Friday, 22 April 2016

Annette Noontil

highly recommend "The body is the barometer of the soul" by Annette Noontil. It relates regions of the body with spiritual concepts and to the emotions that govern that body part.
Available in print form here:

Faith and Love

When one prays for Divine love Faith must be present for it to come.

Faith Gods love will be provided and will enter when you ask.

Within the true lords prayer is a line:

I pray god, that your love will come to me in great abundance.

How do you truly feel about this?

Why not apply full Faith that gods love will come to you in great abundance.

Be humble to the experience.

Faith is an active force.

To strengthen Faith,

Long to god for Faith.


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Perceptual journeying to visit new locations for healing.

Just under one year ago for the first time I had a mediumistic interaction with humans living on another planet. Over the intervening time I have learned that there are billions of planets housing humans however all but five of these are removed from earth dimensionally, I.e. only five other planets with humans are within what we commonly call our 'universe'. To a soul in a suitable condition, the people of these worlds are not so far removed for communication.

what I desire to discuss here is a new method available to us on earth to repair what we are.

The planet that is believed to be the first planetary location to be inhabited by humans was endowed with additional gifts. gifts that are now available to us on earth.

This planet due to its extreme vulnerability was granted:
Total freedom from fear,
Perfect silence, and
Perfect containment of their personal energy.

All people on this planet have these gifts highly developed. We are now ably to develop them ourselves.

Instead of six spiritual 'spheres' below the seventh which is a transition location that teaches what is necessary to live in the divine heavens, they have nine. An extra sphere (or location) for each additional gift.

What I suggest is this.
Go on a perceptual journey to these locations that earth now has, and (if visiting the fear location) feel your fear dissolve.

Anyone can do this if you trust that you can. This is irrespective of your souls condition in love. For example a person in the hells can utilise these  locations, they are not barred from them because of being unable to reach them.
Go to theses locations in your mind. It does not matter if you are unable to perceive them clearly. Just put yourself there, ask for the gift they teach and then feel the experience. It will take some doing to perfect these gifts.

There is a similar gift that was given to humans who have an existence not based on a planet. They are human souls but they exist within a different kind of experiment, so to speak. there are many of these totally different circumstances for humans to exist within.
The gift is freedom from grief.
Earth now has a location that teaches this gift. I strongly suggest you use it. Earths new spheres are growing as people use them. It is wonderful to observe.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Invitation to donation

Hello my readers,
Currently my efforts to produce teaching material are limited, in future I would like to produce high quality video to be made available free of charge.

At this time I am working towards this goal primarily by working on my own condition.
I have a great deal to offer this planet in terms of gifts of spoken knowledge and books I plan to write and mediumship services  and a clear manner of talking about complicated topics in a way that makes personal growth easy.

I would like to acquire a camera and some basic lighting equipment leading up to filming my first production video which will be a series of exercises called "Simple energy packing series" or something along those lines. It is 25 movements that combined pack energy into your whole body in a way that causes the spirit body to grow and develop permanently. This makes physical muscle development easy.
And as aside effect, apart from feeling great, It facilitates getting to the important stuff in terms of soul-based, emotional healing and development.

Where I am going with this is that I have added a Donate via paypal button to this page.

One thing I need to stipulate, I will use some of the donations I receive if there are any to live. Just basic things like food and fuel for my car and maybe some new undies etcetera.

Please also do not hesitate to contact me via email if you have any questions about any of my material.


As a side note. If you have ever seen photos of some of the really impressive 'old time' strong men, many of these men practiced this simple series of packing exercises with their spirit body in the sleep state. It made them capable of developing a highly impressive  physique with weight training while awake. The benefits of doing this with your physical body while awake are profoundly greater.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

I think I just became at one with god.

I have been wrong about this sort of thing in the past but I believe fairly strongly that I am now a full angel.

When I was young I had no Tum,
Now I am grown I just hear the tone
To heal and seal and make solidarity real.

EDIT: 14/02/2016 When I made this post I felt like I had achieved something wonderful. In hindsight it seems I am not yet totally complete. Bummer.

EDIT: 22/02/2016  16:00
Once again after an intence prayer session I come out feeling like my soul has made some kind of leap. It is more complicated than you may think, There is the old soul, the part of me that has been at one with god for just over two thousand years, this part of me kind of 'gave birth' to itself t create what I think of as my 'new soul' at the start of my current physical life as Alex Cooke. It has its own personality that is in some ways quite different to my original personality. I feel I will never loose this personality no matter how much I reconnect to what I have been in the past.

