Monday, July 23, 2018

So we now have angels on earth.

This is why I got in first.

Jesus secret plan as written on his soul:
Get in first, overtake Alex (me) as highest person on earth suppress and attack me so brutally I can never get up.
Suppress everyone on earth so subtly or not so subtly.
Teach high teachings to few,
Grow exponentially himself with every secret learning he rapes out of everyone.
Use love to influence and win support
dominate violently any soul who ever approaches overtaking him as the highest one.

Alex's secret plan as written on his soul:
Try to get in first
Do it as purely as possible
Share high teachings with most all along (some people cannot be taught some things because it will cause harm to something.
Hates suppression and attack
The thing I desire strongest (apart from Edna my soulmate) is to just love and be loved
My whole life I've been attacked spiritually, I want to see the world change in this regard.

If I am ever overtaken as highest person, try to just feel my own emotions about it without using spiritual violence to change the situation and avoid how it makes me feel. (I pray about this sometimes and I think this is the purest thing I could do) However this would totally depend on how I was going to be treated by the new highest person.

I would like to share a totally different plan that was hatched when I was a child:
grow ourselves first and then AJ will change the world with his teachings, And Alex will change the world with his actions, (Example displaying angelic abilities.)

Thanks for all the help everyone!

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