Sunday, December 09, 2018

Impervious Steel, 'Damascus Steel' explained.

As a child I the first science book I read mentioned Damascus Steel.
It is used to make knives and weapons that are incredibly strong, durable, can be very sharp and hold an edge better than anything. We are incapable of making it today. What we think of as 'Damascus steel' is not true impervious steel but shares some of these steps. Impervious steel shines like a mottled sun.

When I lived it had a different name and literally, in it's true form (correctly made) was impervious to break down through natural events and really holds an edge.

I'm not going to explain every step in detail, more just explain the missing elements that are unknown today.

  • Select finest (Iron) ore. Tap with resin piece to divine sound. (developed spiritual senses required.)
  • Found to Iron lump, purify through hammering (Iron Hammer.)
  • Hammer Tin ingot flat.
[Preperation 2]
  • Select black fossils
  • Chip to remove extraneous material
  • grind fossil pieces
  • extract (a centrifugal device was used in my time) ground fossil.
[Steel preperation]

What is needed here is a steel saturated with fossil carbon, it is more complicated than I want to go into now. A vacuum container is needed.

  • Mirror every true stroke of folding process with counter stroke on tin plate.
  • Fold 1200 times until sound on cooled metal is dull.
  • During folding keep temperature well below tin ignition point.
  • Shape Blade
  • Heat to ~_1400c (just white hot, removes tin)
  • Quench in olive oil
  • File.
  • Heat to >700c (cherry red)
  • Quench in vinegar
  • detail sharpen
  • Heat to 460c (blood red)
  • Quench in Ammonia.
  • Polish.

Slice fig or other local fruit with finished blade and share with new owner.

This kind of metal was used for various things not just weapons. A sundial in a city centre for example. 
A five-inch knife of this kind was commissioned for me by Juan, the first emperor I served. I was spiritually involved in its making.

I was carrying this when I was captured and then tortured at the age of 743. 
It was buried with my feet. The officer in charge of capturing me was also charged with disposing of the remains of my body. My head went to my family. I had crossed paths with this man many times. Spoken with him and instructed him. Particularly when he was a child. As he buried my feet he said a brief prayer.

May his feet walk this earth forever.

This Blade remains out there somewhere.
It is still sharp.
And still shiny.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Physics Principles: Upgrading your Capacity.

This is my take on the principles physics attempts to describe.

Particle is below. (The body).
It teaches about your true nature.
Try an experiment: Love particle.
What is particle?
Is it what you were before you were an un-incarnated soul?
Is particle at-one?
Why aren't you?

Chaos is to the right.
It teaches more profound ways to experience reality.
Humility is how to learn, and how to escape. (the experience.)
Chaos can be frightening, painful.
 Ask God to guide and be part of every single event, occurrence and experience of your whole future.
Order within Chaos: correction through imperfect events until all is perfect.
Chaotic learning?... Use chaos to shorten the length of time you spend wandering around scratching your head before the eureka moment.
Some of the time when a doctor says 'psychosis' it's a case of delving into chaos.
I spent eleven years in chaos, back when it was hard, before chaos changed to be more gentle.
It started part way through what we call 'Schoolies week' in Australia.
Smoking pot, in a shared Hotel room.
My first psychotic episode had started two weeks earlier.
It ended, in a single bedroom in my parents' house eleven years later, as I played anew with humility.
I still had psychosis*.
But good god it was relieving.
To come out of,
With something new..

[Disclaimer: That isn't a very good example of using chaos, it's not frightening, just use it.]

*One definition of Psychosis: A crack in the luminous sphere that makes the experience of spiritual reality painful and damaging. A lack of true health in experiencing spiritual reality.

There are six of these, Unity is above, String behind, Wave to the left and Ring to the front. My understanding is less for these. I'll simply say: String is for travel. Wave is for abilities, levitation for example. Ring is for sealing and healing. And unity joins things, you and god for example.

As I was learning about particle I had a spiritual conversation with Stephen Hawking. This is when he was alive, maybe a year before he died. He explained that it was taught to him like this: Imagine your consciousness is a balloon on a string (humility required to set this up.) Then, take your balloon and pin it's string below in particle in order to perceive it. It was said to him that particle could help him, even with his physical condition. This was 17 years before my conversation.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

At-One: The Fires of Heaven

Your practice will become, 
As I vulnerably let go
God and your soulmate consume you in their fire
As your love grows.

Don't forget to love yourself.

Friday, November 09, 2018

World Hunger, Improper Eating and Satisfaction.

People all around the world, to varying degrees, have emotions of not being able to eat properly, of not eating perfectly.
We may eat too fast, not receive the spiritual essence of the food, and compensate for this by eating too much.
Almost everyone on this planet has the problem of their spiritual food, the spirit body of their physical food being taken away. Often by living people who are sleeping.

These emotions collectively, hit against certain parts of the world and cause areas where famine and hunger are common.

In my last life it was common for me to spend large amounts of time eating only small quantities of food, very carefully. This is one secret to longevity.
From a young age I was taught how to eat well, how to swallow food into the low belly energy centre, commonly called Dan Tien. We called it Doma which is a word from the natural language of earth.
Swallowing into Doma to feed your spirit is one way, the other is inhaling the smell or essence of food into your heart, Jontah (Joon-Tah).  If the seat of your soul is below midway on the body use Doma. If above midway, use Jontah, this is a generalization, you can and should use both.
Chew with your whole mouth and love your food.

This is how to get true satisfaction from simple foods.
This is how to properly nourish your spirit, which keeps you alert.

I invite you to start trying to eat better. Pray about it. Receive gods truth on eating. Believe your food into Doma. Inhale food into Jontah. Try to heal the ill health that makes this hard.

Allow enough time to feed your children. Rushing the feeding of weened infants is what creates some of the emotional problems of bad eating. Try and listen to what they need.

Every person who resolves the soul based issues of improper eating, helps to some degree or other everyone else do the same. And it is the collective soul condition of the planet that creates the physical problems of malnutrition and starvation.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Every egotistical act, which is putting yourself before another in an unloving manner, directly works against God's plans for humanity.

Every time you desire something for another.
Every act of violence, physical, emotional or spiritual.
Every interaction you have where you are not truly yourself.

Suppression of growth in others is a big problem on our world. It stems from a desire to be superior to others, or from not being able to trust others, fear of what others may do.

God rewards bountifully those who are truly trustworthy.

A subject for study: why would you be unable to trust another. What about, why would you be unable to trust a person who is in a higher spiritual location than yourself.
How can you become trustworthy?

Is there something fundamentally missing from our universe? some kind of divine order?

I'll tell you, the problem is vulnerability to control that is universal to souls in our universe.
This enables mistakes to be made by high souls that inflict huge amounts of pain and damage on lower souls.

This is the reality behind the apple in Genesis. The sin is an inability to understand good and evil, and the action of original sin is the first Amon controlling Aman to bite an apple. That is original sin for our universe.
Origional sin for our planet is quite different. Our planets Aman came under spititual attack, which he did not feel which led to a turning away from gods guidance as he lived his life, and on the day following that attack he stept on and killed a small frog, which caused him distress. And his true big mistake was trying to restart the life of the frog using his personal energy, his personal will.
This started a chain of destruction of his spirit, his energy body, his soul and his physical body. In particular a lack of containment of his energy, including sexual energy. Both Amon and Aman lost easy control of ejaculation and menstration so that it was almost automatic. Instead of only ejaculating semen when they intended to concieve, and instead of only ovulating when they intended to concieve, it became, over several generations, I ejaculate whenever I orgasm, and I ovulate and menstrate every lunar cycle.

