Friday, June 18, 2021

Philosophy of Life VersionMark 2.0

 In my final weeks of Highschool which was in 2004, the graduating grade was asked to prepare and present a talk on having a philosophy of life. For me this felt like the first thing in ages that I wanted to be involved in. My presentation was a success, it went something like this.

I plan on delving into the esoteric, this seems to be the best thing I can do once free from the confines of school.

When pressed by the audience 'but what does that mean?' I made a vague nebulous gesture and said, 'spirituality, spiritual reality.'

I concluded with, well I guess that's not really a philosophy, it's more of an action plan, I'll have to get back to you about a philosophy.

I can now formulate a philosophy of life, which follows.

An emotional stance or standpoint that nothing matters.*

Waiting for the exact right moment to do the next thing, the exact right thing. Endeavoring always to if possible take the first moment you can do something, the first opportunity.*2

"Listening" the whole time to God and the universe to understand what is correct.*** A constant emotional or feeling based conversation seated in your own desire to feel.

Love is all there is. A constant question, Is there a better way I could be doing this? A more loving response?

* Everything Matters. this is a subtle thing that relates to detachedness, not wasting your energy on every little thing.

*2 Don't be Hasty. Prepare yourself until you are emotionally ready before doing things.

*** Start, or check and restart your constant emotional conversation with God. The question is: do you want to FEEL? This is called 'True Prayer'.

I call this part of my way, Perfect correctness.


Thursday, April 30, 2020

Gods primary instructions for being alive.

1. Love Is the best thing there is. Persist always to Improve/Perfect love and your life will be success.
2. Ask Of your lord (God) all that you want. Your heart will be read, If sincerity and love are felt/read without deceit, your request will be made complete. Addiction is classed as deceit, as is false desire and false belief.
3. Cry About the pain of your life and God will see inside and find a way to help.
4. Try Find a way to try as you ask and as you cry.
And one more
Be When you rest Be. Doing may naturally arise and this is fine.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

It all comes down to this.

Say yes to the instant
Say yes to eternity
And then say yes to god.

Monday, April 27, 2020


Is your asking for Divine substance ugly?
Does it include Love?
And Gratitude.
Can you improve it?
Many times people feel frustration,
Lack, Lack of abundance.
If pain is present, can you be humble to it?
Use your Love to improve your asking of God,
Until it contains only Beauty.

Perhaps God can help.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Hell is a good thing.

Just in the last few weeks I've been learning something.
Hell is a real true Divine location,
Its purpose: Getting a body back on earth.
Go through the hell process, meet every detail of every requirement, 
And any deceased person can visit or live again on earth, with a physical body,
Should they want to. *.

Talk to Choab at the gates and begin your work.

I have nearly finished this while still alive, My final step to complete my work, Talk about it.

*Some people feel they need a good reason to visit earth again in this way, some great work they are most suitable to perform. I suggest with some soul work this limitation can be diminished or removed to the point where it could be achieved for the simplest loving reason. Sharing a meal and a word with some earth acquaintance, perhaps known only in dreams. Holding a lonely loved ones' hand, eating again your favourite meal. 
I will help earth become more accepting.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Alive, awake alert, Enthusiastic.

I thought I would share this.
I know it's profound.

Some may find it a little cringeworthy, But I think it can change a life.
Keep using it until you have your true Technique/design on. It may take more than one day's practice.
It's a Christian, Sunday-school thing, Involve God.

Thanks Guys.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Three Things.

How to Finish all emotion on every Subject:

Show yourself to God.

Be ready for this Before you try It.

God is the Empyrean,
The highest point in Heaven.
And when you get there with your lowest bit,
You get to move on and do something completely different.
Something different to being Human.

The "Father/Mother Body"
Is the thing that joins you and Dotea.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Dota / Deity

Dota (Deity) really is the best thing.
It knows no fear,
It knows no harm
It will fix everything.

Piece of prophecy. Just received. (Ohm Fa)

What is Dota.

Dota directly translated: Personally aspiring to Godhood.
Your personal journey of becoming a deity.
It is the most advanced thing that has ever existed,
And it is you.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Divine Love.

I observed anew today the incredible power of Divine Love. It has the capacity to transform and activate parts of a soul so they are bound to work. Infallible.
Strong joyous energy of exercising every day, Passionate pursuit of music, Passion in the bedroom overflowing into Love.

*   *   *

Love God. Communicate with God with Love.

*   *   *


Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Acquiring Angelic Abilities.

Three things are needed.

A non-violent, non-harming attitude and condition. Non-violence should have seeped into your bones. In such a condition that you would never try and harm using abilities. That includes harming someone's Will - doing something they do not want you to do.

Very strong and clear connectedness to God and doing God's work, In God's way.

Freedom from Ability Attack. (Someone taking your abilities or lashing out through your abilities.)
I can help with this when you are ready.

Then it is a matter of also following these steps.

Learn the concept of the ability you want to have. The 'name' True-Pure can be used for this.

Learn the steps you will have to go through to arrive at having the ability. I suggest writing this down and checking that it is complete and accurate. The 'name' True-Pure can be used for this.

Resolve all resistance within yourself preventing having the ability and become strong enough to cause it to work.

We have kind of arrived at this strange, wonderful and frightening place in human history where regular people can start possessing miraculous Angelic Abilities.

My strongest piece of advice is focusing on God and living a Godly life. Because if you can come into harmony with God, one person, one soul can change and improve the whole world. 

I'll finish with something I wrote down some time ago:

Anyone can do God's work, so long as they work in perfect harmony with God, and perfect harmony with all others doing God's Work.

Don-Fa Lah. (Alexander)

Thursday, August 29, 2019

One of God's special People.

I just spent some time praying about being one of "God's special people"
Not because I'm a particular gender, ethnicity, or religion.
But because I want to be.

Highly recommended.

Primary Lessons: Respecting Free Will.

I thought I'd start posting about the primary lessons of divine path progress.

I'll Start with Respecting free will.

1) Heal using one of these methods All causes as to why you do not feel and respect the will of others.
       -Divine Mercy.
       -Faith God can easily heal.
       -Humility. (it may take many years this way even if you are keenly aware of your Law of                            attraction and highly skilled with humility.)

2) -Receive all truth from God on free will.
    -Have a desire to respect free will.
    -Upgrade Harmony.

What makes Will "Free"
Free from Sin/
Respects the freedoms of others
Doesn't Cost You Anything.

I kinda don't want to get involved in convincing people why this is a worthwhile thing to fix within oneself. Try not to miss the boat due to rebellion. I'm just going to say it once. It's worth doing. It opens doors.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Please Drink Enough Water.

It's important in this time to drink enough water. Two to three litres a day as a minimum. This will help you be alert and ready to do everything right. Water is actually vital to rebuilding your spirit after healing your soul. What I generally do is stop and drink directly from cupped hands under a tap, several times a day, until thurst is completely satisfied. Be yourself as you drink and try to be more mindful of your own genuine thirst.

