Thursday, October 04, 2018

An energy criminal more evil than Hitler? That's our Messiah soul.

In my last life, I spent a lot of time travelling in spirit form with Jesus.
What I know of him, his character and actions vary greatly from accepted history and most peoples opinions.

If you were influenced by Christian thought, or have read the Padgett messages, you probably think he is the best of men, pure, loving... somehow a part of god even?

or perhaps you are an atheist. you may believe his movement generated a lot of blood-shed and if such a person existed, he was probably a pretty nice guy.

what I am about to try and share, I do so with a feeling of guilt because so much of what he knew, so much of the strength he had, he learned or stole from me. I essentially enabled through my own mistakes, Jesus's attacks on reality itself.

There are some concepts here that are difficult to understand but I'll do my best to explain.

Shortly before his death,
He broke me.
He used my strength and understanding as well as his own considerable strength.
To design and build a method.
Of breaking reality and personal growth in gods way.
Not just for the people of earth,

But for our entire universe...

But how did we get to this point? The world believing one thing; thinking well, the world of Jesus, not understanding that he arrived here 2000 years ago already having the strongest burning desire to destroy everything. Our planet and creation itself.

And how can Alan John Miller, one of Jesus' current bodies appear to be a valuable teacher of previously untaught spiritual information, and yet imbody true evil; suppression, domination, and caring only for himself and nought for anyone else? be continued.

....Perhaps I won't start beginning. This is such a difficult thing to explain properly, it really requires a whole book. I think if such a thing were to become available to us, I would not write it out with my body and waking mind which is still so restricted. My souls mind has explained this incredibly well in text. If it's going to become available physically, it's going to be when I can materialise, bring physical, a flash drive containing a file of a manuscript, and a couple of copies of physical books that show the beauty and durability that a book can have when it's made to last forever. I plan to do this so that many of the books that only exist in the spirit world can be published on earth.

To be continued