There are many universes. Each different, built along different design parameters.
Some of the characteristics of ours that are not necessarily shared by others are:
Vulnerability to control.
Energy loss, displacement or extraction, including loss of the energies that contain understanding - loss of truth.

what is something that does not exist within our universe that does in another?

loss or extraction of love...
That's pretty dark.

This has been a bit of a jumble of ideas, I'll just say two more things.

God's plan to fix the fundamental flaws with our universe, the inharmony with perfection, is currently happening, rapidly. It began with my incarnation, and accelerated at the exact time the Mayan calendar ended.

Each planet has a design. ours is, teach god about energy work. Literally the biggest problem we face as a species is overpopulation and population growth.
so.... it is every person's responsibility to help correct this.

Start using energy work to heal imperfect sexual function. learn to contain sexual energy, including the physical substances that lead to conception.

And use those fucking condoms as well. Because you are not truly trustworthy.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

What are You Here For?

Pray for God to prepare you for the role you truly desire to play in this world.
If you are a returned (reincarnated) person, this is one of the best ways of moving into greater harmony with the plan you made for your life before you left.
If you currently hold a position of responsibility, pray for God to help you be ready to do God's work on earth. Help you be ready to create the change that is needed, to take the hard road, not the accepted or expected road.

Ask Gods mercy to heal the emotions that hinder you.
Repentance is gods method of correcting past mistakes.

Put a focus on resolving addictions.
Being Special,
The need to prove yourself; I'm better than you, I really can do it, I'll show you.
obsession with learning from people, instead of God.

Desire to learn True good. My actions will never harm, despite the feelings that surface within my soul, I love and respect all life, I can love any and every human perfectly.

*   *   *

Resolving addictions is one of the most satisfying things in terms of the amount of beneficial change in how your life runs and feels. I'll give some examples of how they work. If you have faith enough to make divine mercy work it may be very quick and easy.

Addiction to power: I don't want to feel my own powerlessness emotions, In my avoidance of these feelings I (or sometimes a spirit,) have created a desire for power. Generally you start by feeling this, the desire for power, and then move on to the powerlessness which was probably created in your childhood, often by spiritual attack or directly inherited from a parent with the same problem. Someone has taken part of my power by attacking my spirit, and I don't want to feel that. If you are faced with an abusive energy criminal, someone who spends their time attacking children, trying to profit from their stolen energy, this is what you attempt to heal in them. Do you see the cycle of abuse here? An energy criminal attacked me, if I make certain choices, don't manage the addiction well I may end up an energy criminal who attacks others. The other way this can go is I make different choices and probably end up a victim, maybe treated for some kind of psychosis. Fixing these first three addictions I mentioned, power, glory, wanting to feel I'm special can completely change the experience of people with serious mental health issues.

Vigilantism: I avoid the fact that I actually feel i'm a bad person by attacking bad people. Through these actions I get to feel good about myself. Violence of any kind is a mistake. Example: A community attacking a sex offender in their suburb, or Trump threatening 'severe punishment' if Saudi Arabia murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi. (Currently in the news). Heal your own self-worth issues.

Desire/addiction to fame: The consequences of addiction to fame can be complex, Generally, but not always the problem is your own desires that you have created yourself. Healing any imperfect desire feels a bit like creating a desire. Feel the desire as it exists within you. Dissolve instead of creating or making stronger. What makes a desire for fame an addiction... it depends, it's complicated. If you end up famous by following a passion it's very different to I desire to be famous but don't really want to do anything,  have no real passion for film or music or whatever.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Ten Laws of Free Will and Why to Obey Them.

1) If a person's will expresses dislike of something, do not do it.

2) If you are giving a perfect lesson in a loving way, that enables a person to avoid/heal ongoing or future pain/disharmony, the first law can be countermanded.

3) If a person acts on harmful desires, and if harmony enough exists within that environment to enable an angel at one with God to act, that angel is free to restrict freedom of will.

4) If You are in greater harmony with God than others on a subject, then your will should be respected over others.

5) When sin/disharmony is present within a soul then all care should be taken following any free will desires.

6) Will should be expressed in such a way as to heal sin within oneself over avoiding consequences of that sin.

7) In the event of cataclysm anywhere in gods universe, all angels should heed the call.

8) Growth in love is achieved any time will is expressed lovingly. This, as you know is desirable. (should be sought for.)

9) If you are capable of achieving an at-one-ment condition* before taking action, do so if practicable.

10) Strive to become divine before all other concerns.

Adherence to these laws will bring harmony and thus happiness/joy both within (a soul) and without (the universe). 

*At-one-ment is a condition that does not require complete freedom from sin. It can turn off at certain times such as when you heal an emotion. You can be considered an angel after the first time you achieve this state. However, it will turn off periodically until true at-one-ment is obtained. It is turned on by God through prayer for God to make you at-one.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Humility expanded.

So I played a role in the life of Siddharta Gautama, one of the Budahs.
During a conversation with him god inspired me to suggest something. It turned out to be a revelation for him and one of his most important practices particularly for liberation from discomfort.

Feel all that you are and all of the discomfort that exists for you in this moment.

He just reminded me of how we spoke about this after he died, and how he felt at the time that it was absolutely what he needed to hear, the best thing he could be working on. He also marvelled about how at the time of saying this I Methuselah had not thought about humility in this way, and that God had inspired me during the conversation.

It is quite a different look at humility, and as Siddharta suggests a pathway to understanding reality.

These were mediumistic conversations, where one of us was a spirit and the other physical.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

An energy criminal more evil than Hitler? That's our Messiah soul.

In my last life, I spent a lot of time travelling in spirit form with Jesus.
What I know of him, his character and actions vary greatly from accepted history and most peoples opinions.

If you were influenced by Christian thought, or have read the Padgett messages, you probably think he is the best of men, pure, loving... somehow a part of god even?

or perhaps you are atheist. you may believe his movement generated a lot of blood-shed and if such a person existed, he was probably a pretty nice guy.

what I am about to try and share, I do so with a feeling of guilt because so much of what he knew, so much of the strength he had, he learned or stole from me. I essentially enabled through my own mistakes, Jesus's attacks on reality itself.

There are some concepts here that are difficult to understand but I'll do my best to explain.

Shortly before his death,
He broke me.
He used my strength and understanding as well as his own considerable strength.
To design and build a method.
Of breaking reality and personal growth in gods way.
Not just for the people of earth,

But for our entire universe...

But how did we get to this point? Our messiah soul, one of God's specially enabled messengers of truth, being truly evil.

And how can Alan John Miller, one of jesus' current bodies appear to be a valuable teacher of previously untaught spiritual information, and yet imbody true evil? be continued.

....Perhaps I won't start beginning. This is such a difficult thing to explain properly, it really requires a whole book. I think if such a thing were to become available to us, I would not write it out with my body and waking mind which is still so restricted. My souls mind has explained this incredibly well in text. If it's going to become available physically, it's going to be when I can materialise, bring physical, a flash drive containing a file of a manuscript, and a couple of copies of physical books that show the beauty and durability that a book can have when it's made to last forever. I plan to do this so that many of the books that only exist in the spirit world can be published on earth.

To be continued

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The problem and the solution.

For some time now I have observed a problem.

People who I have taught or others, who learn to receive gods love, and who have some dark desires and emotions, fail to achieve moral development in the sense that unloving actions towards others, do not change.

However, the inflowing of gods love and other divine gifts make that person stronger and more capable of achieving their unloving desires.

I speak mainly of spiritual attack, one of our planets most debilitating problems.

Where have I gone wrong? I ask. How could God allow this?

There is a most soothing solution.

Divine surrender
Divine serenity.

