed into humanity. A human correctly performing this action works on this. In this case: healing inharmony of perception and reality.
The Perfect Circle:

Working on Yourself
To develop your relationship with your soul mate, work on your self. The more you can be and love yourself, the more attracted your soul mate will be to you. So it becomes a process of resolving soul-based reasons why you cannot be yourself or love yourself.

Harmonious Crystal (Harmony Of Soul halves)

Soul-Mate Desire:

The Balance Of Male And Female:

Channelled Message
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Reassuring Nature of Relationship
I'll finish with a joke, something that hopefully illustrates the reassuring nature of the soul mate relationship. 
What would you rather be?
A rapist paedophile?
Or a paedophile rapist?
Why, oh why would I ask this question? Because you or your soulmate could on our hugely damaged planet be either of these things and yet know with certainty that its destiny is to experience and live within a perfect, loving, harmonious, joyous and beautiful relationship with its soulmate.