Sunday, February 21, 2016

Invitation to donation

Hello my readers,
Currently my efforts to produce teaching material are limited, in future I would like to produce high quality video to be made available free of charge.

At this time I am working towards this goal primarily by working on my own condition.
I have a great deal to offer this planet in terms of gifts of spoken knowledge and books I plan to write and mediumship services  and a clear manner of talking about complicated topics in a way that makes personal growth easy.

I would like to acquire a camera and some basic lighting equipment leading up to filming my first production video which will be a series of exercises called "Simple energy packing series" or something along those lines. It is 25 movements that combined pack energy into your whole body in a way that causes the spirit body to grow and develop permanently. This makes physical muscle development easy.
And as aside effect, apart from feeling great, It facilitates getting to the important stuff in terms of soul-based, emotional healing and development.

Where I am going with this is that I have added a Donate via paypal button to this page.

Please also do not hesitate to contact me via email if you have any questions about any of my material.


As a side note. If you have ever seen photos of some of the really impressive 'old time' strong men, many of these men practiced this simple series of packing exercises with their spirit body in the sleep state. It made them capable of developing a highly impressive  physique with weight training while awake. The benefits of doing this with your physical body while awake are profoundly greater.