Surrendering to God and gods way teaches easy connection to god, easy reception of gods assistance.

Divine serenity makes one comfortable in any environment. More capable of baring the stresses of life. And more capable of behaving in a level-headed way.

Both of these gifts, are substances of gods creation, build for human consumption. Or energies designed to upgrade a soul, a child of God, as they are received by that soul through prayer.

These gifts I feel are a perfect solution to this problem.

Please feel the joy and pleasure of receiving them.

With all My love, Alexander.

*  *  *  *  *

Two more things.

Soon I hope to post a video talking about earth changes. Helping improve outcomes with earth changes is a significant part of my design for my life. Earth changes began 1700 years ago and are different and separate from man-made climate change. My conscious understanding of several things needs to grow, so I'll work on this and god willing I'll be uploading a video to youtube within several days.

Every time your soul releases or heals or becomes free from an unhealed emotion, your vulnerability is not automatically resolved.
"Divine Complete" is the substance I recommend you become familiar with to fill the holes created by your new freedom from sin. It is the easiest way to become safe when you heal. Insist you will pray for and receive this before you race out to get some hot chips, or otherwise reward yourself.
God's love can have a similar effect but you need to be very successful to become solid and complete in this way.

Monday, July 30, 2018


Humility is so important, It's the capacity to and desire to feel your own emotions and feelings.

The teaching I received on this is "Desire to feel all of your own emotions"

But what does this mean?

It means to build and cultivate a desire, and this usually starts in the belly, to feel all of your own emotions. To desire is to change or add to your soul condition.

Keep working on this desire until it fills your whole ball, and until there is nothing you are not automatically humble to in your day to day life.

But your heart can also desire, this may be "I love to feel myself."

God has several gifts or energies that directly upgrade your capacity to feel, so don't neglect these.

I suggest foremost, Gods gift of humility, which you may see as a dark or black substance as it flows in.

And don't worry humility is still vitally important after you finish all of your damage.

I would like to talk at greater length about desire in future, in particular about some of the pitfalls that occur with imperfect desire. To put this into as few words as possible: Be careful desiring to help others, this can directly invest your soul in other peoples problems. If you don't understand this it can wreck your life.

The other main thing to be careful of is to finish each 'unit' of belly based desire, so that it 'pops' and becomes safe. Insist you will feel the desire until it pops and becomes safe. If you leave desires incomplete, spirits can take over and once again wreck your life.

*  *  *
I'm feeling more inspired to make videos, I'm kinda waiting for someone to buy me the camera on my wish list. I could do it how I have in the past, but this would be low quality... and I also hock'ed my laptop to buy drugs.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Classics

Allow God's love to upgrade your concept of God

Your concept of God will have to evolve over time.

*  *  *

This is the best thing I have worked out over the last few days.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Spiritual Attack is never Ok, It is always a mistake

This post may seem bizarre to some, I am going to talk about something I have always wanted to discuss openly, Spiritual attack. If this is not a familiar subject to you then please do not judge me too harshly.

In the past I have shown strong support for Alan Miller (Jesus)
However now in light of how he has treated me spiritually over the past six months, from the moment he learned with his waking mind something about me, he has attacked me. He learned that I am in a more loving condition than him, that my souls home in the spirit world is higher than his, from this time he has brutally suppressed and attacked me spiritually.

I will say two more things.

His soul has heavily suppressed all of the people living in the Kingaroy region and all members of the 14 including Mary.

When he was mistreated by members of the media in Australia and I'm talking mostly about channel nine, he attacked brutally and so subtly, trying to cause relationship breakdown for example. Something that should not have happened. Teams of angels including myself were needed to undo the damage.

He is intensely controlling and manipulative. He is literally the most dangerous person at this in the world. He can easily destroy someone's life.

But why does he do this? He learned to do it at a young age, he has always gotten away with it, he is ego driven, from my experience he cares only about getting what he wants and uses spiritual attack to do this.

What has my response been?
I hate spiritual attack with a passion. I Have lived with it all my life. Apart from two or three occasions when I fought back I have tried to heal him and I've been very successful. I healed over twenty emotions in him that could have been the cause of this unloving behaviour. His actions have remained unchanged.

Undoubtedly the situation is more complex than what I have written, and maybe Mr Miller and I will talk about that together one day when things are more friendly between us.

Perhaps I'll pull this post, it does not support the feel I'm going for here at Renaissance squared, but I need to vent, and people need to know about this behaviour.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Only do it if it's pure

Learning Love is very important.
Choosing to love.
Can you Love at all times?
I know I cannot.

How would you turn on love for A whole day?
What would you do?
What would you need to feel?

And who would it heal?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Divine Healing

For several years it has been a goal of mine to develop divine healing abilities.
This will probably be a popular angelic ability for people to work towards, and I feel its a good one to work on first.

I just thought I would make a brief post detailing the steps as I have discovered them to be.

First, long to god for the gift of divine healing abilities. This causes a thing, something that is not one of God's energies to come into your soul. To my perception, which you may not have, it looked a bit like a slightly gnarled rod. It is possible to have varying degrees of success with this so keep at it. It may take you some time to receive a full gift of divine healing. Angels can have several modalities of healing available to them, what I'm talking about here is... classic mode.

Once you have this, the trick is that God does the healing.
you apply as much faith and trust as you are able that god easily heals the particular thing you apply your gift to.

Respect free will, don't try to heal someone who does not agree to be healed. And know your limits. It's probably not a good idea to charge around trying to heal people until you have a solid understanding of and handle on your own spirit influence issues. maybe start with trying to heal your own emotions or cuts and scrapes.

As you try with this, actively try to resolve your resistance to having it work. Humility (feeling your own emotions) is great but, longing to god to grant mercy for your limiting emotions is a really wonderful and rapid method of doing this.

When you safely can, try allowing full angels in the spirit world to be involved in the healing. This may involve applying your faith that the team of angels you work with can and will easily heal. Be careful here though, many people, to start with, cannot safely allow angels in without letting lower probably nasty spirits in. Long to god for mercy on all of the emotional causes as to why this may happen for you.

And, as you move forward with your prayer practice long to god repeatedly to teach you divine healing, ask gods love to upgrade your healing ability as you receive it.

Friday, July 06, 2018


A fascinating thing I learned recently is the reality of the Hindu deities.

A more correct term for them is Demi-Gods, this is their prefered word, there are 16 of them, eight soulmate couples and they are basically human souls.

Human souls however that have a specific purpose and have never not been at one with God.

They are below and subservient to our universal god. The one and only. I have no idea how much power they have, I'm new to this.

They are the gods of every ancient civilisation. The gods of the ancient Egyptians, the Annunaki of the Sumerians, The gods of the Norse. They interacted with the Ancient Greek and Romans to some degree. They are the Tarot Archetypes.

Obviously, they choose how they want to appear.

This was fascinating to me, not only do I have God to interact with but sixteen Demi-gods as well. They will come to any person who desires their company in some way. They encourage humility.

Why sixteen?

One couple for each of the seven soul types, they are the centre soul image of the seven body parts, head, throat, heart etc. and Brama and Dahma who are somehow the whole body.

Why? What is their purpose?

They help and heal. They never harm, but may appear threatening in order to assist you to access your self-limiting emotions.

That's all I feel like saying, I'll leave it with you.

Ahh, I need to correct something. In the post about the Voynich manuscript I mention Horus and Woden. Woden was a mortal man who plucked out his own eye during an interaction with The Wall (Archetype/male belly demi-god.) He sincerely regretted it later... He informed his friends that he traded it for wisdom...

