Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Enhancing your Mind

Here is a short informal list of methods that I feel are hugely valuable.

Photo Reading.
This is a method of exposing written material to your mind at high speed. You use the same method of focus as that which is involved in 'seeing' (perceiving energy)
PhotoReading paperback on

Image Streaming
This is a method of developing and strengthening the link between your visual mind and verbal ability. It increases IQ. It is also wonderful for developing your ability to receive impressions from helpful spirits. I believe this can be developed until they can communicate complex concepts.
Full lesson on Image Streaming on inventor Win Wenger's website:

Both of these methods will become easier and more functional if you are willing to work through the limiting emotions that hider their success. This is something I am going to talk about more in the future but for now I will refer any interested parties to Mary Luc at her wonderful website