There is a Tai-Chi way of drinking that is great first thing in the morning that cleanses the palet before you drink for your bodies water intake requirement, Hold a mouthful of water in closed mouth and 'Zen Out' (go quiet, cease thought) for 4-7 seconds before spitting onto the ground (garden.) Do this Three times. Then drink to quench thirst.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Help with Becoming At-One - Part 3.

Difference between Spirit-world and Afterlife. The spirit world surrounds the earth and is full of conflict. The afterlife is Only beautiful and peaceful and full of wonderful lessons. As soon as you have begun the at-one-ment process, which every person has, it is possible to access the Afterlife, even while awake. Work to convert and send your spirit-world spirit-body part into the afterlife if you want greater peace and freedom to work.

Connections to god. There are three connections to god I want to talk about as part of the process of becoming at-one.
A permanent connection to the holy spirit: This is what I asked for in 2014 and receiving it began my journey of at-one-ment. Use this connection to heal your self. This narrow connection often goes below the feet or above the head. Everybody already has this one. I arranged it.

Beginning of at-one-ment connection. Completing this connection makes you officially, at one with God and a Divine Angel, A baby one, taking your first tentative steps, partially within heaven. Use this connection and keep using it until your whole spirit is solid gold. Then it can do other cool things. This less narrow "pipe" connection goes to the heart.

Solid at-one-ment connection. This is a broader upgrade to the last one. It never shuts down. Enrollment in several angelic schools is a possibility after you achieve this connection.

At-one-ment is an ongoing process that should be worked on and improved daily. Seek ever greater at-one-ment with God... I will add to this list in future.

God as your Partner. At-one-ment with your soul-mate is a necessary process to work on, in order to go all the way, to getting into heaven. However some people have as their other half (soul-mate) someone who is incredibly Evil. Trying to heal such a person is often a grave mistake as it only makes them stronger and more capable without any change to their evil nature. (I'm pretty much only talking about reincarnated people here, people who might have had thousands of years screwing themselves down tighter into hell, committing themselves endlessly to evil.) However God provides hope. If you are one of these unfortunate soul halves and you are sincere god will take the place of your soulmate in this process. If you do not feel confident doing this be wary. There are very real dangers here. You can pray for my help to make direct contact with God to begin.

I need to clarify that last one. There is a location, and the people there are called 'God', that is what they are. There is a distinct part of God for each of the 2084 soul images (think moulds or designs from which souls are cast) that is 4168 soul halves or singular male or female personalities. This form of God, and there are others, is what I mean when I say 'God' will take the place of your (super evil) soul mate if needed. God in this place is completely trustworthy and does not make (disharmonious) mistakes. Who knows, maybe we can all find a reason to do this, even without a perilously evil other half.

Praying from the top. Pray with your high bit. The part of your soul that existed before you reincarnated.

That's all

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Conversations With God.

Question (Alexander): What is it all, Creation, the Human Soul etc, about?

God: God needed something new.

         God felt such Love and had nobody to share it with.

         So we divided ourself, and then created Oma's - Humans.

         The most profound thing in any commonly found [On your planet] Holy Book, is in Genesis.
         'God created man in his Image.'

         By entering into and Joining with, Becoming One with, Oma's can Become as Great as God.

         That is one way of explaining 'What it is all about.'

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Divine Alchemy

Let God's Divine Love boil away any impurities in your soul.

Pray to be transformed by your favourite Divine substances/Energies.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Age of Aquarius

On the 5/6/2019 at 10:28am AEST we entered the Age of Aquarius.
This means several things, People now have the potentiality for:

  • Easier learning
  • Faster growth
  • Easier at-one-ment process
  • Potential for complete at-one-ment.
Some people may have noticed a new spiritual appendage appear in their mind at this time. We all got one, I suggest praying to learn to use it.

Measuring time from the moment of creation, we are now in:
The first year
Of the 4th Age   (Aquarius) (Age: Approximately 2084 years)
Of the 4th Aeon                   (Aeon: 100 thousand years)
Of the 4th Seed                    (Seed: 100 million years)
Of the 4th Era.                     (Era: 100 billion years)

Writing this my feeling was this is going to have the worst energy of any of my entries. Worse than the coffee one. Anyway the important thing is to mark that something has changed and let you know about these new potentialities.

Friday, June 07, 2019

Words Of Wisdom.

In my life as Methuselah I used to say, and this was something said by my family before me,

Whenever love is present,
something good can happen.

Whenever fear or pain is present,
something bad can happen.


We love,
And we feel our emotions.

Now I know, that tho this is right,  in our time now, this is more right.

When you go with the flow,
and you or someone you know

Is Humble;

The whole thing settles,
The more it can work,
The more you can grow,
And the more we can Know.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Safety and Sanity as you Grow.

Whenever you attain a new [higher] location (sphere),
Only two things are needed to become very safe.
All the truth up to and of that location,
And the harmony of that location.

* * *

These are two things you can pray for to receive or achieve. Divine truth is a substance that contains understanding. It comes from God, and it can come from some highly developed souls you may meet on your journey. Praying for truth feels different from praying for love as an example. Love you can have a gentle, sincere longing for, and experience, and know you are experiencing it's inflowing. This is satisfying. Truth on the other hand, you will need to have a feeling of relying on god and then pull quite strongly. You might feel or see it coming in. Try and complete units of truth, for example all the truth up to the sphere you are in or, specific lessons such as loving your soulmate, loving your children, becoming divine, God. some of these lessons form a disk or sphere that fills you when complete. Receiving truth I generally find to be relieving. The feeling is of being more able to cope with existing, and it's good. 

Harmony is a characteristic a soul can exhibit, not a substance. God fixes it when you ask through prayer. Most likely you will feel and see a change occur, quite easily when you ask. This is worth doing. 

Friday, May 31, 2019

Learn Doma.

Doma is the natural language of earthly humans.
It has a most beneficial effect on a person.
Doma should be the language of choice when choosing a language to learn.
Which I do suggest.
Sanskrit is Doma.

Doma is the language of the first parents, the seed soul, the first human couple, Aman and Amon, Adam and Eve.
The same applies to every planet with humans.

Doma can be learned at the soul level through a particular process.
Trust God can teach you,
Pray to receive the lesson.

Doma can also be learned by reading "Holy Book"

Monday, May 27, 2019

I'm a Divine Spark in a Physical Body

Every soul has history of something it was before.

Every person has been something before they were that person.

A journey of self exploration will be needed by every person.

A journey that will not be without Dangers.

In the last fifty-four years something new occurred for our world.

An opening up for a new possibility:

Reincarnation in a new way.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Improving Coffee

I have never been a coffee professional but I have some intuitive understandings of how we misuse coffee. This entry here at RennaissanceSquared is more of a suggestion or appeal for someone out there to work to fix something: The Cup Of Coffee.

