Monday, February 08, 2016

I think I just became at one with god.

Maybe tomorrow I will wake and a whole new layer of painful emotion will have come to the surface, hitherto unknown.
More work before I can say, 
I am Done!
I am at - one.

At least I'm Having Fun. 

I have been wrong about this sort of thing in the past but I believe fairly strongly that I am now a full angel.

When I was young I had no Tum,
Now I am grown I just hear the tone
To heal and seal and make solidarity real.

EDIT: 14/02/2016 When I made this post I felt like I had achieved something wonderful. In hindsight it seems I am not yet totally complete. Bummer.

EDIT: 22/02/2016  16:00
Once again after an intence prayer session I come out feeling like my soul has made some kind of leap. It is more complicated than you may think, There is the old soul, the part of me that has been at one with god for just over two thousand years, this part of me kind of 'gave birth' to itself t create what I think of as my 'new soul' at the start of my current physical life as Alex Cooke. It has its own personality that is in some ways quite different to my original personality. I feel I will never loose this personality no matter how much I reconnect to what I have been in the past.

Interestingly enough My old soul has "reincarnated" (please don't think too hard about that, most likely what you are thinking is different to what I am trying to say using the word reincarnate) or I prefer to say 'given birth to new selves" over a thousand times. So this is one old soul connected to many new concurrent bodies So, one old soul, Methuselah and Edina, connected to thousands of new bodies. some on planets other than earth, all of them younger than 60. (The oldest body I currently have is roughly 60. He and his soulmate live in a region of the world that feels to me like it could be Tibet. I think they have three children. Most of these bodies are very young. Each male body has it's own distinct female partner, each one has its own plans and goals for it's life and each one develops to a limited degree, it's own personality.

Basicly earlier this evening at around 8pm brisbane time it seemed that my 'new soul' entered the eighth sphere. I currently feel really good. I feel it may be beneficial to describe what I was doing leading up to this.

Prayer to be remade of divine. May all that I am be reborn of gods substance.
[nothing that is impure may enter heaven, only a divine soul can enter]

A process of feeling accepted by god and accepting god

Assistance form some highly developed angels to free me from emotional damage.

I guess one way of looking at it is There is no knowing myself until my new bit becomes at one with my old bit.

EDIT: 30/1/2017 2:17 AM.
For roughly four months now I have known I was in the seventh sphere trying to enter the eighth. This has been the hardest transition I have been through and has had many small successes, think becoming more in at-one-ment with god but not truly being there. There is more to this than just receiving gods love and desiring to be transformed by it, Faith plays a huge role, especially because anyone doing this is battling against their own unhealed emotions. Faith plays a special role here because it allows you to heal large quantities of this without feeling that much of it.

I now feel I am at one with god, living with the new part of my soul above the eighth sphere. From this place, I have been able to ever so easily heal some of the other angels on earth so they also now inhabit the celestial heavens.  
That's all I need to say for now, it's kinda a long story for another time.

Still not there yet, i seemingly have an endless amount of damaged emotion, so that even when I'm healing large chunks of it at a time it feels a bit like I'm getting nowhere.

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