Interestingly enough My old soul has "reincarnated" (please don't think too hard about that, most likely what you are thinking is different to what I am trying to say using the word reincarnate) or I prefer to say 'given birth to new selves" over a thousand times. So, one old soul, Methuselah and Edina, connected to thousands of new bodies. some on planets other than earth, all of them younger than 60. (The oldest body I currently have is roughly 60. He and his soulmate live in a region of the world that feels to me like it could be Tibet. I think they have three children. Most of these bodies are very young. Each male body has it's own distinct female partner, each one has its own plans and goals for it's life and each one develops it's own personality.

Basicly earlier this evening at around 8pm brisbane time it seemed that my 'new soul' entered the eighth sphere. I currently feel really good. I feel it may be beneficial to describe what I was doing leading up to this.

Prayer to be remade of divine. May all that I am be reborn of gods substance.
[nothing that is impure may enter heaven, only a divine soul can enter]

A process of feeling accepted by god and accepting god

Assistance form some highly developed angels to free me from emotional damage.

I guess one way of looking at it is There is no knowing myself until my new bit becomes at one with my old bit.

Maybe tomorrow I will wake and a whole new layer of painful emotion will have come to the surface, hitherto unknown.
More work before I can say, 
I am Done!
I am at - one.

At least I'm Having Fun. 

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Free flow conversational prayer: making love with god.

Something I have played with occasionally over the years has been a form of prayer I label, making love with god.

I describe it like this. It is silent and feeling based. Non-verbal.

Express love to god.

Desire god to love you.

Push back and forth against god with your love,

Feeling a love for gods love that causes an inflowing of gods love for you.

For some time I have thought of this prayer practice as very profound, some of  my most satisfying experiences of interaction with god have come from this method.

I have been wanting to improve my method, something I achieved today.

I was sitting in a cinema waiting for a film to start and I was inspired to pray for god to be able to love me without my asking for it.

This involved an emotional process of unlocking that was frightening at some points, it felt vulnerable to relinquish my control of when god could give me love.

there was a feeling of reaching a level of completion with this unlocking process, and.

Now all I have to do to receive love from god abundantly is to love god.


Any additional asking for love is a bonus.

Although some of the language used in this post is kinda sexy, up until now I have never had a sex based interaction with god. The feelings are purely loving and non sexual.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Forms taken by Angels to enhance interaction with Humans on Earth.

I will start by explaining what an angel is. An angel is a person. A person who once lived on earth who has gone through a particular kind of personal  development. This is god based development, God reliant development. They have, through their own desire received god's love into their soul, and allowed themselves to be changed by doing so. Their once human soul is transformed over time until it is completely Divine. You could say that when this transformation is complete they are born again as a divine angel. A soul not only formed in gods image as we all are but also constructed of gods substance.

Many people, in fact everyone has at least one divine angel with them some of the time. However these angels generally have great deal of difficulty getting through to people on earth in a satisfying manner. This is due to several things that are based in divine law, the law of free will, law of desire, the laws governing mediumistic interactions between humans and spirits, which involve harmony of soul condition. It definitely is not a case of if there is an angel with me, trying to help me, I will know and receive that help.

There are three forms that I know of that are taken by  angels in order to assist people on earth. Angels take these different kinds of form in order to enhance their capability of providing help.

Ent form - Method angels use to connect to trees and help people who are deeply inclined towards helping and loving nature and to directly help and love nature. This name was adopted after JRR Tolkein's writing about Ent's in 'The Lord of the Rings.'

Tengu - A tengu is a spirit form taken by a soul mate couple who are both angels, they work in harmony to help people, usually those inclined towards warriorship to resolve spirit attack issues or any soul based issue. It is a form that can be seen clairvoyantly far more readily than an angels' true form, Basicly they darken themselves. Often described or depicted as a three legged crow 'demon' but I feel demon is not the correct term to use. A tengu manifests and maintains a healthy physical body's energetic connection to the earth. This gives them greater influence and healing capability with mortals. This is the crow's third leg.
Bujinkan Ninjutsu has the Tengu as it's guiding spirit, which I think is very impressive.
I suggest the experiment of:
Desire a Tengu to be with you. 
Perhaps do this at a time when you are able to pay attention, such as during seated meditation. You could say, "what would you like to help me with" or "Can you help me with this problem?"