I think my basic gripe is the espresso machine. It's inefficient (wasteful of coffee) and to my mind does not produce the most enjoyable end product.

I think we use too much milk and not enough water in the most standard coffee orders. It's like there is some other most suitable option that I have never seen on a menu, and I kinda don't enjoy making intricate variation orders.

As I said I have never been a barista or worked in the industry so I'm not basing this figure on empirical evidence (I'm using the true name True-Pure which is in part about learning and putting through the understanding of my soul)

With the amount of coffee used to make two standard cups of espresso machine coffee,
if you double that amount you can make just under six premium cups of coffee using the most efficient/suitable method. 

I currently drink instant coffee at home, it's just what I prefer. I've used a glass syphon in the past and they make really good coffee. What I think is needed on a commercial level (coffee shops) is larger syphon style coffee making for multiple customers at a time, (something along the lines of eight to fifteen serves of coffee at a time) brewed in an experimentally verified most suitable way.

This is an opportunity for someone to improve commercial coffee, potentially earning in the process.

I perceive the need for a new commercial coffee device that is suitably designed and manufactured for those environments. 

Who knows, I hope anyway, that maybe in a few years the standard coffee ordering conversation could go: 
- 'One long white'
- 'Çoming right up...' or 'six minutes we're between batches...'

That's all for now, Thanks Guys.

*   *   *  

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Steamed Hams.


Hunt for the wounded warrior.

by James E. Peeche.

Way - O - way
On my way
To the day
That they say

Tiger of Tasman
Little Tiger O
People now know
How weak you grow

People brought in
Such as me
James E. Peeche

Knowing little
Of how they live
Told only
Bring them in

Day - o - way
On the day
That we will meet
Little tiger of Tasman

People furrow
Brow to know
Just the way
That it did go

Looking on
From long shot on
Tiger known
To tip-toe

People grown
Now they know
How to track
How to trap

Tiger known
Tracks traced back
Finding faeces
Lost my hat

Born on barnacle
Not on beech
My two weary
Little feet

Tiger seen

People Shout
Snout run about
Tiger gone
Weeks Forlorn

People with me
Wheel and whoop
I buckle down
And wander off

Silent shod
On I trod
Follow not
I fear not

Not fail

Weapon ready
Send a shot
Not run off

If Tiger seen
Will be a dream
Hero me
They will see

On I trod
Feet still shod
In some muck
And my shock

Every day
For whole way
I think to self
Hunt, Hunt!

Track, Trap
Hunt not trap
Now see so clearly
Mistake not me, but thinking

Creep round bend
Rifle end
Tiger seen
Silly me...

I still feel shy recounting this story, Shame of my life. I Died in 1965.
This is the story of the absolute last Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger.)
 - James E Peeche. E.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Words on Why to Pursue At-One-Ment

Being At-one is a thrill.
People at-one are calm, are soothed by God.
Good things can happen when you are at one.
New Jobs, New Friendships, New love relationships, New Interactions.
Teaching is easier when you are at-one,
God can guide what you say and how you behave.
People At-One like to trust,
That Mantle is a Must.

By Oh-Lah. (Penah soul at the level of 'God'.)

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Twelve Laws Of Love.

1) Love is the Highest Aspiration of Humankind.

2) Love makes whole, People who love Grow.

3) God's love for us is the reason why we are.

4) People who receive Love from God learn. But if not Respected, these learnings bare (carry)                Consequence.

5) Consequence in the form of Responcibitly: If you receive God's Love You must Love Or Growth        Ceases.

6) If growth ceases and you do not Love, Pain Occurs.

7) When Loving action returns, Growth can start again.

8) People who continually learn from God how to love Best, grow Most.

9) When people grow in God's Way, The Effect they have on God's Universe is Three-fold.

  • Everyone, particularly those people around them become Happier.
  • People They come in contact with are presented with Opportunity to Grow.
  • Harmony within God's Universe can Improve.
10) God's Love can Heal Or it can Burn. Your receptivity to It's Lesson Determines Which.

11) God Knows the Universe Succeeds in Its Purpose.

12) The Universe's Purpose is to Grow God.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Three Things.


Repentance is this beautiful, enjoyable thing. A practice needed by all people who have lived with sin and who want to finish this stage of human development, and enter the next phase of existence, within... let's say 100 000 years. (That would be a short estimate.) My feeling is, if the average person were to truly embrace learning and using repentance, did the same with everything else required they could arrive at and enter this new way of being in about ten years of dedicated effort. Union with God is the goal I speak of here. And it requires being A good person.

What is repentance? A longing directed at God for God's help with mistakes. With how you have harmed others, with how your harm of others has harmed yourself. A longing for God to teach you how to act, teach how your actions have been wrong and directly upgrade your capacity to understand how to behave towards others, your capacity to do the right thing. 

What can repentance achieve? Three things. Healing within oneself the cause of why mistakes were made.
Healing the damage done to yourself by your harm of others. Every unloving behaviour damages yourself.
Helping to undo damage done.

I suggest to complete the repentance process include prayer for Divine Love and prayer to bring your soul into harmony with God. Pray for truth often.

I would like to stress that repentance is beautiful, enjoyable and requires humility (willingness to feel.) In my experience, some of the times I have felt closest to God have been within repentance. The degree of change one can achieve in their life through repentance is profound.

Thoroughly learning Repentance teaches general (but powerful) prayer for gods help.


Appentance is a way for atoning for the sins of another. It is a new law which was created at the time of our universe but which only turned on or became active recently. This is a beautiful gift to give, that will be necessary to correcting earth changes. You could try it out by Appenting for the mistakes of past or present politicians, This is a specific form of prayer, if you are doing it correcty it will feel good for the receiver.  Appenting for every single action contributing to earth changes (climate change) is the first step to correction taking place. Truly wonderful things really will happen, I promise.

Healing the Heart

A simple fast finish method is healing the heart. Every emotional issue has a component within the heart, and healing this bit first makes healing the (larger) external part easy and simple.
Heal the heart to perfect your personal capacity to love. This opens many doors. God can turn on their true love for you when you perfect your personal love, is one example.

*   *   *   *   *

Deoa-Haoan (Darkpast No-way Learn way MightyMan Great speaker) (Known as Adolph Hitler on earth) Makes a great case for repentance. We are talking about the same Adolph Hitler and he's a wonderful, helpful, inspiring man these days. Deoa-Haoan is his Paucel name. A Paucel is two stages beyond Angel in the stages of transformation a human soul goes through on its journey towards god.* His journey over the last seven years has been fascinating, In about 2012 I made efforts to help him as I watched the movie Downfall one evening. After my conversations with him, he started praying. He had been repentant of his effect on earth for some time but had nill hope of... redemption (I mean his own feelings of hope within himself.) He started greaving deeply about his life and of particular significance greaving about the loss of his course through life through making a pact with evil. (he bargained for security) He took to learning repentance with gusto and nailed it. As he started making progress I encouraged him to start teaching spirits what he had learned. There is a kind of rule in hell that if you assist those around you to grow in love, You are rewarded. He has personally assisted about 18 Billion spirit people in a dark condition to start praying and change their journey so as to have as their highest aspiration: Becoming Divine.