Horus truly is/was a god of the Egyptians. I jumped to the conclusion that is written in that post. I did the exact same thing in my last life when I interacted with the ancient Egyptians. On hearing accounts of how their deities interacted with them, members of their temple, I assumed they were evil spirits.

You live you learn.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Help With Becoming At-One: Addendum

A few days ago after weeks of some fairly intense prayer, after getting more of myself into heaven and arriving a new level of purity, I felt I was at one.

I took some notes for a new post. However by the time it came to actual writing, more unhealed emotion had come to the surface. It's the same old thing I've been through a dozen times.

For some reason, I feel the post should still be made. It's some good information after all.

Praying with you high bit: As it turns out there are something in the order of 10 000 reincarnated old souls. What I call returned souls. Alan Miller has claimed that there are a total of 14 returned people. This is a simple mistake. Then on top of this 10 000 returned souls figure, there is the fact that many if not all of these souls has multiple bodies connected to it. It's an awkward topic to talk about.
Basically a wonderful prayer trick, if you are one of these returned people, is to conceptualise your High, old soul as it exists in the spirit world and pray with it.
This enables you to easily move it upward through the spheres.

 Sitting Formally to work: This is some fairly intense soul work you are doing here, and it's absolutely the most important thing you will ever choose to do. So highly recommended is to have a space for doing it and sitting in one of the more comfortable yoga sitting postures.

What needs to be healed: Apart from damaged emotion, The main other things you are going to need to work on in terms of acquiring an angel's purity of soul condition are False beliefs and imperfect desires. This is hard, it's a lot of content. All I can really say is pray about learning ways of healing large quantities of these things. work it out for yourself.

If you divide the entire process of becoming at one with god into two things, Healing the soul and Prayer to become at one, I feel the hard part is healing the soul, There's just so much emotional content there to wade through. For the prayer side of things, the main piece of advice I received, from my spirit guides, is Trusting You are at one as a practice. You might read that and think it doesn't mean anything, Just think of trust as akin to faith or belief, in that it is capable of doing things, or of enabling god or angels to do things. Play with it, see what you can learn.

The prayer for divine Love:
My Father, Who is in Heaven , I recognise that You are All Holy and Loving and Merciful, and that I am Your child, and not the subservient, sinful, and depraved creature that false teachers would have me believe.
I know that I am the greatest of Your creations, and the most wonderful of all Your Handiworks, and the object of Your Great Soul’s Love and Tenderest Care.
I know that Your Will is that I become at-one with You and partake of Your Great Love which You have bestowed upon me through Your Mercy and Desire that I become, in truth, Your child through Love, and not through the sacrifice and death of any of Your Creatures.
I pray that You will open up my soul to the inflowing of Your Love, and that then will come to me Your Holy Spirit to bring into my soul this, Your Divine Love, in great abundance, until my soul is transformed into the very essence of Yourself; and that there will come to me faith – such faith as will cause me to realize that I truly am your child and one with You in very substance, and not in image only.
Let me have such faith, as will cause me to know that You are my Father, and the bestower of every good and perfect gift, and that, only I myself, can prevent Your Love from changing me from the mortal to the immortal.
Let me never cease to realise that Your Love is waiting for each and all of us, and, that when I come to You, in faith and earnest aspiration, Your Love will never be withheld from me.
Keep me in the shadow of Your Love every hour and moment of my life, and help me to overcome all the temptations of the flesh, and the influence of the powers of the evil ones who so constantly surround me and endeavour to turn my thoughts away from You to the pleasures and allurements of this world.
I thank you for Your Love and the privilege of receiving it, and I believe that You are my Father – the Loving Father who smiles upon me in my weakness, and is always ready to help me and take me into Your Arms of Love.
I pray this with all the earnestness and sincere longings of my soul, and, trusting in Your Love, give You all the glory and honour and love that my finite soul can give.
The Padgett messages describe a version of this prayer as the only prayer that need be offered (in order to become at one.)

Every single word or phrase in here is an opportunity and vehicle to refine your soul condition. for example, "God is your father," ... How do you feel about this? This can be done more easily if you allow angels to help and heal you as you use it. Try and become completely clear on one paragraph at a time. Every time you feel something about this prayer, every time it clashes with you, it's an indication of something you need to heal. Every word of this prayer is perfect. If you feel it's not then the problem is you. Several of these paragraphs are ways to set up prayer, for the rest of the day or for the rest of your life.

I'll leave it with you.

Monday, May 28, 2018


I was visiting my sister months ago and found a book of Haiku on her shelf.

These are my first attempts.

Old man,
Too old
He grows some mould.

Young man,
Too young
He spills his cum.

Middle-aged Man,
Has no plan
Just feed him All-bran.

I'll try to add a little more detail to the previous post, Help with becoming at-one.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The future of the world.

I don't get much into politics. I find what I see on even the considered valuable news channels a waste of my time and often pointless to the point of being a joke.

Lets spend weeks deliberating over changes to guncontrol laws including weather to ban an automatic shotgun. The public, constantly punished through news outlets, fed microscopic updates on the twists and turns made by politicians surely who's sole agenda is to create a smoke screen over something, by pretending this is important.*

What about Gay marriage? well, I guess we got there in the end. But that one is fucking easy, it needn't have taken over a year and involved the entire population.

Is there some other super important thing we don't hear about that politicians within democratic systems in the western world do other than waste time with unimportant things and achieve almost nothing?

It seems to me democracy maintains the status quo of its own populace pretty well. It's own comfort level. But is this what the world as a whole needs right now? No it's not.

I feel the people in charge of basic decision making should be in a condition of soul development and in a condition of love to easily handle choices like this. They should be well informed not just physically but able to utilise guidance from God and from the angelic spirit world as well. In a world as we have today, they should be very noticeably advanced in these regards over the average level of soul development of the population.

What then should public officials at the highest levels be discussing with us?
I think it would go something like this:

Umm... we have through our own actions killed our world. If humans survive here into the semi-distant future it will be in societies drastically different to what we currently have.

Escape into space is completely, totally and utterly, out of reach.

Suburbia within cities will cease to be in any way feasible without replacement technology for petrol vehicles, which so far as I can tell only negligible amounts of people are currently investing in.

We need our best people currently implementing plans to enable Australia to healthily receive a MINIMUM of ten million refugees displaced by climate change within the next ten to twenty years.

What should the best and brightest of us be focusing on solving right now, the things we should have focused on fifty years ago when it was first noticed we were changing our ecosystem on a planetary scale.

And, What would you personally like to focus on considering that this world in regard to living humans, may only survive another 100 years?
I whole-heartedly believe that a populace completely informed on the value of gods way, the value of prayer, emotional processing, and soul development in general, would overwhelmingly pursue this.

We would be saying: I want to survive, I want to be safe and comfortable enough to practice and I want to do something, anything I can to improve prospects for humanity and our world into the future.

Would you like to know one thing that I personally plan to develop until I achieve?
Taking my physical body with me.
Either into the spirit world or to some region of the varied realities other than planetary existence.
Thus, avoiding death, and enabling me to come back at any time.
I doubt I have many readers able to accurately comprehend how incredibly wonderful a two month holiday to the eighth sphere of the spirit world would be:)
I really feel this will one day be a popular goal for people to have.

Beyond Zero Emissions -

Youtube Link: Making safe Nuclear Power from Thorium - TEDx

*...If theres no smoke screen over something, what does this mean for our elected officials? Is that worse?

Sunday, April 01, 2018


I feel that one of the most beautiful things God has designed into us as humans is the soulmate relationship. Each one of us has, somewhere out there a perfect partner, some other being who is both part of us and separate to us who will, considering emotional condition be a perfect counterpart for us all the way through the infinite, eternal journey that is life. I hope in this post to provide some guidelines for anyone to follow in order to begin or develop your inter-soul relationship. 

