Sunday, 21 June 2015

Movements of Divine Design.

Physical movements can have the effect of permanently upgrading the capabilities of the spirit and soul. These effects are very noticeable in the capabilities of people in the afterlife who no-longer have a physical body.

Internal silence is a mandatory factor to acquire  the benefits.

I am an encyclopedia of such movements, and other practices that have similar effects such as Iron Shirt Chi Gong.

I have a strong desire to teach people such things and will soon begin upgrading this webpage to incorporate much more material.

Honey is going to kill the planet

The reason for the disappearing bees problem is the unloving way that bees are treated in order to harvest their honey...

Bees are necessary for the continued functioning of earth's food structure.

The damaging nature of earth's sanitation system.

The worlds general choice sanitation system, flushing toilets, is hugely wasteful and unloving not just of clean water but in another way that is currently unknown on earth. The lessons of people who undergo a soul change during a urinary or bowel cycle are lost when the bodies waste matter is flushed into a flushing toilet.
If this matter is buried, urine falls on the earth or goes into a composting toilet, the lesson of what that person went through in order to achieve soul based spiritual growth is preserved in earths history, in a way that assists other people to go through those same changes.

It will be incredibly important for a female who is going through the celestial rebirth process to record all of her events in this way. This is because it has never been 'written' so to speak by a female. where as Jesus wrote his events into earth's history when he went through the celestial rebirth or at-one-ment with god transformation during his first century life.

I suspect that the wide spread uptake of flushing toilets over composting toilets which are obviously the wiser, more loving choice based on the resources required for centralized water based sanitation compared with 'long drop' or composting toilets, are based on avoidance of discomfort. Smell and the percieved unplesant ness of clearing out the 'compost' when necessary.
And of course a composting toilet can return nutrients to the cycle of nature.

The correct technique is this: Urination - spit on the ground, pee on the spit.
                                                Bowel movement - Spit in a hole, do your business and then bury it.

Internal silence is necessary to healing the soul.

More detail soon.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Prayer practice: Longing for love and truth to develop the soul.

Something I have been playing with over the last several days is to utilize an understanding of reflexology within my prayer practice.
Reflexology suggests that various regions of the body have a relationship to other areas of the body or to spiritual qualities. For example the left ring finger on a man relates to his romantic relationships.

What I basically do with this is pray for gods love to enter whatever finger, toe or other appendage I happen to select, and then long for god's love and truth to enter and develop every part of my soul that is related to that appendage. When doing this for my romantic relationship finger and toe it felt like maybe a dozen pockets within my soul expanded, so it's quite complex. I feel the longing should incorporate a desire to come to understand your expanded capabilities.

My belief is that doing this with the genitals is of great importance, the teeth and jaws are good also.

I highly recommend "The body is the barometer of the soul" by Annette Noontil. It relates regions of the body with spiritual concepts and to the emotions that govern that body part.
Available in print form here:

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Integration of Calos Casteneda and Divine love and truth.

Growing up I loved the books of Calos Casteneda. They present knowledge Calos learned from a wise old Native American named Don Juan. The understanding that they present, when compared to other 'shamanic' sources is profound.

One of the things they talk about is Don Juan's ability to place Calos into a state of heightened awareness or other unusual states of perception by manipulating his 'Assemblage point'. A point of brightness within what they called the energy body.

This, the manipulation of the assemblage point I am now aware is the key to the development that the 'sorcerers' of this lineage achieved. It is a means of accessing and releasing from the soul, unhealed emotion. It is through the freedom from humanities limiting emotions that these men and women became able to preform the miraculous feats mentioned in some of the books.

Over the last few days I have become able to move my own assemblage point, (with the assistance of one of my guides and Don Juan who is now a divine angel residing in the 17 sphere of the spirit world.) I have observed first hand the fluency and ease that that moving the assemblage point can provide to healing the soul.

I will explain further.
There is the location of the assemblage point that all of humanity naturally resides in. You are no doubt familiar with the awareness that comes along with this location.

The assemblage point can be moved to dozens of different locations which lend themselves to certain activities, or tossed with a pure desire to achieve the healing of a certain issue.

There is a place of 'heightened awareness' that feels good, it makes one more capable of learning and feeling through emotions that come up for you. Most of your fears 'go out the window' as Juan put it to me. This one is enjoyable to be in however other people seemingly observe you as being worthy of fear.

there are locations that lend themselves to: Prayer, lovemaking, stalking (acting in a certain manner to achieve an end) or even locations for degraded awareness that can allow very effective tantrum throwing.

As a side note, it is possible to receive divine love into your assemblage point and it will grow.

One line prompting for for experimentation from Angela (mediumship)

"The most tender angels learn early on the importance of connecting their soul to god's heart."