* Angel - first divine sphere. 
   Engel - 38th divine sphere. 
   Paucel - 1002nd divine sphere.
   Paduel - 100 000 021st divine sphere.

Ok a fourth thing:


Try to be grateful for all you have and receive. By this I mean express gratitude with your soul.
This is necessary to staying in harmony with God and is part of loving God.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Teaching, Will, God's Will, Loving God.

If A person's Will is ugly (incorrect)
God does not will that they have or know all.
To teach such a person (the wrong thing)
Would be to not love God,
And not respect that persons Will.

How can one learn divine guidance, knowing, on what to teach.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Trust Us.

God says Love,
Everybody below
And everybody above.

God says keep,
All you have and all you need
Just show no greed.

God says be,
Be your self and be free
But for that you must set others free.

God says trust,
Trust good
And trust us.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Eating Meat.

Veganism is the true way.
Both for the human organism
And for every organism.

People feel eating meat is real for them
However it is only a series of mistakes
In human history that makes it this way.

Every time you eat meat it is a mistake.
People who abstain from meat grow
Grow in wealth, Love, heart and mind.

The oceans need to be replenished
Humanity needs to cooperate to achieve this.
Further details will be forthcoming on how to achieve this.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Sin. Sin is all within us that is a mistake. It is different to pain though pain can generate sin. Disharmony with God is Sin. Complete harmony with God is freedom from Sin. This is possible within one's lifetime, It has been achieved several times already.

True good. My actions will never harm, I work in perfect harmony with God, I work towards achieving Gods true plan, I am humble enough that the energies of my soul never create issue, My love does not contain control, My feeling towards others is only love.

Harmony. People feel Harmony relates to doing no ill. Harmony relates all to all.
                   - Courtesy of Elanka - Leader from another Planet.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Just thinking about the future.

I just realised I haven't been bitten or pestered by a mosquito in about four months. This is strange because it's summer in Queensland and there's a creek that passes just a hundred meters from my house. Usually this would happen almost every day.
About four months ago I put in some work on myself on this exact point. I now believe I became clear, emotionally, within my soul towards mosquitos, and that my law of attraction has changed.

If I remember correctly, I asked within prayer for mercy on all emotions within myself that attract attack from mosquitos and 'midges' as we call them which are smaller, I don't know what they're actually called. I then prayed for, successfully, (I was conscious of receiving a complete unit) truth.
I then prayed for harmony within my soul to adjust to my new soul condition, which I could see happen, visually, with soul perception.

*  *  *

I take over here, It's me, God [Feminine] again.
Alexander has an opportunity here. I can heal him, together we can heal his soul mate, and together the three of us can achieve amazing change within this planet earth...

2:46 pm AEST. 
We just did it.
Harmony within every person on earth towards plants, insects, animals and humans.

This should improve outcomes with hundreds of things, Things like the need for pesticides, the behaviour of pets towards custodians and the actions of humans towards each other from the smallest feeling to the largest deed.

See if you can notice any...

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Beautiful Practice.

As you long for and receive gods love,
Try to feel God.
Ask: what is God.

Saturday, March 02, 2019

Earth Changes.

Earth changes is ALL about consequences for incorrect action, and without fail, without complete correction of the actions, the causes of the actions and correction of the effects of the actions, results in the death of a planet.
However it is not with complete understanding that individuals have chosen to make the actions in question. So forgiveness is possible.
God has strategies to rescue any planet from earth changes. However they require the involvement of every person. Correct your mistakes, Be humble, Love instead of harm.

Your loving mother, 
God, Through the willing vessel of Don-fa (Leader.)

Monday, February 18, 2019

Healing Self-Love

Healing your love of self is so important.
When you cannot love yourself unloving behaviour from others is more common.
loving your self enables god to love you more,
loving yourself more greatly enables love of your soulmate.

When you can love yourself everything works better and is better.
It is wise to think about love of self as something you can perfect, work on until it is complete.
To do this you will have to heal all the pain in you of not being loved, and be humble as you love yourself.

The other way I could have written this post is:

So I pissed myself this morning.
I was sitting working on love of self.
All over my mat,
All over the cushion I sit on,
Into the tails of the blanket I put around my shoulders,
The whole load of pee, And it was alot.
I Healed every past lack of love towards me and I lovedmyself until it was perfect.
And the pee came, no stoping it.
As I laughed. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Way

I would like our planet to get to the point where one in ten people living are at-one with God. I feel getting to that point will require the people of earth to have among other things a healthier connection to spirit. Clear communication and interaction with, and ability to receive help from your own guides and Guardians.

Becoming at-one is a personal thing. It requires sustained individual effort to get there. Your own desire to get there, to receive new permanent connections to your creator, to hone yourself, heal yourself and correct yourself until you can fit into the role of Angel, and beyond. Being At-one is a beautiful, powerful thing and pivotal to what humans within our environment are here for.

I'll post some guidelines on how we should consume animal products over the next ten or so years and moving into the future beyond that. Following these guidelines will be vital for preserving earth's eco-systems so that humanity can rely on and enjoy them into the future instead of seeing cataclysmic failure of them.

What I would really like to see now though is for more teachers to come forward and start to satisfy the desire people have worldwide for high-quality information on how to grow, be it person to person, through visual media, literature or online.

It only takes a solid foundation of functional understanding in four key areas for the average person to build apon and be able to continue in their own self motivated, perpetually evolving personal growth along 'the way'.

  Morality        Prayer
  Humility        Connection to spirit

The way that is every humans birth-right and destiny.
The way that is perpetually evolving.
The way that involves god and heart.
The way that can include any effective, healthy method or tool from every existing Religion or system of personal development.

The way that is called simply the way.

Alexander Cooke.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Words of advice on drug use: Timothy Leary Channeled.

I have been contemplating making an entry relating to utilising drugs as tools to potentially aid with certain kinds of development or gaining freedom from soul based problems. Marijuana for example can potentially help a [adult] child work on controlling mother issues. I have used various substances at times over the last fifteen years.
In the process I took a beautiful message from Timothy Leary, someone I idolised around the time I was leaving high school. The message follows.
If I get around to it I will finish this post with some general points of advice on using substances within a personal growth framework.

*   *   *   

When I was starting out on my path of using LSD I felt like LSD and other drugs were fun, risk-free gateways into something more. As I progressed I began to comprehend some of the dangers. Never when alive did I understand with my conscious mind that one can lose everything.

