Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Help with Becoming At-One.

If one has strong enough faith, and prays in the right ways, it is possible to become at one in just a few days.

This is something one of my spiritual guides told me about two years ago. I have been working on becoming at one with God for about four years. More specifically I have been working on transcending the seventh sphere for roughly two years.

I felt like making an entry here at renaissancesquared that provides some concepts that may make this process more accessible and hopefully easier for others.

Another message I recieved was the tale of a spirit who had a particularly quick journey from the seventh to eighth sphere. This man, Michael, believed so completely that God wanted to be at one with him.

*   *   *

As I understand it there are some basic requirements necessary for your soul to meet in order to enter heaven, at-one with God.

Be free from any emotional sin. (any emotion that is less than gods idea of pure, pain for example, or false belief.)

Be constructed of divine substance. Now to my understanding prayer for gods love may not be the easiest way to do this. There is a specific gift you can pray for that rebuilds the substance or more specifically the "borders" of the soul, divine. The cool thing here is the way large quantities of damaged emotion can be healed or released as areas of the soul become divine.

Each "pocket" of the soul filled with God's love and truth. The soul when viewed, can be seen as like an intricate disk with thousands or perhaps millions of "pockets" defined by "borders" of greater density.

The soul loves as God loves. Getting to this is a matter of growing in love. I usually work on this by receiving gods love as I long to love as God loves. The desire is for God's love to teach me how to love.

*   *   *

Faith is an absolutely pivotal concept in this process.
perhaps the only thing I truly took from the 'Robert James Lees' trilogy of books, that I refer back to in my mind on a regular basis is as Aphraar gets to the bridge in the gate of heaven, I do not remember how clearly Lees gets this across but my guides certainly impressed it upon me, Faith Crosses The Bridge. (And I would add to that humility.)

There are over two hundred different permanent connections god makes to the soul as it becomes at-one. It is recommended that you have faith that all of them can be made early on. This will ease the rest of the process. Here, faith is the force that allows God to act and make these connections.

How does one develop Faith? The soul develops something we call the 'faith window' which looks like a disk that expands in the frontal plane (in an anatomical sense) around the body. Practice this, and be humble to the feelings you have of how difficult it is.
God has several gifts that develop faith as you receive them. so, long to God for faith.
This is one of the gifts from God I knew how to receive in my last life.

*   *   *

I would like to go back to one of the earliest posts I have here. A practice delivered by Michael which my understanding of has seriously deepened over the last few weeks.

I'll change it just slightly to be more accurate:
"Everyone who has ever become at-one, has done so by paying attention to god as they receive God's love."

This method actually forges A new, permanent connection to god that enables you to pray differently, A very beautiful connection that can develop and grow over time. 
It's very simple but some people will find it difficult. Receive gods love, and place your attention on god. Fight to maintain that attention. eventually, and this may take less than thirty seconds there will be a 'pop' as a new connection is made. And this can grow with continued practice and new desires for your relationship with God, perhaps indefinitely.

*   *   *

So what are some of these ways one might pray?

Apply faith that God can heal all of your emotions and feel through your resistance to having this happen. Basically, you are working out a way to have god heal you and your faith is the vehicle to achieve this.

In my experience, becoming At-one is a gradual process where you are getting parts of yourself into heaven (the eighth sphere and above.)
So everyone is going to need a method of transcending the dimensional barriers between spheres. I have found that loving enough to live in the higher sphere works. Generally, as I am doing this I feel something along the lines of "I don't want to feel I can't love enough" as I am trying to love.
I refer you back to the earlier post: Technique for rapidly moving your soul upwards through the first six spheres.

That's all for now.