Sunday, April 17, 2016

Perceptual journeying to visit new locations for healing.

[Edit: 13/06/2017] Several people have voiced confusion to me over this post, I will simplify it as there are these four of gods gifts that you may never have thought of asking for, Containment of your energy, freedom from fear, silence and freedom from grief. Utilizing these gifts may assist your progress and improve your comfort in this life.

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Just under one year ago for the first time I had a mediumistic interaction with humans living on another planet. Over the intervening time I have learned that there are billions of planets housing humans however all but five of these are removed from earth dimensionally, I.e. only five other planets with humans are within what we commonly call our 'universe'. To a soul in a suitable condition, the people of these worlds are not so far removed for communication.

what I desire to discuss here is a new method available to us on earth to repair what we are.

The planet that is believed to be the first planetary location to be inhabited by humans was endowed with additional gifts. gifts that are now available to us on earth.

This planet due to its extreme vulnerability was granted:
Total freedom from fear,
Perfect silence, and
Perfect containment of their personal energy.

All people on this planet have these gifts highly developed. We are now ably to develop them ourselves.

Instead of six spiritual 'spheres' below the seventh which is a transition location that teaches what is necessary to live in the divine heavens, they have nine. An extra sphere (or location) for each additional gift.

What I suggest is this.
Go on a perceptual journey to these locations that earth now has, and (if visiting the fear location) feel your fear dissolve.

Anyone can do this if you trust that you can. This is irrespective of your souls condition in love. For example a person in the hells can utilise these  locations, they are not barred from them because of being unable to reach them.
Go to theses locations in your mind. It does not matter if you are unable to perceive them clearly. Just put yourself there, ask for the gift they teach and then feel the experience. It will take some doing to perfect these gifts.

There is a similar gift that was given to humans who have an existence not based on a planet. They are human souls but they exist within a different kind of experiment, so to speak. there are many of these totally different circumstances for humans to exist within.
The gift is freedom from grief.
Earth now has a location that teaches this gift. I strongly suggest you use it. Earths new spheres are growing as people use them. It is wonderful to observe.

Another way to utilise these gifts is to ask god for them, without any kind of perceptual journeying. They are a bit like a spiritual substance that you need to fill your self with.