Sunday, December 17, 2017

Incomplete and imperfect list of Divine Gifts

Gods love is just one of an infinite array of energies that can flow from gods soul to your soul as gifts, permanent upgrades. Most if not all of the listed gifts can be received in different ways, for example into one's mind, or body.

Love - considered by every angel I have met as gods most significant gift.
Love - Masculine/feminine.
Love - gods romantic (soulmate?) love - this appears to soul perceptions as a silver blue.

Truth - a spiritual substance that contains direct information.

Humility - yes it is possible to receive humility from god. it directly upgrades one's capacity to feel, probably not desire to feel.
Humility - sensitivity towards one's soulmate
Humility - sensitivity towards god
Intelligent humility
Divine humility - this is theorised by some as the gift that teaches a baby soul how to feel as God feels.

Wisdom - this flows into the belly, the seat of wisdom.



Gifts that assist one in the atonement process:
Divine at-one-ment - I have met angels not from this world who have entered heaven without ever asking for gods love by receiving this gift.
Divine at-one ment (problem-solving) - this substance works on one thing at a time as it flows in until you are done.

What about a gift that transforms your physical body to be a better reflection of your soul's characteristics. I call this one informally'green jelly'.

perhaps not fitting this list as they don't necessarily come from God, but it is possible to receive spiritual food, or water.

Faith - a gift that strengthens faith, this along with truth was considered by myself my parents and community in my first life as of vital importance.

Internal silence
Containment of your energy
Freedom from or help with fear
Freedom from or help with grief

Divine flexibility - able to change a person's fate through expanded potential actions.

I think you get the idea. If you can conceive of something that fulfils a need, serves a true purpose, then it will be created for you if no one has asked for it before you. I feel life on earth or in a planets associated spirit world is an experiment. The basis being: how does a soul grow in this environment. So get creative with it, what can you come up with that causes true growth.