Merkaba - Again an angelic soul mate couple who manifest a certain spirit form of superimposed upwards and downwards pointing, triangle based pyramids. This is usually in order to interact with 'new age' spiritualist inclined people.
Why not try desiring a Merkaba to visit you?

This page has some nice content regarding Merkaba

These are the primary assisting forms. Angels have several other ways they can show themselves to mortals who are unable to perceive their true form, but I think I have said enough.

Poem from Janit, who lives physically on another world. (Mediumship)

The truth that Talks.

God gives abundantly.

God's gifts are perfect and permanent,

God feels so much Love.

-Janit. My soul is in the equivalent of earth's first celestial sphere. My world rejoices at the changes we are seeing in earth's condition. Thankyou Alex.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Tool's LaTeRaLus

The 2001 album Lateralus from Tool is the best rendition of angelic inspired music recorded on earth to date.

The Boys worked in close harmony with a specially selected team of angels throughout, including a great deal of work in the sleep state.

Track 3: The Patient seems especially suited to my own journey.

Track 5: Schism is in my view the most beautiful on the album.

The name of the album LaTeRaLus is actually a word from one of the angelic languages. Translated very simply it means "Bringer of Light."

Monday, 9 November 2015

I genuinely think this is one of the best webpages in the history of the internet.

It deserves a post that is simply:

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Sanskrit is the language we should all be learning.

If you look around online you may be able to find information on the way speaking a particular language effects your life. For example people who speak Japanese live relatively long lives.
I feel English is pretty much an ugly language, Speaking English literally harms your body and your environment in a very subtle way. It is a language of conquest, of dominance of stupidity. Another imperfect language is French, it is a language of sexual arrogance, speaking French has an effect on how people who speak french feel. Every language except Sanskrit is imperfect for use on earth.

Sanskrit is earth's Seed Language.

It is the language that was spoken by earths seed soul who we know as Amon and Aman (Eve and Adam in modern English renditions of Hebrew texts.) And for about twenty thousand years after that. It was then completely lost, The reason people in Tibet have knowledge of a tiny portion of sanskrit words is because in relatively recent times (the last four thousand years) people there who meditate have used a spiritual process to learn it.

It is not part of my duties, the things I set out to achieve with this body to teach sanskrit or teach the method of learning it. There will be other returned angels who have this as part of a plan for this life.

 I would love to be multilingual but English is the only language I am fluent in currently.

Thought experiment for easily healing emotional damage.

This is so simple and so effective.

Travel in spirit to the black hole at the center of our universe. This does not have to be full blown astral travel, just put your self next to it, then in it and ask questions such as:

How do I feel about myself?
How do I feel about God my mother / God my father?
How do I feel towards my soulmate?
Can I feel my anger?

The Vacuum will literally suck anything out instantly.
This is completely safe.

Go on, have a play.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Personal Amygdala Control

This is the most advanced way of developing your consciousness available.

It should be taught in every school environment.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Enhancing your Mind

Here is a short informal list of methods that I feel are hugely valuable.

Photo Reading.
This is a method of exposing written material to your mind at high speed. You use the same method of focus as that which is involved in 'seeing' (perceiving energy)
PhotoReading paperback on

Image Streaming
This is a method of developing and strengthening the link between your visual mind and verbal ability. It increases IQ. It is also wonderful for developing your ability to receive impressions from helpful spirits. I believe this can be developed until they can communicate complex concepts.
Full lesson on Image Streaming on inventor Win Wenger's website:

Both of these methods will become easier and more functional if you are willing to work through the limiting emotions that hider their success. This is something I am going to talk about more in the future but for now I will refer any interested parties to Jesus and Mary at their wonderful website

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

New video introducing some future teaching material.

When I filmed this I had not tried to explain complex spiritual concepts aloud to anyone for several years. I am far from happy with this video. I warm up a bit by the end.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Praying For god's Inner Fire.

The primary gifts that can come from god that you may hear spoken about, are generally Gods Divine Love and Divine Truth.

In this post however I would like to mention another valuable thing to ask for.

Inner Fire.

This is something that is often sought for by people in Tibet, generally without a truly solid conscious understanding of how to proceed.

So what is 'Inner fire'?

It is one of gods gifts that has the effect of filling the soul and 'inflating' it so to speak to keep a person open and solid and feeling themselves even when they are under pressure.

This is how I do it.

Firstly, I understand that it comes from god. This substance comes from god's soul and is drawn into my own soul through a longing, through desire.

God would like you to have it. God desires for you to be comfortable even when under great spiritual pressure, god wants to help you be yourself.

