Friday, 24 July 2015

Praying For god's Inner Fire.

The primary gifts that can come from god that you may hear spoken about, are generally Gods Divine Love and Divine Truth.

In this post however I would like to mention another valuable thing to ask for.

Inner Fire.

This is something that is often sought for by people in Tibet, generally without a truly solid conscious understanding of how to proceed.

So what is 'Inner fire'?

It is a substance that has the effect of filling the soul and 'inflating' it so to speak to keep a person open and solid and feeling themselves even when they are under pressure.

This is how I do it.

Firstly, I understand that it comes from god. This substance comes from god's soul and is drawn into my own soul through my desire.

God would like you to have it. God desires for you to be comfortable even when under great spiritual pressure or attack.

Then it is a matter of directing a desire to god, "I desire Inner Fire"

Try to have faith that it will come when you ask.

That is basically enough for you to play with, to attempt for yourself.

However I will make one further comment.

Whenever you go to god, honesty is vital.
So, for example: You approach god with a longing to receive Inner Fire. however your true feeling is god will never give this to me,

it makes it quite unlikely that your desire will be satisfied.

The solution is to feel exactly how you feel. Perhaps you feel you are a bad person and that god does not want to help you. (which is not true) If you let yourself feel that and connect to that, and ask god about those feelings you will get far further than trying to achieve something that you don't honestly feel.

That is all. Play!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Jan Hankl's Flank Pat System

Funnily enough this is a gem of truth in the guise of sketch comedy. The trick is to feel the emotion "I don't know where it is" as you do the movement.


Can I explain how the system, what I will call a technique would have been developed? It starts with a desire. for example:
"I desire to know how to easily find a book on this shelf"
Then the process is received by the creator via inspiration. In this case the process is bouncing up and down with a hunched over posture while you pat your thighs in time with the bouncing.

To finalize the acquisition of the technique there is an emotional process to go through, which is different for each technique, in other words a series of feelings you must experience, usually involving "I cant do it"

 This is how all martial arts techniques are developed. If it is a truly original technique, that no one has ever achieved before, the inspiration will come from god. Otherwise it is likely to come from a highly developed spirit. Some organizations have methods of teaching techniques that have been learned in the past.

Think for example ancient scrolls that exist spiritually and can be unrolled in front of you to be learned from.
Obviously this is not something you will perceive with your physical eyes.
I will produce material in future instructing how to develop the subtle senses for example 'seeing' (with your spirit eyes)

Monday, 20 July 2015

I promise to have some new material coming along very soon.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Movements of Divine Design.

Physical movements can have the effect of permanently upgrading the capabilities of the spirit and soul. These effects are very noticeable in the capabilities of people in the afterlife who no-longer have a physical body.

Internal silence is a mandatory factor to acquire  the benefits.

I am an encyclopedia of such movements, and other practices that have similar effects such as Iron Shirt Chi Gong.

I have a strong desire to teach people such things and will soon begin upgrading this webpage to incorporate much more material.

I don't want to bee here any more.

The reason for the disappearing bees problem is the unloving way that bees are treated in order to harvest their honey...

Bees are necessary for the continued functioning of earth's food structure.
Update: 21/07/2015
The emotional condition within humanity on earth that was creating this problem is:
I desire not to feel my inability to cope with my unloving desires.
I desire to eat bees' honey and bees are manipulated and treated hugely un-lovingly by humans.

Unloving desire: I dont want to bee here any more.

The damaging nature of earth's sanitation system.

The worlds general choice sanitation system, flushing toilets, is hugely wasteful and unloving not just of clean water but in another way that is currently unknown on earth. The lessons of people who undergo a soul change during a urinary or bowel cycle are lost when the bodies waste matter is flushed into a flushing toilet.
If this matter is buried, urine falls on the earth or goes into a composting toilet, the lesson of what that person went through in order to achieve soul based spiritual growth is preserved in earths history, in a way that assists other people to go through those same changes.

It will be incredibly important for a female who is going through the celestial rebirth process to record all of her events in this way. This is because it has never been 'written' so to speak by a female. where as Jesus wrote his events into earth's history when he went through the celestial rebirth or at-one-ment with god transformation during his first century life.

I suspect that the wide spread uptake of flushing toilets over composting toilets which are obviously the wiser, more loving choice based on the resources required for centralized water based sanitation compared with 'long drop' or composting toilets, are based on avoidance of discomfort. Smell and the percieved unplesant ness of clearing out the 'compost' when necessary.
And of course a composting toilet can return nutrients to the cycle of nature.

The correct technique is this: Urination - spit on the ground, pee on the spit.
                                                Bowel movement - Spit in a hole, do your business and then bury it.

Internal silence is necessary to healing the soul.

More detail soon.