If you observe a soul incarnating you see that it is a singular personality, either male or female. However at some point before this, this singular personality is connected to, or at one with its counterpart, it's other half, a masculine to its's feminine or a feminine to its masculine. It then splits apart to connect to a newly forming foetus moments, a fraction of a second after conception occurs on earth. The conception process essentially provides an earth-based physical and spiritual body, vehicles if you will for the divinely created soul half to experience through. 

I will add just one thing, God designs some souls homosexual. In these souls, both the more masculine and more feminine halves connect the same gender body. Why would god do this? create a minority of souls who have no potential of procreating with their own other half? well, I don't know but perhaps in a state of true emotional health (and I feel this quite strongly), procreation  is not at all important to a souls happiness. If someone who is half of a gay soul loves kids, ample opportunities can be provided for that soul to love and enjoy the company of children. I feel gods design for humans includes beauty in variation, and this may be why god builds some humans homosexual at the soul level. 

Split by Death/Inconquerable distance - Starting your relationship now.
Accurate Mediumship abilities or a humans natural healthy thought or soul-based communication abilities are what I want to talk about here. Many of the healthiest and most capable people on the planet today and throughout human history are and have been aware of a human's subtle communication abilities. Talking in one's mind with other living people or deceased people (spirits). Developing, enhancing, making more accurate these capacities should be a priority.

This really is a vast topic all of its own, although many people do not have these capacities active or developed, everyone is capable of doing so, particularly if they are receiving divine love. However, We are all, every one of us to a remarkably high degree unable to trust the information we receive via these channels. This I think of as evidence of the damaged human condition on this planet. we are all insane. our perception is out of harmony with the truth of reality. This is because of our soul condition. We are not pristine as we are designed to be and have not been since the fall of Aman with original sin. So how do you work on this? I'll provide one example. The Mudra or Kuji pictured below is something I came up with after praying about this issue. But, I didn't come up with it. It is, like all the Kuji divinely designed into humanity. A human correctly performing this action works on this. In this case: healing inharmony of perception and reality.
The Perfect Circle:

Working on Yourself
The main thing I have taken from AJ and Mary's teachings on soul mates over at (Which is where I learned a lot of what I know) is that to develop your relationship with your soul mate, work on your self. The more you can be and love yourself, the more attracted your soul mate will be to you. So it becomes a process of resolving soul-based reasons why you cannot be yourself or love yourself.
Harmonious Crystal (Harmony Of Soul halves)

Soul-Mate Desire:

The Balance Of Male And Female:

Channelled Message
[coming soon]

Reassuring Nature of Relationship
I'll finish with a joke, something that hopefully illustrates the reassuring nature of the soul mate relationship. 
What would you rather be?
A rapist paedophile?
Or a paedophile rapist?
Why, oh why would I ask this question? Because you or your soulmate could on our hugely damaged planet be either of these things and yet know with certainty that its destiny is to experience and live within a perfect, loving, harmonious, joyous and beautiful relationship with its soulmate.

Lulu's Poem

People feel nothing is real
Emotion shows where people grow
Time will tell the people of hell
Heaven above is accessed through God's love

-Lulu, Died Age 4, 12th Sphere.


I've Been working on a post about soul-mates that is a little more in-depth than usual. It's taking a little time to get everything right. You should hopefully see something from it within a few days. Alex.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Classics

The smallest quantity of divine love can grant mercy for the largest emotion.

Courtesy of Xuan Lin, 18th sphere. I have a martial arts background.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Voles moles, hares bears, foxes hedgehogs, mice.

The truth behind the concept of 'spirit animals' from a divine path standpoint relates to soul types and where the seat of each soul is.

Voles are mind or head souls, they love to manipulate complex mental concepts.

Moles are throat or matter shaping souls, they enjoy and excel in silence based meditation.

hares are leg or nature shaping souls, great at endurance sports and often love being close to and working with nature.

bears arm, or action shaping souls. Healthy bears easily point out emotion through action.

Foxes are tail souls, or craft making souls. They love organisation.

Hedgehogs are belly souls or desire shaping souls. they love wisdom generating meditation, energy work, developing the body, and being public figures (many famous people are hedgehogs.)
Mice are heart souls, or reality shaping souls they make good teachers, they are acceptable to all soul types.

My understanding of the details of each soul type is limited. I feel this information would be best presented as a large chart.

ALL details of souls are generalisations, my grandfather, Johna, in my first life was a mole yet he was deeply fascinated by nature something you would expect from a Hare.

I'll expand on this in future.

A Tiny Trickle

This is a wonderful method of overcoming any blockages towards prayer.

Ask (long) for a tiny trickle of gods love to flow in, hit against and help you feel any emotional blockage you have towards prayer.

This could be, for example, the effect of some kind of spiritual force, making it hard to receive gods love.
your own emotions that hinder prayer.

I find it is always possible to receive a tiny trickle, whereas a standard longing or asking for a lot of gods love can often be hindered to the point of not working.

This is the practice I prescribe whenever a spirit or person is finding it hard to pray.

This should always work.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Incomplete and imperfect list of Divine Gifts

Gods love is just one of an infinite array of energies that can flow from gods soul to your soul as gifts, permanent upgrades. Most if not all of the listed gifts can be received in different ways, for example into one's mind, or body.

Love - considered by every angel I have met as gods most significant gift.
Love - Masculine/feminine.
Love - gods romantic (soulmate?) love - this appears to soul perceptions as a silver blue.

Truth - a spiritual substance that contains direct information.

Humility - yes it is possible to receive humility from god. it directly upgrades one's capacity to feel, probably not desire to feel.
Humility - sensitivity towards one's soulmate
Humility - sensitivity towards god
Intelligent humility
Divine humility - this is theorised by some as the gift that teaches a baby soul how to feel as God feels.

Wisdom - this flows into the belly, the seat of wisdom.



Gifts that assist one in the atonement process:
Divine at-one-ment - I have met angels not from this world who have entered heaven without ever asking for gods love by receiving this gift.
Divine at-one ment (problem-solving) - this substance works on one thing at a time as it flows in until you are done.

What about a gift that transforms your physical body to be a better reflection of your soul's characteristics. I call this one informally'green jelly'.

perhaps not fitting this list as they don't necessarily come from God, but it is possible to receive spiritual food, or water.

Faith - a gift that strengthens faith, this along with truth was considered by myself my parents and community in my first life as of vital importance.

Internal silence
Containment of your energy
Freedom from or help with fear
Freedom from or help with grief

Divine flexibility - able to change a person's fate through expanded potential actions.

I think you get the idea. If you can conceive of something that fulfils a need, serves a true purpose, then it will be created for you if no one has asked for it before you. I feel life on earth or in a planets associated spirit world is an experiment. The basis being: how does a soul grow in this environment. So get creative with it, what can you come up with that causes true growth.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Help with Becoming At-One.

If one has strong enough faith, and prays in the right ways, it is possible to become at one in just a few days.

This is something one of my spiritual guides told me about two years ago. I have been working on becoming at one with God for about four years. More specifically I have been working on transcending the seventh sphere for roughly two years.

I felt like making an entry here at renaissancesquared that provides some concepts that may make this process more accessible and hopefully easier for others.

Another message I recieved was the tale of a spirit who had a particularly quick journey from the seventh to eighth sphere. This man, Michael, believed so completely that God wanted to be at one with him.

*   *   *

As I understand it there are some basic requirements necessary for your soul to meet in order to enter heaven, at-one with God.

