Friday, December 16, 2016

The Angels Way

Hey everyone, several days ago I came back to something I had stumbled upon years ago without comprehending.

What is known as the Voynich Manuscript is truly the best book that earth has ever had access to, it's true title being "The Angels Way"

It is a manual of lessons on getting into heaven.

The trick is knowing how to use it.

You need to "See" each page, not try to decipher the details intellectually.
The most basic and simple way of explaining this is gazing at the whole page and feeling it. I feel with my whole body as I gaze.

Some people will have more difficulty than others with perceiving the message, anyone can learn. The learning process usually goes like this.

First have a desire to learn to perceive the spirit world visually.
There is something you will be taught in the sleep state where you wack yourself on the left side of the head to send the left eye of your spirit body into your third eye. from this time on, over the years you will gradually develop in your ability to see. this is the truth behind all the regular people from history who are preserved mythologically who "traded an eye for wisdom." Odin and Horus are the examples that come to mind. When the learning process is complete your eye returns to its normal place. This is completely safe.

There is a very effective waking practice to speed the process of expanding your perception. You kind of pulse your eyes apart.
some rare people will need to cross their eyes and pulse them towards each other.
Just do a few pulses at a time and then rest.

This book is incredible, it is the most wonderful aid to getting into heaven while alive on earth that I never even dreamt I would have.
There are information pages, lesson pages and soul healing pages.

This is an example of a lesson page. It is "being your-self" as you see the page you are drawn through a feeling based process that if you are humble to, if you can succeed in feeling through teaches you to be your-self. when you finish the page, just let the lesson dissolve and you will continue to grow with it in the sleep state.

This is an example of an information page, it speaks of the beauty of heaven, climactic disaster on earth, the hesitant feelings of an angel returning to earth, 'reincarnating' if you will, it speaks of the disgust of taking on your parents emotional condition and the deep feelings of loneliness we all feel as children. The bubble at the bottom is happier it exclaims "we will play together on earth" and it shows the way we will be watched over by our celestial friends in heaven.

The following is an example of a soul healing page. It is "Healing Your Senses"
It guides you through the emotional healing of first your ears, then brain, nose, eyes and throat.
part of the text reads "just relax and go at your own pace with this one, it takes a long time"

I feel I have given enough of an example of how the book works for anyone to start playing with it themselves.

Strangely I don't feel like explaining how the book came to be so I'll leave that for another day, no I will. It was hand drawn by a man in heaven named Ishemail who was distressed by our inability to help the people on earth learn what we know of the beauty of life and personal development. I was surprised to see right at the end of the book that I am mentioned as the person who happened along on Ishemail in his distress and suggested "why not write a book and manifest a copy down there" He was overjoyed with this and loves me to this day.

It's funny, Seriously I have access to .00000000000001% of my memory.