Then it is a matter of directing a desire to god, "I desire your Inner Fire"

Try to have faith that it will come when you ask.

when you have acquired some inner fire, you can cause it to burn by using your will, this has several properties including helping resolve emotional damage and more easily receiving more fire.

That is basically enough for you to play with, to attempt for yourself.

However I will make one further comment.

Whenever you go to god, honesty is vital.
So, for example: You approach god with a longing to receive Inner Fire. however your true feeling is god will never give this to me,

it makes it quite unlikely that your desire will be satisfied.

The solution is to feel exactly how you feel. Perhaps you feel you are a bad person and that god does not want to help you. (which is not true) If you let yourself feel that and connect to that, and ask god about those feelings you will get far further than trying to achieve something that you don't honestly feel.

That is all. Play!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

The damaging nature of earth's sanitation system.

The worlds general choice sanitation system, flushing toilets, is hugely wasteful and unloving not just of clean water but in another way that is currently unknown on earth. The lessons of people who undergo a soul change during a urinary or bowel cycle are lost when the bodies waste matter is flushed into a flushing toilet.
If this matter is buried, urine falls on the earth or goes into a composting toilet, the lesson of what that person went through in order to achieve soul based spiritual growth is preserved in earths history, in a way that assists other people to go through those same changes.

It will be incredibly important for a female who is going through the celestial rebirth process to record all of her events in this way. This is because it has never been 'written' so to speak by a female. where as Jesus wrote his events into earth's history when he went through the celestial rebirth or at-one-ment with god transformation during his first century life.

I suspect that the wide spread uptake of flushing toilets over composting toilets which are obviously the wiser, more loving choice based on the resources required for centralized water based sanitation compared with 'long drop' or composting toilets, are based on avoidance of discomfort. Smell and the percieved unplesant ness of clearing out the 'compost' when necessary.
And of course a composting toilet can return nutrients to the cycle of nature.

Internal silence is necessary to healing the soul.

I wrote this when I realised that by holding silence, the energy of your being returns to you. when you have an injury, emotionally, your energy is dispersed from where it should be.
Silence is one way of returning this energy to your centre after you heal things.
This allows you to move on strong, instead of as some people experience, being incapable of continuing soul based growth.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Interplanetary visatation

I feel that in the not too distant future highly developed humans will visit earth from other planets in gods universe.

They will offer us solutions to some of our problems and also desire to help us.

Monday, 25 May 2015

New material on it's way.

Hey it's Methusla here, I have some new material on it's way. I hope to have some fascinating stuff integrating divine love principals with development of human potential. I hope to have some videos up soon that teach physical movements that aid in developing the soul or one or other of it's potentials.

I have a desire to display some of the more fantastic abilities of a highly developed soul. and a desire to teach others how to develop the same capabilities.

Topics of future discussion will include:

My own identity and life story.

The soul hat: This is an energetic construct that is built by god, it has many potent functions. It can be given to any person. it assists the person who desires to live their life free of spirit influence. It protects the head from overcloaking spirits (within certain limitations imposed by soul condition), It has other functions that you can choose to engage, such as showing a person the emotion they are not being humle to, destroying harmful energy, it can hide your spiritual brightness should you desire this, it can help with telepathic communication, it causes a person to be unable to be connected to by people who desire to harm them energetically.

What I will call 'the fingers of intent: Emanations that issue from the midsection and can preform functions at your souls behest.  (These can be read about in some of Calos Casteneda's Excellent books, I think tales of power talks about Don Genaro pulling himself across a waterfall with these fibers, which he had developed through natural love techniques and with the assistance of some spirits) I will be explaining how they can be developed with far less effort through an emotional process and strengthened by receiving divine love into them.

What I will call the body of intent: This is something that can be developed through movement, (see Magical Passes: Unbending Intent) This is a Calos Casteneda thing again but the true nuts and bolts of the artform that he practiced. see also the magical passes book and the three 'Tensegrity' series' DVD, which develop different areas of human potential.

The potentiality of reciving divine love into your body and its effects, which as I currently under stand turns the body into a kind of heart and allows it to experience emotion. allows fierce humility!

Mediumisticly received communications from the highest of celestial Angels.

That's all i'll list for now I feel there will be many other topics of descussion that become available to me as I remember more of my existance.

I am looking forward to the new life my soul condition is going to allow me to live.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cleaning your connection to god.

What I want to talk about today is a method of strengthening your ability to connect to god. It is very straight forward, but the subtlety involved can make it difficult.