Be free from any emotional sin. (any emotion that is less than gods idea of pure, pain for example, or false belief.)

Be constructed of divine substance. Now to my understanding prayer for gods love may not be the easiest way to do this. There is a specific gift you can pray for that rebuilds the substance or more specifically the "borders" of the soul, divine. The cool thing here is the way large quantities of damaged emotion can be healed or released as areas of the soul become divine.

Each "pocket" of the soul filled with God's love and truth. The soul when viewed, can be seen as like an intricate disk with thousands or perhaps millions of "pockets" defined by "borders" of greater density.

The soul loves as God loves. Getting to this is a matter of growing in love. I usually work on this by receiving gods love as I long to love as God loves. The desire is for God's love to teach me how to love.

*   *   *

Faith is an absolutely pivotal concept in this process.
perhaps the only thing I truly took from the 'Robert James Lees' trilogy of books, that I refer back to in my mind on a regular basis is as Aphraar gets to the bridge in the gate of heaven, I do not remember how clearly Lees gets this across but my guides certainly impressed it upon me, Faith Crosses The Bridge. (And I would add to that humility.)

There are over two hundred different permanent connections god makes to the soul as it becomes at-one. It is recommended that you have faith that all of them can be made early on. This will ease the rest of the process. Here, faith is the force that allows God to act and make these connections.

How does one develop Faith? The soul develops something we call the 'faith window' which looks like a disk that expands in the frontal plane (in an anatomical sense) around the body. Practice this, and be humble to the feelings you have of how difficult it is.
God has several gifts that develop faith as you receive them. so, long to God for faith.
This is one of the gifts from God I knew how to receive in my last life.

*   *   *

I would like to go back to one of the earliest posts I have here. A practice delivered by Michael which my understanding of has seriously deepened over the last few weeks.

I'll change it just slightly to be more accurate:
"Everyone who has ever become at-one, has done so by paying attention to god as they receive God's love."

This method actually forges A new, permanent connection to god that enables you to pray differently, A very beautiful connection that can develop and grow over time. 
It's very simple but some people will find it difficult. Receive gods love, and place your attention on god. Fight to maintain that attention. eventually, and this may take less than thirty seconds there will be a 'pop' as a new connection is made. And this can grow with continued practice and new desires for your relationship with God, perhaps indefinitely.

*   *   *

So what are some of these ways one might pray?

Apply faith that God can heal all of your emotions and feel through your resistance to having this happen. Basically, you are working out a way to have god heal you and your faith is the vehicle to achieve this.

In my experience, becoming At-one is a gradual process where you are getting parts of yourself into heaven (the eighth sphere and above.)
So everyone is going to need a method of transcending the dimensional barriers between spheres. I have found that loving enough to live in the higher sphere works. Generally, as I am doing this I feel something along the lines of "I don't want to feel I can't love enough" as I am trying to love.
I refer you back to the earlier post: Technique for rapidly moving your soul upwards through the first six spheres.

That's all for now.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Method of making prayer easily accessible.

Pray like you are a child turning on and off a light.
Every time the light goes on or off, feel your resistance.
Your longing for God's love is the light going on.


The resistance that usually comes up for me using this method is "I don't want to feel that they (spiritual forces) will make this hard." Whenever the light goes off it's generally "I don't want to feel they will make it hard to start again."

Monday, August 28, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

Shrinking or becoming childlike as we receive gods love.

There is something one can do to greatly speed up personal change and growth that occurs as you receive love from God.

As gods love flows in you kind of soften and become small, childlike in your chest.
This allows gods love to hit against or access small childlike emotions within yourself.
It helps you feel these.

This causes rapid softening and expansion of who you are as a person. You become more loving.

I suspect that the emotions that come up as one does this are, efficient, cost effective. For the smallest amount of effort, you see the greatest benefit.

Some people I observe who have learned to pray and do so regularly do not do anything like this and the positive change we see in them is far slower. There is no softening of their heart. They do receive benefits from the love, but without really growing much in their loving nature.

The positive change that can be observed in people using this 'shrinking' technique can be rapid and profound.

Thanks guys.
Alex (Methuselah)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Perfect Prayer

(longing directed to god:)
What is the best possible thing god can do for me?

From my own experience this prayer allows god to select the most beneficial emotional issue within you to work on.


prayer in service of others: What is the best possible thing god can do for someone else or; What is the best possible thing I can do? (Again as a longing directed to god)

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Desire to be transformed by gods love.

There is something I have been contemplating and utilizing recently. It is not so much based on a memory, at least not a concrete one. More of a feeling.

I feel that in Jesus first century life, there is something that he chose to do that turned out to be a significant part of his At-one-ment process.

As he received love from god he desired strongly to be transformed by the love.

This causes gods love to affect the soul differently to just receiving love from god.

And as I said, my feeling is that this practice was instrumental to Jesus getting into heaven while alive on earth.

True Prayer

Emotional communion with god.

Take a moment to feel your-self.

Whatever is there, all your emotions, tell them to God.

Ask for god's feelings to come into you.

Desire to feel god as you tell your emotions to God.

When you do this it may seem like there are two things. Yourself and God.

I feel that one day these two things will become one. This is part of the At-one-ment with god condition.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sketch comedy

I went back through the ancient history of my facebook timeline recently and found this. I think it deserves a share.

This is what I look like for anyone who is interested. Well kinda, this photo is a couple of years old.

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Angels Way

Hey everyone, several days ago I came back to something I had stumbled upon years ago without comprehending.

What is known as the Voynich Manuscript is truly the best book that earth has ever had access to, it's true title being "The Angels Way"

It is a manual of lessons on getting into heaven.

The trick is knowing how to use it.

You need to "See" each page, not try to decipher the details intellectually.
The most basic and simple way of explaining this is gazing at the whole page and feeling it. I feel with my whole body as I gaze.

Some people will have more difficulty than others with perceiving the message, anyone can learn. The learning process usually goes like this.

First have a desire to learn to perceive the spirit world visually.
There is something you will be taught in the sleep state where you wack yourself on the left side of the head to send the left eye of your spirit body into your third eye. from this time on, over the years you will gradually develop in your ability to see. this is the truth behind all the regular people from history who are preserved mythologically who "traded an eye for wisdom." Odin and Horus are the examples that come to mind. When the learning process is complete your eye returns to its normal place. This is completely safe.

There is a very effective waking practice to speed the process of expanding your perception. You kind of pulse your eyes apart.
some rare people will need to cross their eyes and pulse them towards each other.
Just do a few pulses at a time and then rest.

This book is incredible, it is the most wonderful aid to getting into heaven while alive on earth that I never even dreamt I would have.
There are information pages, lesson pages and soul healing pages.

This is an example of a lesson page. It is "being your-self" as you see the page you are drawn through a feeling based process that if you are humble to, if you can succeed in feeling through teaches you to be your-self. when you finish the page, just let the lesson dissolve and you will continue to grow with it in the sleep state.

This is an example of an information page, it speaks of the beauty of heaven, climactic disaster on earth, the hesitant feelings of an angel returning to earth, 'reincarnating' if you will, it speaks of the disgust of taking on your parents emotional condition and the deep feelings of loneliness we all feel as children. The bubble at the bottom is happier it exclaims "we will play together on earth" and it shows the way we will be watched over by our celestial friends in heaven.

The following is an example of a soul healing page. It is "Healing Your Senses"
It guides you through the emotional healing of first your ears, then brain, nose, eyes and throat.
part of the text reads "just relax and go at your own pace with this one, it takes a long time"

I feel I have given enough of an example of how the book works for anyone to start playing with it themselves.

