Saturday, 30 January 2016

Free flow conversational prayer: making love with god.

Something I have played with occasionally over the years has been a form of prayer I label, making love with god.

I describe it like this. It is silent and feeling based. Non-verbal.

Express love to god.

Desire god to love you.

Push back and forth against god with your love,

Feeling a love for gods love that causes an inflowing of gods love for you.

For some time I have thought of this prayer practice as very profound, some of  my most satisfying experiences of interaction with god have come from this method.

I have been wanting to improve my method, something I achieved today.

I was sitting in a cinema waiting for a film to start and I was inspired to pray for god to be able to love me without my asking for it.

This involved an emotional process of unlocking that was frightening at some points, it felt vulnerable to relinquish my control of when god could give me love.

there was a feeling of reaching a level of completion with this unlocking process, and.

Now all I have to do to receive love from god abundantly is to love god.


Any additional asking for love is a bonus.

Although some of the language used in this post is kinda sexy, up until now I have never had a sex based interaction with god. The feelings are purely loving and non sexual.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Interesting Prophetic Dream - Ken Peters talking to the Prophecy Club

This Video I feel has several important concepts that I believe to be accurate.

I particularly like the bit where Ken describes people, manly angels raising from graves, and the bit where he talks about zooming out and observing pockets of people all around the world connecting to god, golden streams of Divine Love flowing to them.

In terms of societal collapse and a new system being established, my feelings are that this will probably happen in some form though in a far more gentle way than what Ken describes. Honestly, I have no idea what it will be like when we run out of oil and human caused climate change makes living far more difficult. And we cannot feed earths overpopulated people due to a lack of food security potentially involving extinction of bees.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Forms taken by Angels to enhance interaction with Humans on Earth.

I will start by explaining what an angel is. An angel is a person. A person who once lived on earth who has gone through a particular kind of personal  development. This is god based development, God reliant development. They have, through their own desire received god's love into their soul, and allowed themselves to be changed by doing so. Their once human soul is transformed over time until it is completely Divine. You could say that when this transformation is complete they are born again as a divine angel. A soul not only formed in gods image as we all are but also constructed of gods substance.

Many people, in fact everyone has at least one divine angel with them some of the time. However these angels generally have great deal of difficulty getting through to people on earth in a satisfying manner. This is due to several things that are based in divine law, the law of free will, law of desire, the laws governing mediumistic interactions between humans and spirits, which involve harmony of soul condition. It definitely is not a case of if there is an angel with me, trying to help me, I will know and receive that help.

There are three forms that I know of that are taken by  angels in order to assist people on earth. Angels take these different kinds of form in order to enhance their capability of providing help.

Ent form - Method angels use to connect to trees and help people who are deeply inclined towards helping and loving nature and to directly help and love nature. This name was adopted after JRR Tolkein's writing about Ent's in 'The Lord of the Rings.'

Tengu - A tengu is a spirit form taken by a soul mate couple who are both angels, they work in harmony to help people, usually those inclined towards warriorship to resolve spirit attack issues or any soul based issue. It is a form that can be seen clairvoyantly far more readily than an angels' true form, Basicly they darken themselves. Often described or depicted as a three legged crow 'demon' but I feel demon is not the correct term to use. A tengu manifests and maintains a healthy physical body's energetic connection to the earth. This gives them greater influence and healing capability with mortals. This is the crow's third leg.
Bujinkan Ninjutsu has the Tengu as it's guiding spirit, which I think is very impressive.
I suggest the experiment of:
Desire a Tengu to be with you. 
Perhaps do this at a time when you are able to pay attention, such as during seated meditation. You could say, "what would you like to help me with" or "Can you help me with this problem?"

Merkaba - Again an angelic soul mate couple who manifest a certain spirit form of superimposed upwards and downwards pointing, triangle based pyramids. This is usually in order to interact with 'new age' spiritualist inclined people.
Why not try desiring a Merkaba to visit you?

This page has some nice content regarding Merkaba

These are the primary assisting forms. Angels have several other ways they can show themselves to mortals who are unable to perceive their true form, but I think I have said enough.

Poem from Janit, who lives physically on another world. (Mediumship)

The truth that Talks.

God gives abundantly.

God's gifts are perfect and permanent,

God feels so much Love.

-Janit. My soul is in the equivalent of earth's first celestial sphere. My world rejoices at the changes we are seeing in earth's condition. Thankyou Alex.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Tool's LaTeRaLus

The 2001 album Lateralus from Tool is the best rendition of angelic inspired music recorded on earth to date.

The Boys worked in close harmony with a specially selected team of angels throughout the writing and production process.

Track 3: The Patient seems especially suited to my own journey.

Track 5: Schism is in my view the most beautiful on the album.

The name of the album LaTeRaLus is actually a word from one of the angelic languages. Translated very simply it means "the one who shows the way."

Monday, 9 November 2015

I genuinely think this is one of the best webpages in the history of the internet.

It deserves a post that is simply:

Sunday, 8 November 2015

The seven classes of Human soul and their spirit animal.

There are seven types of Soul. Each have specific traits or general trends in regard to strengths and weaknesses, talents, natural focuses and abilities. Each soul type loves in it's own way.

Moles, Voles,
Hares, Bares,

I will start by saying, every soul is Unique and Equal in terms of its total potential.

Moles relate to the throat, they have the nicest and strongest throats. they are the quietest people. They love silence. Meditation to still the mind and chanting aloud are beautiful for moles. Moles when highly developed can shape matter with their soul.

Voles relate to the head. They have the sharpest minds. They are great thinkers, they like to manipulate complex thought. They are philosophers.

Hares relate to the Legs. They make great endurance runners. They excel with rhythm and find musical creation satisfying.

Bears have strong arms, they naturally act in wonderful ways to create effect.

Foxes have the nicest tails, They say foxes love boxes, they love to organise their things. Foxes love crafting things.

Hedgehogs have the strongest softest bellies. They work very well with desire. Hedgehogs love to preserve and work with their energy. Hedgehogs when highly developed can achieve anything by shaping desire with their soul.

Mice Have the purest hearts. They express love in a very gentle way. They say: Mice attract lice, meaning when mice teach they attract good students. Mice when highly developed can shape reality with their soul

Moles like voles and voles like moles.
Hares like bears and bears like hairs.
Hedgehogs like foxes and foxes like hedgehogs.
Mice like everyone and everyone can be challenged by mice.

You can think of each human soul comes from a different part of gods soul, so hedgehogs come from god's belly.

The Messiah soul, who is Jesus/Mary Magdalene on our world comes from the very centre of gods heart.