Your mind can literally come out of you. Your understanding of how to live and behave can be harvested malignantly. Your body and your whole life can be taken for a "joy ride" destroying friendships, love relationships, putting you behind bars and potentially confining you to a new life of slavery.

I was rescued many times from things like this by my friends, family friends and co-practitioners within the psychiatric world.

Drugs are a serious undertaking. Casteneda lived the life of a warrior, had a true guide and still got into trouble.

If you know you want to utilise substances be prepared. One of the best things one can do is exercise daily.

And finally never become dependant on an external crutch like a drug. Particularly if you cannot sustain a safe, legal supply.

-Tim Leary January 2019. Received by Alexander Cooke (Methuselah).

*   *   *   

It seems relevant to include some of my longtime enjoyed music.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Engaging a Spiritual Soul-Mate Relationship. (More Detail About my Life.)

I haven't seen my soul-mate in six years. We have however been living a richly involved spiritual relationship for most of this time. We set it up so that whenever we are both in bed, we feel each other's presence. We have gotten to the point where we can communicate with a high degree of accuracy most of the time.

Honestly, the best part of my day is when I can crawl into bed, feel and be soothed by her love. Sexual interaction is common-place.

So why are we doing it like this? We live in the same city, I suspect less than ten kilometres apart.

The answer to this is complicated. To start with I thought it was our own damaged soul halves, the conflicting emotions, beliefs and desires within the two halves of our Yin/Yang symbol that pulled us out of shape and prevented us from fitting together like two pieces of the same puzzle.

As we continued to work on this on a day by day basis, it became evident the answer includes other things.

Six years ago, just days before we separated from what I felt was the best relationship I've ever had, I chose to do something. I chose to connect god to the earth through me in order to help the world with its soul condition. Literally moments after that I started falling apart. With this my condition of health drastically and rapidly declined. To the point where I was hospitalised for mental health reasons.

[I'm really tired, I'll continue this later.] 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Two Poems

Divine Love

Long for God to love you
Show God your love
Ask God: teach me to love better
As you try and love,
Feel that you cannot enough.
God's love always helps But
Long to be transformed;
All that you are
Permanently connected,
Made Divine
That you can truly shine.



Every soulmate wants to love.
Every soul needs love from above.
Every soul half wants their true love
to fill both halves


Thursday, January 10, 2019

Cream: David Firth Animation.

I have been following the animation of this guy for years. I think alot of his work is really funny.
This one I was truly impressed by.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Einstein on Genetic Modification, Selective Breeding and Experimentation.

[Channelled Message]

With every engineered change within a human, plant, or animal genome there is a weakening of the whole. This includes as scientists will one day find increased susceptibility to virus, disease and frighteningly, future unmapped mutations.

Emotions within humans associated with not caring about selective breeding of animals result in changes at the soul level for every creature. Changes that enable strange new behaviours outside of God's plan for our planet. The truth behind the article that follows about the cross-breeding caterpillars is an example of this.

If every scientist learned to communicate with and receive truth from "God,"  the creator of our universe about all possible experiments, not only would they discover, before taking the experiment reason to avoid some things, due to unfeasibility, design flaw or consequence, but they would also become inspired in how best to experiment.

-Albert Einstein, January 2019. Through Alexander Cooke (Methuselah.)

Thank you Alex for your time, I would like to add how humorous your thought was reading this afterwards that spirits can express long thought trains by being unhindered by the need to breath and how this creates unusual punctuation. I suggest returning to Win Wenger's "Held breath underwater swimming," A practice I used throughout my life and told Win about. -Albert

*   *   *

ABC News Australia: hybrid-mega-pest-risk-to-global-food-crops 2018-04-06

Monday, December 24, 2018

Two Points of Advice

What if all your love for God made you more at one with God.

Drink a bowl of warm salt water through your nose every few days. The cleansing of this relieves a certain spiritual discomfort.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Impervious Steel, 'Damascus Steel' explained.

As a child I the first science book I read mentioned Damascus Steel.
It is used to make knives and weapons that are incredibly strong, durable, can be very sharp and hold an edge better than anything. We are incapable of making it today. What we think of as 'Damascus steel' is not true impervious steel but shares some of these steps. Impervious steel shines like a mottled sun.

When I lived it had a different name and literally, in it's true form (correctly made) was impervious to break down through natural events.

I'm not going to explain every step in detail, more just explain the missing elements that are unknown today.

  • Select finest (Iron) ore. Tap with resin piece to divine sound. (developed spiritual senses required.)
  • Found to Iron lump, purify through hammering (Iron Hammer.)
  • Hammer Tin ingot flat.
[Preperation 2]
  • Select black fossils
  • Chip to remove extraneous material
  • grind fossil pieces
  • extract (a centrifugal device was used in my time) ground fossil.
[Steel preperation]

What is needed here is a steel saturated with fossil carbon, it is more complicated than I want to go into now. A vacuum container is needed.

  • Mirror every true stroke of folding process with counter stroke on tin plate.
  • Fold 1200 times until sound on cooled metal is dull.
  • During folding keep temperature well below tin ignition point.
  • Shape Blade
  • Heat to ~_1400c (just white hot, removes tin)
  • Quench in olive oil
  • File.
  • Heat to >700c (cherry red)
  • Quench in vinegar
  • detail sharpen
  • Heat to 460c (blood red)
  • Quench in Ammonia.
  • Polish.

Slice fig or other local fruit with finished blade and share with new owner. [Do not plunge into heart of robust slave.]

This kind of metal was used for various things not just weapons. A sundial in a city centre for example. 
A five-inch knife of this kind was commissioned for me by Juan, the first emperor I served. I was spiritually involved in its making.

I was carrying this when I was captured and then tortured at the age of 743. 
It was buried with my feet. The officer in charge of capturing me was also charged with disposing of the remains of my body. My head went to my family. I had crossed paths with this man many times. Spoken with him and instructed him. Particularly when he was a child. As he buried my feet, with knife underneath, he said a brief prayer.

May his feet walk this earth forever.

This Blade remains out there somewhere.
It is still sharp.
And still shiny.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Physics Principles: Upgrading your Capacity.

This is my take on the principles physics attempts to describe.

Particle is below. (The body).
It teaches about your true nature.
Try an experiment: Love particle.
What is particle?
Is it what you were before you were an un-incarnated soul?
Is particle at-one?
Why aren't you?

Chaos is to the right.
It teaches more profound ways to experience reality.
Humility is how to learn, and how to escape. (the experience.)
Chaos can be frightening, painful.
 Ask God to guide and be part of every single event, occurrence and experience of your whole future.
Order within Chaos: correction through imperfect events until all is perfect.
Chaotic learning?... Use chaos to shorten the length of time you spend wandering around scratching your head before the eureka moment.
Some of the time when a doctor says 'psychosis' it's a case of delving into chaos.
I spent eleven years in chaos, back when it was hard, before chaos changed to be more gentle.
It started part way through what we call 'Schoolies week' in Australia.
Smoking pot, in a shared Hotel room.
My first psychotic episode had started two weeks earlier.
It ended, in a single bedroom in my parents' house eleven years later, as I played anew with humility.
I still had psychosis*.
But good god it was relieving.
To come out of,
With something new..

