Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cleaning your connection to god.

What I want to talk about today is a method of strengthening your ability to connect to god. It is very straight forward, but the subtlety involved can make it difficult.

Long for divine love
If it comes to you, thats great keep doing that.
If however longing for god's love makes you uncomfortable, if it feels difficult;
then let yourself feel that discomfort.

To put this another way, The prayer for divine love brings to the forefront exactly what is currently preventing you from actually receiving love.

In my experience of doing this it is usually feelings of fear that come up.
Fear of not being able to 'find' god,
Fear of failing if I try,
Fear that there may be no response, or that something other than god may answer.

One more thing. I believe this should go better for you is you do not cease the longing for love as you feel through the discomfort that comes up. In this way god will be able to assist in the release. The discomfort, the fear will just flow out easily as divine love flows in.

This is my go-to practice when I feel stuck.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Having a longing for love or truth from god can be more readily answered if you preface it with a feeling of relying on god to achieve the result.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Holding God beneath your feet.

What I fail to explain is the effect of the mentioned redistribution of energy which is a lack of connectedness to the body.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Automatic Writing: A poem from Maria.

Making Love; More Prayer.

Tell god your feelings,
Be pure in your honesty.

Desire Gods love,
knowing God desires that you have it.

And surely it will come.

-Maria. 7th sphere.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Buteyko breathing method.

I awoke this morning from a dream that seemed to be suggesting that I watch a dvd that has been sitting in the front room of my house for the last couple of months: an instructional dvd on the buteyko breathing method, "for the effective natural management of asthma, emphysema & bronchitis." I do not suffer from any of these conditions, but being a breathwork system, and natural means of reducing reliance on medication I find it interesting nonetheless.

What struck me immediately was that this was a system that may be powerful as it is, but that would benefit hugely through the integration of some of the things I have learned about through the teachings of Jesus and Mary in their current incarnation. (see

I will explain a little about the breathing method and what it should also involve.
The buteyko method is a group of controlled breathing exercises that from the standpoint of the dvd I watched, has the effect of bringing carbon dioxide levels in the body into a healthy range, something that is often not the case in an asthmatic, due to consistent mild hyperventilation.
An example of the actual practice is to breath out and hold the lungs empty until you feel the discomfort of needing to breath, and then maintaining control of your breathing as you start again so that you are not gulping air, maintaining this feeling of discomfort by then breathing shallowly for up to twenty minutes.
The Buteyko method views this in a purely materialistic manner. I.e. by breathing in this manner you increase the levels of carbon dioxide in the body and gain several health benefits. It is physiological training for the body and mind.

What I suggest is that by adding an understanding of the soul and emotions, and by adding an element of prayer to the practice greater things could be gained and in less time.

So lets look at what you are doing here from an emotional standpoint. It is essentially simulating an asthma attack. You repeatedly put yourself in the situation of feeling like you are not getting enough air, and then (importantly in the case of an asthmatic) drilling yourself in allowing the desperate feeling of needing to breath more as you maintain shallow breathing (which is healthy for the situation and will not snowball the inability to breath.)

What I believe is that with every repetition of this practice there is not only becoming acclimatised to the desperation emotions, but also the potential for accessing and working the emotional causes within the soul that are creating the asthma in the first place.

I will finish this post with my own variation of a similar practice. It is created with a healthy individual in mind, it is a strenuous practice and I accept no liability for injury or damages through it's use. There is the potential for fainting, be cautious of falling over onto anything.

Take a deep breath in and then breath out fully or close to fully, and hold the lungs empty. 
As you hold your breath, allow any emotions that come up to be there, let them over-run you. 
As you do this tell or project your emotions to god. Trust that there is a god who cares deeply for you, who wants to help you, and who can feel everything that is going on within you. 
Add to this a layer of your personal desire to feel god's emotion. 
By now you are probably experiencing some fairly intense and overwhelming desperation to breath. Keep allowing yourself to feel this until you don't want to any longer. 
When you can hold out no longer, breath. it's ok to suck wind. (the Buteyko method would have you resist breathing heavily and continue to feel the discomfort. Try experimenting with both and try to maintain the conversational prayer with god throughout.) 
Try doing six repetitions with a couple of normal breaths between each. If you get really faint headed, pause until you recover.

I feel that this practice would help with reducing general daily levels of anxiety, and would be beneficial for anyone involved in sporting activities that are reliant on cardiovascular function.

Play with it, enjoy and see what you can learn.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Padgett Message - Soul development and earnest, sincere prayer to the Father.

This Padgett message touched me in exactly the way I needed this morning. I repeat it here in the hope of providing a means that others can benefit from it's simple message.  
August 8th, 1915
Received by:James Padgett.
Washington D.C.
I am here, Saint Peter.
I want to tell you that you are very near the Father tonight and that His Love is filling your soul to a great degree. I see that you are anxious to learn of the spiritual things of the Father and of His Love towards you and all mankind.
You must pray for more faith and trust implicitly in His promises, and in the promises of the Master, for they will be fulfilled and you will not be disappointed or left to yourself. I am with you quite often now, for I want to assist in the great work that Master has chosen you to do; and you must get into a condition that will enable you to do this work in the greatest perfection. Your soul must be developed with this Divine Love of the Father, so that you will be in accord with the Master when he writes, for unless there is such accord you will not be able to get the spiritual meanings of his messages as he wants you to do.
There is nothing that will cause this development as well as earnest, sincere prayer to the Father. With such prayer will come faith, and with faith will come the Substance of what you may now only believe. So pray often, believing that the Love of the Father will come to you, and you will realize your oneness with Him.
I am so much interested in you and your soul development that I am going to help you with all my love and power.
Let not the things of the world detract your attention from these spiritual necessities, and you will find that all these material things will be supplied you.
Be firm and courageous in your beliefs and professings and God will be with you in every time of trial and distress. This I know and tell you as one having knowledge. I want you to let your faith increase until doubt shall flee away, and only trust in the Love and goodness of God remain with you. I will not write more tonight.
So with all my love and blessings I am
Your own friend and brother in Christ,
St. Peter

A google search for James Padgett will bring free access to all of his published messages, or hard copy's can be obtained here.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Praying about your soul condition.

Project your soul onto god
with a longing to be perfect.

Tell god your emotion
and allow freely, permeation of divine input.

This fills in any gaps
helping one to stay afloat
and headed in the right direction.