Friday, June 07, 2013

"Image Streaming" as a means of enhancing mediumistic potential.

Image streaming is a technique developed by Win Wenger, he puts is out as a method of developing creative and problem solving potential by strengthening one's connection to the visual mind. or put another way, it strengthens the link between the mind and physical expression.
As I read one of the channeled messages Received by James Padgett, I realised it can probably strengthen mediumistic abilities as well, or in the very least it will be useful in overcoming the issue John mentions:
And from this you will see that it is possible for the human mind to have thought and knowledge of things which it cannot use the brain to express.
In many of your material things of life, such as great invention, the knowledge of these inventions is in the mind, it may be, for a long time before it is formulated and expressed by the brain, and sometimes it never gets through the brain at all. The mind and the brain are not one and equivalent things; the one is the operator, the other is the thing used to operate with, so that the possessions of the operator may become manifested to others.  
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