[Disclaimer: That isn't a very good example of using chaos, it's not frightening, just use it.]

*One definition of Psychosis: A crack in the luminous sphere that makes the experience of spiritual reality painful and damaging. A lack of true health in experiencing spiritual reality.

There are six of these, Unity is above, String behind, Wave to the left and Ring to the front. My understanding is less for these. I'll simply say: String is for travel. Wave is for abilities, levitation for example. Ring is for sealing and healing. And unity joins things, you and god for example.

As I was learning about particle I had a spiritual conversation with Stephen Hawking. This is when he was alive, maybe a year before he died. He explained that it was taught to him like this: Imagine your consciousness is a balloon on a string (humility required to set this up.) Then, take your balloon and pin it's string below in particle in order to perceive it. It was said to him that particle could help him, even with his physical condition. This was 17 years before my conversation.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

At-One: The Fires of Heaven

Your practice will become, 
As I vulnerably let go
God and your soulmate consume you in their fire
As your love grows.

Don't forget to love yourself.

Friday, November 09, 2018

World Hunger, Improper Eating and Satisfaction.

People all around the world, to varying degrees, have emotions of not being able to eat properly, of not eating perfectly.
We may eat too fast, not receive the spiritual essence of the food, and compensate for this by eating too much.
Almost everyone on this planet has the problem of their spiritual food, the spirit body of their physical food being taken away. Often by living people who are sleeping.

These emotions collectively, hit against certain parts of the world and cause areas where famine and hunger are common.

In my last life it was common for me to spend large amounts of time eating only small quantities of food, very carefully. This is one secret to longevity.
From a young age I was taught how to eat well, how to swallow food into the low belly energy centre, commonly called Dan Tien. We called it Doma which is a word from the natural language of earth.
Swallowing into Doma to feed your spirit is one way, the other is inhaling the smell or essence of food into your heart, Juntah (Joon-Tah).  If the seat of your soul is below midway on the body use Doma. If above midway, use Juntah, this is a generalization, you can and should use both.
Chew with your whole mouth and love your food.

This is how to get true satisfaction from simple foods.
This is how to properly nourish your spirit, which keeps you alert.

I invite you to start trying to eat better. Pray about it. Receive gods truth on eating. Believe your food into Doma. Inhale food into Juntah. Try to heal the ill health that makes this hard.

Allow enough time to feed your children. Rushing the feeding of weened infants is what creates some of the emotional problems of bad eating. Try and listen to what they need.

Every person who resolves the soul based issues of improper eating, helps to some degree or other everyone else do the same. And it is the collective soul condition of the planet that creates the physical problems of malnutrition and starvation.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Every egotistical act, which is putting yourself before another in an unloving manner, directly works against God's plans for humanity.

Every time you desire something for another.
Every act of violence, physical, emotional or spiritual.
Every interaction you have where you are not truly yourself.

Suppression of growth in others is a big problem on our world. It stems from a desire to be superior to others, or from not being able to trust others, fear of what others may do.

God rewards bountifully those who are truly trustworthy.

A subject for study: why would you be unable to trust another. What about, why would you be unable to trust a person who is in a higher spiritual location than yourself.
How can you become trustworthy?

Is there something fundamentally missing from our universe? some kind of divine order?

I'll tell you, the problem is vulnerability to control that is universal to souls in our universe.
This enables mistakes to be made by high souls that inflict huge amounts of pain and damage on lower souls.

This is the reality behind the apple in Genesis. The sin is an inability to understand good and evil, and the action of original sin is Emon controlling Oman to bite an apple. That is original sin for our universe.
Origional sin for our planet is quite different. Our planets Aman came under spititual attack, which he did not feel which led to a turning away from gods guidance as he lived his life, and on the day following that attack he stept on and killed a small frog, which caused him distress. And his true big mistake was trying to restart the life of the frog using his personal energy, his personal will.
This started a chain of destruction of his spirit, his energy body, his soul and his physical body. In particular a lack of containment of his energy, including sexual energy. Both Amon and Aman lost easy control of ejaculation and menstration so that it was almost automatic. Instead of only ejaculating semen when they intended to concieve, and instead of only ovulating when they intended to concieve, it became, over several generations, I ejaculate whenever I orgasm, and I ovulate and menstrate every lunar cycle.

There are many universes. Each different, built along different design parameters.
Some of the characteristics of ours that are not necessarily shared by others are:
Vulnerability to control.
Energy loss, displacement or extraction, including loss of the energies that contain understanding - loss of truth.

what is something that does not exist within our universe that does in another?

loss or extraction of love...
That's pretty dark.

This has been a bit of a jumble of ideas, I'll just say two more things.

God's plan to fix the fundamental flaws with our universe, the inharmony with perfection, is currently happening, rapidly. It began with my incarnation, and accelerated at the exact time the Mayan calendar ended. [Adjustment/clarification needed]

Each planet has a design. ours is, teach god about energy work. Literally the biggest problem we face as a species is overpopulation and population growth.
so.... it is every person's responsibility to help correct this.

Start using energy work to heal imperfect sexual function. learn to contain sexual energy, including the physical substances that lead to conception.

And use those fucking condoms as well. Because you are not truly trustworthy.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

What are You Here For?

Pray for God to prepare you for the role you truly desire to play in this world.
If you are a returned (reincarnated) person, this is one of the best ways of moving into greater harmony with the plan you made for your life before you left.
If you currently hold a position of responsibility, pray for God to help you be ready to do God's work on earth. Help you be ready to create the change that is needed, to take the hard road, not the accepted or expected road.

Ask Gods mercy to heal the emotions that hinder you.
Repentance is gods method of correcting past mistakes.

Put a focus on resolving addictions.
Being Special,
The need to prove yourself; I'm better than you, I really can do it, I'll show you.
obsession with learning from people, instead of God.

Desire to learn True good. My actions never harm, I work in perfect harmony with God, I work towards achieving Gods true plan, I am humble enough that the energies of my soul never create issue, My love does not contain control, My feeling towards others is only love.

*   *   *

Resolving addictions is one of the most satisfying things in terms of the amount of beneficial change in how your life runs and feels. I'll give some examples of how they work. If you have faith enough to make divine mercy work it may be very quick and easy.

