Saturday, 21 November 2015

Tool's LaTeRaLus

The 2001 album Lateralus from Tool is the best rendition of angelic inspired music recorded on earth to date.

The Boys worked in close harmony with a specially selected team of angels throughout the writing and production process.

Track 3: The Patient seems especially suited to my own journey.

Track 5: Schism is in my view the most beautiful on the album.

The name of the album LaTeRaLus is actually a word from one of the angelic languages. Translated very simply it means "the one who shows the way."

Monday, 9 November 2015

I genuinely think this is one of the best webpages in the history of the internet.

It deserves a post that is simply:

Sunday, 8 November 2015

The seven classes of Human soul and their spirit animal.

There are seven types of people who have specific traits or general trends in regard to strengths and weaknesses, talents, natural focuses etc.

Moles, Voles,
Hares, Bares,

I will start by saying, every human soul is Unique and Equal.

Moles relate to the throat, they have the nicest and strongest throats. they are the quietest people. They love silence. Meditation to still the mind and chanting aloud are beautiful for moles.

Voles relate to the head. They have the sharpest minds. They are great thinkers, they like to manipulate complex thought. They are philosophers.

Hares relate to the Legs. They make great endurance runners. They excel with rhythm and find musical creation satisfying.

I'm going to finish this later.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Sanskrit is THE language we should all be learning.

If you look around online you may be able to find information on the way speaking a particular language effects your life. For example people who speak Japanese live relatively long lives.
I feel English is one of the ugliest and most damaging languages. Speaking English literally harms your body and your environment. It is a language of conquest, of dominance. Another imperfect language is French, it is a language of sexual superiority, arrogance.

What I would sincerely like to see is the entire world starting to learn the language designed by God to be in perfect harmony with living physically on earth.

This language is Sanskrit.
It is earth's Seed Language.

It is the language that was spoken by earths seed soul who we know as Amon and Aman (Eve and Adam in modern English renditions of Hebrew texts.)

Thought experiment for easily healing emotional damage.

This is so simple and so effective.

Travel in spirit to the black hole at the center of our universe.

Put yourself in the middle of it.

let it resolve any feeling.

*       *       *

I suggest asking questions.

How do I feel about myself?
How do I feel about God my mother / God my father?
How do I feel towards my soulmate?

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Truth of Schizophrenia, Societal ill health, and the availability of complete recovery.

Schizophrenia the condition of psychosis is one effect of a particular action taken by a group of women thousands of years ago. This action has resulted in a condition of illness in all of humanity that has led to three primary ways society in unhealthy, three primary power structures that dominate life on earth.

Let me explain.

Approximately 10 000 years ago a group of incredibly evil women, spirits of people who once lived on earth, looked at the earths Chakra and meridian structure and had a pure desire to connect it in such a way as to make them able to rule or control the world.

They designed a system of injuring people incredibly completely. The system they created affects approximately 1% of the population very severely but everyone on the planet to a degree. There are ten variants of the injury that they have been inflicting ever since, one for each of the human being major centre-line Chakra. (yes in truth there are ten, the seven that are well known, but also knee level, one at the level of the feet and one above the head.)

It works like this. Over the generations since the initial desire of these evil women, a condition of emotional damage has permeated all people of earth. This results in giving away our power, in a sense of looking to others for solutions instead of trying to solve our problems on a personal basis with the help of God.
In the case of certain people who about 50% of the time end up with schizophrenia there is a particular damaging effect on ones life, and it happens like this:
If you are a baby who is vulnerable through the your parents soul condition, it is possible to attract the attack of these women. You are attacked in such a way as to allow the total and complete loss of your physical body at the soul level, the part of your soul that relates to your physical body. But this does not always happen. This is why Maijuana use affects some people so destructively ("I smoked Pot for a short time and ended up with schizophrenia" for example) and others less so (long term addictive use that is acceptable to society but with generally unseen major damaging effects) .

The injury that is inflicted creates a linkage to one of the earths major Chakra of which there is one in nearly every continent. Australia for example is home to the Earths heart Chakra, and it is situated at Urluru. North America has the Sex Chakra which is the level of injury that I received as a baby. Tibet has the crown Chakra and so on.

Apart from the damaged to the lives of the people with Schizophrenia, which I personally translate as 'shattered self', there are effects on all people of earth.

There are three main ways that this is evidenced in modern life.

The emotion of 'I cannot cope' that emanates from all of the earths energy system as a result of the connection of people with this injury  to the earths chakra structure has resulted in the pharmacological industry's pursuit of and wide acceptance by the public, of substance based solutions to all mental and emotional wellness issues.
This is wrong. It hinders solving your own issues by experiencing the emotional cause.

The emotions of giving away your power That the suffers of schizophrenia cannot be humble to has an effect on all people in such a way as to have resulted in modern politics. It makes people desire for others, politicians to make decisions for them. I feel that the choices made by politicians are generally obsessed with acceptance, in Australia I see a total lack of getting anything done that is important. The feeling really is 'Lets not change a single thing, ever. lets just be comfortable' Instead of acting to help the worlds major impending problems.

The emotion of 'Not having enough', 'I Cannot earn Money' or 'lack of Abundance' that people with this injury have as a result of their damaged energy system, and the way they are connected to the earth has shaped the worlds financial systems. In particular this is evidenced by the huge amounts of DEBT common almost everywhere in the world.

That's all I feel like saying for now, but undoubtedly it will be discussed more in future.

One of the primary desires I personally have for this incarnation is correcting this problem. 
My soul is currently working very successfully to do so.

I would like to add one thing. If you are a person who lives with schizophrenia, it is definitely easier to work on resolving the issue if you are stable. If this means anti psychotic medication, then take it.

This is the best map I could find at short notice. It is not accurate.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Personal Amygdala Control

This is the most advanced way of developing your consciousness available.

It should be taught in every school environment.