Strangely I don't feel like explaining how the book came to be so I'll leave that for another day, no I will. It was hand drawn by a man in heaven named Ishemail who was distressed by our inability to help the people on earth learn what we know of the beauty of life and personal development. I was surprised to see right at the end of the book that I am mentioned as the person who happened along on Ishemail in his distress and suggested "why not write a book and manifest a copy down there" He was overjoyed with this and loves me to this day.

It's funny, Seriously I have access to .00000000000001% of my memory.

Fascinating channeled message I received way back in 2012 and totally forgot about

Scientific exploration is dependent on the scientist doing the exploration.
Sadly, the concept of self the majority of scientists have, is far more akin to "the earth is flat with four corners" than the reality of the matter.

-Albert Einstein

Friday, April 22, 2016

Faith and Love

When one prays for Divine love Faith must be present for it to come.

Faith Gods love will be provided and will enter when you ask.

Within the true lord's prayer is a line:

I pray god, that your love will come to me in great abundance.

How do you truly feel about this?

Why not apply full Faith that gods love will come to you in great abundance.

Be humble to the experience.

Faith is an active force.

To strengthen Faith,

Long to god for Faith.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Perceptual journeying to visit new locations for healing.

[Edit: 13/06/2017] Several people have voiced confusion to me over this post, I will simplify it as there are these four of gods gifts that you may never have thought of asking for, Containment of your energy, freedom from fear, silence and freedom from grief. Utilizing these gifts may assist your progress and improve your comfort in this life.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Just under one year ago for the first time I had a mediumistic interaction with humans living on another planet. Over the intervening time I have learned that there are billions of planets housing humans however all but five of these are removed from earth dimensionally, I.e. only five other planets with humans are within what we commonly call our 'universe'. To a soul in a suitable condition, the people of these worlds are not so far removed for communication.

what I desire to discuss here is a new method available to us on earth to repair what we are.

The planet that is believed to be the first planetary location to be inhabited by humans was endowed with additional gifts. gifts that are now available to us on earth.

This planet due to its extreme vulnerability was granted:
Total freedom from fear,
Perfect silence, and
Perfect containment of their personal energy.

All people on this planet have these gifts highly developed. We are now ably to develop them ourselves.

Instead of six spiritual 'spheres' below the seventh which is a transition location that teaches what is necessary to live in the divine heavens, they have nine. An extra sphere (or location) for each additional gift.

What I suggest is this.
Go on a perceptual journey to these locations that earth now has, and (if visiting the fear location) feel your fear dissolve.

Anyone can do this if you trust that you can. This is irrespective of your souls condition in love. For example a person in the hells can utilise these  locations, they are not barred from them because of being unable to reach them.
Go to theses locations in your mind. It does not matter if you are unable to perceive them clearly. Just put yourself there, ask for the gift they teach and then feel the experience. It will take some doing to perfect these gifts.

There is a similar gift that was given to humans who have an existence not based on a planet. They are human souls but they exist within a different kind of experiment, so to speak. there are many of these totally different circumstances for humans to exist within.
The gift is freedom from grief.
Earth now has a location that teaches this gift. I strongly suggest you use it. Earths new spheres are growing as people use them. It is wonderful to observe.

Another way to utilise these gifts is to ask god for them, without any kind of perceptual journeying. They are a bit like a spiritual substance that you need to fill your self with.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

God's Universe When Recieving Divine Love

The mystery goes on forever, but things becomes more and more beautiful every day.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Invitation to donation

Hello my readers,
Currently my efforts to produce teaching material are limited, in future I would like to produce high quality video to be made available free of charge.

At this time I am working towards this goal primarily by working on my own condition.
I have a great deal to offer this planet in terms of gifts of spoken knowledge and books I plan to write and mediumship services  and a clear manner of talking about complicated topics in a way that makes personal growth easy.

I would like to acquire a camera and some basic lighting equipment leading up to filming my first production video which will be a series of exercises called "Simple energy packing series" or something along those lines. It is 25 movements that combined pack energy into your whole body in a way that causes the spirit body to grow and develop permanently. This makes physical muscle development easy.
And as aside effect, apart from feeling great, It facilitates getting to the important stuff in terms of soul-based, emotional healing and development.

Where I am going with this is that I have added a Donate via paypal button to this page.

Please also do not hesitate to contact me via email if you have any questions about any of my material.


As a side note. If you have ever seen photos of some of the really impressive 'old time' strong men, many of these men practiced this simple series of packing exercises with their spirit body in the sleep state. It made them capable of developing a highly impressive  physique with weight training while awake. The benefits of doing this with your physical body while awake are profoundly greater.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Free flow conversational prayer: making love with god.

Something I have played with occasionally over the years has been a form of prayer I label, making love with god.

I describe it like this. It is silent and feeling based. Non-verbal.

Express love to god.

Desire god to love you.

Push back and forth against god with your love,

Feeling a love for gods love that causes an inflowing of gods love for you.

For some time I have thought of this prayer practice as very profound, some of  my most satisfying experiences of interaction with god have come from this method.

I have been wanting to improve my method, something I achieved today.

I was sitting in a cinema waiting for a film to start and I was inspired to pray for god to be able to love me without my asking for it.

This involved an emotional process of unlocking that was frightening at some points, it felt vulnerable to relinquish my control of when god could give me love.

there was a feeling of reaching a level of completion with this unlocking process, and.

Now all I have to do to receive love from god abundantly is to love god.


Any additional asking for love is a bonus.

Although some of the language used in this post is kinda sexy, up until now I have never had a sex based interaction with god. The feelings are purely loving and non sexual.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Interesting Prophetic Dream - Ken Peters talking to the Prophecy Club

This Video I feel has several important concepts, some of which could prove to be accurate.

I particularly like the bit where Ken describes people, manly angels raising from graves, and the bit where he talks about zooming out and observing pockets of people all around the world connecting to god, golden streams of Divine Love flowing to them.

In terms of societal collapse and a new system being established, I feel this probably will not happen and if anything along thoes lines occurs it will be in a far more gentle way than what Ken describes.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Forms taken by Angels to enhance interaction with Humans on Earth.

I will start by explaining what an angel is. An angel is a person. A person who once lived on earth who has gone through a particular kind of personal  development. This is god based development, God reliant development. They have, through their own desire received god's love into their soul, and allowed themselves to be changed by doing so. Their once human soul is transformed over time until it is completely Divine. You could say that when this transformation is complete they are born again as a divine angel. A soul not only formed in gods image as we all are but also constructed of gods substance.

Many people, in fact everyone has at least one divine angel with them some of the time. However these angels generally have great deal of difficulty getting through to people on earth in a satisfying manner. This is due to several things that are based in divine law, the law of free will, law of desire, the laws governing mediumistic interactions between humans and spirits, which involve harmony of soul condition. It definitely is not a case of if there is an angel with me, trying to help me, I will know and receive that help.

There are three forms that I know of that are taken by  angels in order to assist people on earth. Angels take these different kinds of form in order to enhance their capability of providing help.

Ent form - Method angels use to connect to trees and help people who are deeply inclined towards helping and loving nature and to directly help and love nature. This name was adopted after JRR Tolkein's writing about Ent's in 'The Lord of the Rings.'

Tengu - A tengu is a spirit form taken by a soul mate couple who are both angels, they work in harmony to help people, usually those inclined towards warriorship to resolve spirit attack issues or any soul based issue. It is a form that can be seen clairvoyantly far more readily than an angels' true form, Basicly they darken themselves. Often described or depicted as a three legged crow 'demon' but I feel demon is not the correct term to use. A tengu manifests and maintains a healthy physical body's energetic connection to the earth. This gives them greater influence and healing capability with mortals. This is the crow's third leg.
Bujinkan Ninjutsu has the Tengu as it's guiding spirit, which I think is very impressive.
I suggest the experiment of:
Desire a Tengu to be with you. 
Perhaps do this at a time when you are able to pay attention, such as during seated meditation. You could say, "what would you like to help me with" or "Can you help me with this problem?"