Addiction to power: I don't want to feel my own powerlessness emotions, In my avoidance of these feelings I (or sometimes a spirit,) have created a desire for power. Generally you start by feeling this, the desire for power, and then move on to the powerlessness which was probably created in your childhood, often by spiritual attack or directly inherited from a parent with the same problem. Someone has taken part of my power by attacking my spirit, and I don't want to feel that. If you are faced with an abusive energy criminal, someone who spends their time attacking children, trying to profit from their stolen energy, this is what you attempt to heal in them. Do you see the cycle of abuse here? An energy criminal attacked me, if I make certain choices, don't manage the addiction well I may end up an energy criminal who attacks others. The other way this can go is I make different choices and probably end up a victim, maybe treated for some kind of psychosis. Fixing these first three addictions I mentioned, power, glory, wanting to feel I'm special can completely change the experience of people with serious mental health issues.

Vigilantism: I avoid the fact that I actually feel i'm a bad person by attacking bad people. Through these actions I get to feel good about myself. Violence of any kind is a mistake. Example: A community attacking a sex offender in their suburb, or Trump threatening 'severe punishment' if Saudi Arabia murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi. (Currently in the news). Heal your own self-worth issues.

Desire/addiction to fame: The consequences of addiction to fame can be complex, Generally, but not always the problem is your own desires that you have created yourself. Healing any imperfect desire feels a bit like creating a desire. Feel the desire as it exists within you. Dissolve instead of creating or making stronger. What makes a desire for fame an addiction... it depends, it's complicated. If you end up famous by following a passion it's very different to I desire to be famous but don't really want to do anything,  have no real passion for film or music or whatever.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Ten Laws of Free Will and Why to Obey Them.

1) If a person's will expresses dislike of something, do not do it.

2) If you are giving a perfect lesson in a loving way, that enables a person to avoid/heal ongoing or future pain/disharmony, the first law can be countermanded.

3) If a person acts on harmful desires, and if harmony enough exists within that environment to enable an angel at one with God to act, that angel is free to restrict freedom of will.

4) If You are in greater harmony with God than others on a subject, then your will should be respected over others.

5) When sin/disharmony is present within a soul then all care should be taken following any free will desires.

6) Will should be expressed in such a way as to heal sin within oneself over avoiding consequences of that sin.

7) In the event of cataclysm anywhere in gods universe, all angels should heed the call.

8) Growth in love is achieved any time will is expressed lovingly. This, as you know is desirable. (should be sought for.)

9) If you are capable of achieving an at-one-ment condition* before taking action, do so if practicable.

10) Strive to become divine before all other concerns.

Adherence to these laws will bring harmony and thus happiness/joy both within (a soul) and without (the universe). 

*At-one-ment is a condition that does not require complete freedom from sin. It can turn off at certain times such as when you heal an emotion. You can be considered an angel after the first time you achieve this state. However, it will turn off periodically until true at-one-ment is obtained. It is turned on by God through prayer for God to make you at-one.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Humility expanded.

So I played a role in the life of Siddharta Gautama, one of the Budahs.
During a conversation with him god inspired me to suggest something. It turned out to be a revelation for him and one of his most important practices particularly for liberation from discomfort.

Feel all that you are and all of the discomfort that exists for you in this moment.
Build Desire to do this at all times.

He just reminded me of how we spoke about this after he died, and how he felt at the time that it was absolutely what he needed to hear, the best thing he could be working on. He also marvelled about how at the time of saying this I Methuselah had not thought about humility in this way, and that God had inspired me during the conversation.

It is quite a different look at humility, and as Siddharta suggests a pathway to understanding reality.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The problem and the solution.

For some time now I have observed a problem.

People who I have taught or others, who learn to receive gods love, and who have some dark desires and emotions, fail to achieve moral development in the sense that unloving actions towards others, do not change.

However, the inflowing of gods love and other divine gifts make that person stronger and more capable of achieving their unloving desires.

I speak mainly of spiritual attack, one of our planets most debilitating problems.

Where have I gone wrong? I ask. How could God allow this?

There is a most soothing solution.

Divine surrender
Divine serenity.

Surrendering to God and gods way teaches easy connection to god, easy reception of gods assistance.

Divine serenity makes one comfortable in any environment. More capable of baring the stresses of life. And more capable of behaving in a level-headed way.

Both of these gifts, are substances of gods creation, build for human consumption. Or energies designed to upgrade a soul, a child of God, as they are received by that soul through prayer.

These gifts I feel are a perfect solution to this problem.

Please feel the joy and pleasure of receiving them.

With all My love, Alexander.

*  *  *  *  *

Two more things.

Soon I hope to post a video talking about earth changes. Helping improve outcomes with earth changes is a significant part of my design for my life. Earth changes began 1700 years ago and are different and separate from man-made climate change. My conscious understanding of several things needs to grow, so I'll work on this and god willing I'll be uploading a video to youtube within several days.

Every time your soul releases or heals or becomes free from an unhealed emotion, your vulnerability is not automatically resolved.
"Divine Complete" is the substance I recommend you become familiar with to fill the holes created by your new freedom from sin. It is the easiest way to become safe when you heal. Insist you will pray for and receive this before you race out to get some hot chips, or otherwise reward yourself.
God's love can have a similar effect but you need to be very successful to become solid and complete in this way.

Monday, July 30, 2018


Humility is so important, It's the capacity to and desire to feel your own emotions and feelings.

The teaching I received on this is "Desire to feel all of your own emotions"

But what does this mean?

It means to build and cultivate a desire, and this usually starts in the belly, to feel all of your own emotions. To desire is to change or add to your soul condition.

Keep working on this desire until it fills your whole ball, and until there is nothing you are not automatically humble to in your day to day life.

But your heart can also desire, this may be "I love to feel myself."

God has several gifts or energies that directly upgrade your capacity to feel, so don't neglect these.

I suggest foremost, Gods gift of humility, which you may see as a dark or black substance as it flows in.

And don't worry humility is still vitally important after you finish all of your damage.

I would like to talk at greater length about desire in future, in particular about some of the pitfalls that occur with imperfect desire. To put this into as few words as possible: Be careful desiring to help others, this can directly invest your soul in other peoples problems. If you don't understand this it can wreck your life.

The other main thing to be careful of is to finish each 'unit' of belly based desire, so that it 'pops' and becomes safe. Insist you will feel the desire until it pops and becomes safe. If you leave desires incomplete, spirits can take over and once again wreck your life.

*  *  *
I'm feeling more inspired to make videos, I'm kinda waiting for someone to buy me the camera on my wish list. I could do it how I have in the past, but this would be low quality... and I also hock'ed my laptop to buy drugs.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Classics

Allow God's love to upgrade your concept of God

Your concept of God will have to evolve over time.

*  *  *

This is the best thing I have worked out over the last few days.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Only do it if it's pure

Learning Love is very important.
Choosing to love.
Can you Love at all times?
I know I cannot.

How would you turn on love for A whole day?
What would you do?
What would you need to feel?

