Friday, January 05, 2018

Voles moles, hares bears, foxes hedgehogs, mice.

The truth behind the concept of 'spirit animals' from a divine path standpoint relates to soul types and where the seat of each soul is.

Voles are mind or head souls, they love to manipulate complex mental concepts.

Moles are throat or matter shaping souls, they enjoy and excel in silence based meditation.

hares are leg or nature shaping souls, great at endurance sports and often love being close to and working with nature.

bears arm, or action shaping souls. Healthy bears easily point out emotion through action.

Foxes are tail souls, or craft making souls. They love organisation.

Hedgehogs are belly souls or desire shaping souls. they love wisdom generating meditation, energy work, developing the body, and being public figures (many famous people are hedgehogs.)
Mice are heart souls, or reality shaping souls they make good teachers, they are acceptable to all soul types.

My understanding of the details of each soul type is limited. I feel this information would be best presented as a large chart.

ALL details of souls are generalisations, my grandfather, Johna, in my first life was a mole yet he was deeply fascinated by nature something you would expect from a Hare.

I'll expand on this in future.