Long for divine love
If it comes to you, thats great keep doing that.
If however longing for god's love makes you uncomfortable, if it feels difficult;
then let yourself feel that discomfort.

To put this another way, The prayer for divine love brings to the forefront exactly what is currently preventing you from actually receiving love.

In my experience of doing this it is usually feelings of fear that come up.
Fear of not being able to 'find' god,
Fear of failing if I try,
Fear that there may be no response, or that something other than god may answer.

One more thing. I believe this should go better for you is you do not cease the longing for love as you feel through the discomfort that comes up. In this way god will be able to assist in the release. The discomfort, the fear will just flow out easily as divine love flows in.

This is my go-to practice when I feel stuck.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Having a longing for love or truth from god can be more readily answered if you preface it with a feeling of relying on god to achieve the result.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Holding God beneath your feet.

What I fail to explain is the effect of the mentioned redistribution of energy which is a lack of connectedness to the body.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Automatic Writing: A poem from Maria.

Making Love; More Prayer.

Tell god your feelings,
Be pure in your honesty.

Desire Gods love,
knowing God desires that you have it.

And surely it will come.

-Maria. 7th sphere.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Padgett Message - Soul development and earnest, sincere prayer to the Father.

This Padgett message helped me in exactly the way I needed this morning. I repeat it here in the hope of providing a means that others can benefit from it's simple message.
August 8th, 1915
Received by:James Padgett.
Washington D.C.
I am here, Saint Peter.
I want to tell you that you are very near the Father tonight and that His Love is filling your soul to a great degree. I see that you are anxious to learn of the spiritual things of the Father and of His Love towards you and all mankind.
You must pray for more faith and trust implicitly in His promises, and in the promises of the Master, for they will be fulfilled and you will not be disappointed or left to yourself. I am with you quite often now, for I want to assist in the great work that Master has chosen you to do; and you must get into a condition that will enable you to do this work in the greatest perfection. Your soul must be developed with this Divine Love of the Father, so that you will be in accord with the Master when he writes, for unless there is such accord you will not be able to get the spiritual meanings of his messages as he wants you to do.
There is nothing that will cause this development as well as earnest, sincere prayer to the Father. With such prayer will come faith, and with faith will come the Substance of what you may now only believe. So pray often, believing that the Love of the Father will come to you, and you will realize your oneness with Him.
I am so much interested in you and your soul development that I am going to help you with all my love and power.
Let not the things of the world detract your attention from these spiritual necessities, and you will find that all these material things will be supplied you.
Be firm and courageous in your beliefs and professings and God will be with you in every time of trial and distress. This I know and tell you as one having knowledge. I want you to let your faith increase until doubt shall flee away, and only trust in the Love and goodness of God remain with you. I will not write more tonight.
So with all my love and blessings I am
Your own friend and brother in Christ,
St. Peter

A google search for James Padgett will bring free access to all of his published messages, or hard copy's can be obtained here.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Praying about your soul condition.

Project your soul at god
with a longing to be remade.

Tell god your emotion
and allow freely, permeation of divine input.

This fills in any gaps,
helping one to stay afloat
and headed in the right direction. 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

"Image Streaming" as a means of enhancing mediumistic potential.

Image streaming is a technique developed by Win Wenger, he puts is out as a method of developing creative and problem solving potential by strengthening one's connection to the visual mind. or put another way, it strengthens the link between the mind and physical expression.
As I read one of the channeled messages Received by James Padgett, I realised it can probably strengthen mediumistic abilities as well, or in the very least it will be useful in overcoming the issue John mentions:
And from this you will see that it is possible for the human mind to have thought and knowledge of things which it cannot use the brain to express.
In many of your material things of life, such as great invention, the knowledge of these inventions is in the mind, it may be, for a long time before it is formulated and expressed by the brain, and sometimes it never gets through the brain at all. The mind and the brain are not one and equivalent things; the one is the operator, the other is the thing used to operate with, so that the possessions of the operator may become manifested to others.  
[Read the full Padgett message here.]
[Learn Image Streaming here.]

Monday, 3 June 2013

Becoming born-again.

A short channeled piece from Michael, received by Methuselah.

Everyone who has ever become at one with god has done so by feeling gods feelings as they pray for divine love.


First post for the new Blog, I thought this one could be called the four corners technique.

Feel a feeling of:

accepted by god
accepting of god

accepting of your soulmate and
accepted by your soulmate.