And who would it heal?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Divine Healing

For several years it has been a goal of mine to develop divine healing abilities.
This will probably be a popular angelic ability for people to work towards, and I feel its a good one to work on first.

I just thought I would make a brief post detailing the steps as I have discovered them to be.

First, long to god for the gift of divine healing abilities. This causes a thing, something that is not one of God's energies to come into your soul. To my perception, which you may not have, it looked a bit like a slightly gnarled rod. It is possible to have varying degrees of success with this so keep at it. It may take you some time to receive a full gift of divine healing. Angels can have several modalities of healing available to them, what I'm talking about here is... classic mode.

Once you have this, the trick is that God does the healing.
you apply as much faith and trust as you are able that god easily heals the particular thing you apply your gift to.

Respect free will, don't try to heal someone who does not agree to be healed. And know your limits. It's probably not a good idea to charge around trying to heal people until you have a solid understanding of and handle on your own spirit influence issues. maybe start with trying to heal your own emotions or cuts and scrapes.

As you try with this, actively try to resolve your resistance to having it work. Humility (feeling your own emotions) is great but, longing to god to grant mercy for your limiting emotions is a really wonderful and rapid method of doing this.

When you safely can, try allowing full angels in the spirit world to be involved in the healing. This may involve applying your faith that the team of angels you work with can and will easily heal. Be careful here though, many people, to start with, cannot safely allow angels in without letting lower probably nasty spirits in. Long to god for mercy on all of the emotional causes as to why this may happen for you.

And, as you move forward with your prayer practice long to god repeatedly to teach you divine healing, ask gods love to upgrade your healing ability as you receive it.

Friday, July 06, 2018


A fascinating thing I learned recently is the reality of the Hindu deities.

A more correct term for them is Demi-Gods, this is their prefered word, there are 16 of them, eight soulmate couples and they are basically human souls.

Human souls however that have a specific purpose and have never not been at one with God.

They are below and subservient to our universal god. The one and only. I have no idea how much power they have, I'm new to this.

They are the gods of every ancient civilisation. The gods of the ancient Egyptians, the Annunaki of the Sumerians, The gods of the Norse. They interacted with the Ancient Greek and Romans to some degree. They are the Tarot Archetypes.

Obviously, they choose how they want to appear.

This was fascinating to me, not only do I have God to interact with but sixteen Demi-gods as well. They will come to any person who desires their company in some way. They encourage humility.

Why sixteen?

One couple for each of the seven soul types, they are the centre soul image of the seven body parts, head, throat, heart etc. and Brama and Dahma who are somehow the whole body.

Why? What is their purpose?

They help and heal. They never harm, but may appear threatening in order to assist you to access your self-limiting emotions.

That's all I feel like saying, I'll leave it with you.

Ahh, I need to correct something. In the post about the Voynich manuscript I mention Horus and Woden. Woden was a mortal man who plucked out his own eye during an interaction with The Wall (Archetype/male belly demi-god.) He sincerely regretted it later... He informed his friends that he traded it for wisdom...

Horus truly is/was a god of the Egyptians. I jumped to the conclusion that is written in that post. I did the exact same thing in my last life when I interacted with the ancient Egyptians. On hearing accounts of how their deities interacted with them, members of their temple, I assumed they were evil spirits.

You live you learn.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Help With Becoming At-One: Addendum

A few days ago after weeks of some fairly intense prayer, after getting more of myself into heaven and arriving a new level of purity, I felt I was at one.

I took some notes for a new post. However by the time it came to actual writing, more unhealed emotion had come to the surface. It's the same old thing I've been through a dozen times.

For some reason, I feel the post should still be made. It's some good information after all.

 Sitting Formally to work: This is some fairly intense soul work you are doing here, and it's absolutely the most important thing you will ever choose to do. So highly recommended is to have a space for doing it and sitting in one of the more comfortable yoga sitting postures.

What needs to be healed: Apart from damaged emotion, The main other things you are going to need to work on in terms of acquiring an angel's purity of soul condition are False beliefs and imperfect desires. This is hard, it's a lot of content. All I can really say is pray about learning ways of healing large quantities of these things. work it out for yourself.

If you divide the entire process of becoming at one with god into two things, Healing the soul and Prayer to become at one, I feel the hard part is healing the soul, There's just so much emotional content there to wade through. For the prayer side of things, the main piece of advice I received, from my spirit guides, is Trusting You are at one as a practice. You might read that and think it doesn't mean anything, Just think of trust as akin to faith or belief, in that it is capable of doing things, or of enabling god or angels to do things. Play with it, see what you can learn.

The prayer for divine Love:
My Father, Who is in Heaven , I recognise that You are All Holy and Loving and Merciful, and that I am Your child, and not the subservient, sinful, and depraved creature that false teachers would have me believe.
I know that I am the greatest of Your creations, and the most wonderful of all Your Handiworks, and the object of Your Great Soul’s Love and Tenderest Care.
I know that Your Will is that I become at-one with You and partake of Your Great Love which You have bestowed upon me through Your Mercy and Desire that I become, in truth, Your child through Love, and not through the sacrifice and death of any of Your Creatures.
I pray that You will open up my soul to the inflowing of Your Love, and that then will come to me Your Holy Spirit to bring into my soul this, Your Divine Love, in great abundance, until my soul is transformed into the very essence of Yourself; and that there will come to me faith – such faith as will cause me to realize that I truly am your child and one with You in very substance, and not in image only.
Let me have such faith, as will cause me to know that You are my Father, and the bestower of every good and perfect gift, and that, only I myself, can prevent Your Love from changing me from the mortal to the immortal.
Let me never cease to realise that Your Love is waiting for each and all of us, and, that when I come to You, in faith and earnest aspiration, Your Love will never be withheld from me.
Keep me in the shadow of Your Love every hour and moment of my life, and help me to overcome all the temptations of the flesh, and the influence of the powers of the evil ones who so constantly surround me and endeavour to turn my thoughts away from You to the pleasures and allurements of this world.
I thank you for Your Love and the privilege of receiving it, and I believe that You are my Father – the Loving Father who smiles upon me in my weakness, and is always ready to help me and take me into Your Arms of Love.
I pray this with all the earnestness and sincere longings of my soul, and, trusting in Your Love, give You all the glory and honour and love that my finite soul can give.
The Padgett messages describe a version of this prayer as the only prayer that need be offered (in order to become at one.)

Every single word or phrase in here is an opportunity and vehicle to refine your soul condition. for example, "God is your father," ... How do you feel about this? This can be done more easily if you allow angels to help and heal you as you use it. Try and become completely clear on one paragraph at a time. Every time you feel something about this prayer, every time it clashes with you, it's an indication of something you need to heal. Every word of this prayer is perfect. If you feel it's not then the problem is you. Several of these paragraphs are ways to set up prayer, for the rest of the day or for the rest of your life.

I'll leave it with you.