Merkaba - Again an angelic soul mate couple who manifest a certain spirit form of superimposed upwards and downwards pointing, triangle based pyramids. This is usually in order to interact with 'new age' spiritualist inclined people.
Why not try desiring a Merkaba to visit you?

This page has some nice content regarding Merkaba

These are the primary assisting forms. Angels have several other ways they can show themselves to mortals who are unable to perceive their true form, but I think I have said enough.

Poem from Janit, who lives physically on another world. (Mediumship)

The truth that Talks.

God gives abundantly.

God's gifts are perfect and permanent,

God feels so much Love.

-Janit. My soul is in the equivalent of earth's first celestial sphere. My world rejoices at the changes we are seeing in earth's condition. Thankyou Alex.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tool's LaTeRaLus

The 2001 album Lateralus from Tool is the best rendition of angelic inspired music recorded on earth to date.

The Boys worked in close harmony with a specially selected team of angels throughout, including a great deal of work in the sleep state.

Track 3: The Patient seems especially suited to my own journey.

Track 5: Schism is in my view the most beautiful on the album.

The name of the album LaTeRaLus is actually a word from one of the angelic languages. Translated very simply it means "Bringer of Light."

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I genuinely think this is one of the best webpages in the history of the internet.

It deserves a post that is simply:

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Thought experiment for easily healing emotional damage.

This is so simple and so effective.

Travel in spirit to the black hole at the center of our universe. This does not have to be full blown astral travel, just put your self next to it, then in it and ask questions such as:

How do I feel about myself?
How do I feel about God my mother / God my father?
How do I feel towards my soulmate?
Can I feel my anger?

The Vacuum will literally suck anything out instantly.
This is completely safe.

Go on, have a play.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Personal Amygdala Control

This is a really cool way of developing your consciousness.

It should be taught in every school environment.

You may find that Neil's amygdala control technique will make mediumship easier.

Just for my faveorite homosexual soul

Code Monkeys Uniite

"FastFingers" the typing program is really cool. It is a piece of program that has been divinely inspired and then hatched on earth. It actually also trains coding ability, or more accurately putting your spirit through as you type code. and your spirit mind is better at this than your physical brain.

The most advanced piece of divine truth I have ever recieved

The only thing that has ever existed is god.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Enhancing your Mind

Here is a short informal list of methods that I feel are hugely valuable.

Photo Reading.
This is a method of exposing written material to your mind at high speed. You use the same method of focus as that which is involved in 'seeing' (perceiving energy)
PhotoReading paperback on

Image Streaming
This is a method of developing and strengthening the link between your visual mind and verbal ability. It increases IQ. It is also wonderful for developing your ability to receive impressions from helpful spirits. I believe this can be developed until they can communicate complex concepts.
Full lesson on Image Streaming on inventor Win Wenger's website:

Both of these methods will become easier and more functional if you are willing to work through the limiting emotions that hider their success. This is something I am going to talk about more in the future but for now I will refer any interested parties to Jesus and Mary at their wonderful website

Thursday, October 08, 2015

New video introducing some future teaching material.

When I filmed this I had not tried to explain complex spiritual concepts aloud to anyone for several years. I am far from happy with this video. I warm up a bit by the end.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Praying For god's Inner Fire.

The primary gifts that can come from god that you may hear spoken about, are generally Gods Divine Love and Divine Truth.

In this post however I would like to mention another valuable thing to ask for.

Inner Fire.

This is something that is often sought for by people in Tibet, generally without a truly solid conscious understanding of how to proceed.

So what is 'Inner fire'?

It is one of gods gifts that has the effect of filling the soul and 'inflating' it so to speak to keep a person open and solid and feeling themselves even when they are under pressure.

This is how I do it.

Firstly, I understand that it comes from god. This substance comes from god's soul and is drawn into my own soul through a longing, through desire.

God would like you to have it. God desires for you to be comfortable even when under great spiritual pressure, god wants to help you be yourself.

Then it is a matter of directing a desire to god, "I desire your Inner Fire"

Try to have faith that it will come when you ask.

when you have acquired some inner fire, you can cause it to burn by using your will, this has several properties including helping resolve emotional damage and more easily receiving more fire.

That is basically enough for you to play with, to attempt for yourself.

However I will make one further comment.

Whenever you go to god, honesty is vital.
So, for example: You approach god with a longing to receive Inner Fire. however your true feeling is god will never give this to me,

it makes it quite unlikely that your desire will be satisfied.

The solution is to feel exactly how you feel. Perhaps you feel you are a bad person and that god does not want to help you. (which is not true) If you let yourself feel that and connect to that, and ask god about those feelings you will get far further than trying to achieve something that you don't honestly feel.

That is all. Play!

Friday, June 05, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Interplanetary visatation

I feel that in the not too distant future highly developed humans will visit earth from other planets in gods universe.

They will offer us solutions to some of our problems and also desire to help us.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cleaning your connection to god.

What I want to talk about today is a method of strengthening your ability to connect to god. It is very straight forward, but the subtlety involved can make it difficult.

Long for divine love
If it comes to you, thats great keep doing that.
If however longing for god's love makes you uncomfortable, if it feels difficult;
then let yourself feel that discomfort.

To put this another way, The prayer for divine love brings to the forefront exactly what is currently preventing you from actually receiving love.

In my experience of doing this it is usually feelings of fear that come up.
Fear of not being able to 'find' god,
Fear of failing if I try,
Fear that there may be no response, or that something other than god may answer.

One more thing. I believe this should go better for you is you do not cease the longing for love as you feel through the discomfort that comes up. In this way god will be able to assist in the release. The discomfort, the fear will just flow out easily as divine love flows in.

This is my go-to practice when I feel stuck.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Having a longing for love or truth from god can be more readily answered if you preface it with a feeling of relying on god to achieve the result.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Holding God beneath your feet.

What I fail to explain is the effect of the mentioned redistribution of energy which is a lack of connectedness to the body.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Automatic Writing: A poem from Maria.

Making Love; More Prayer.

Tell god your feelings,
Be pure in your honesty.

Desire Gods love,
knowing God desires that you have it.

And surely it will come.

-Maria. 7th sphere.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Padgett Message - Soul development and earnest, sincere prayer to the Father.

This Padgett message helped me in exactly the way I needed this morning. I repeat it here in the hope of providing a means that others can benefit from it's simple message.
August 8th, 1915
Received by:James Padgett.
Washington D.C.
I am here, Saint Peter.
I want to tell you that you are very near the Father tonight and that His Love is filling your soul to a great degree. I see that you are anxious to learn of the spiritual things of the Father and of His Love towards you and all mankind.
You must pray for more faith and trust implicitly in His promises, and in the promises of the Master, for they will be fulfilled and you will not be disappointed or left to yourself. I am with you quite often now, for I want to assist in the great work that Master has chosen you to do; and you must get into a condition that will enable you to do this work in the greatest perfection. Your soul must be developed with this Divine Love of the Father, so that you will be in accord with the Master when he writes, for unless there is such accord you will not be able to get the spiritual meanings of his messages as he wants you to do.
There is nothing that will cause this development as well as earnest, sincere prayer to the Father. With such prayer will come faith, and with faith will come the Substance of what you may now only believe. So pray often, believing that the Love of the Father will come to you, and you will realize your oneness with Him.
I am so much interested in you and your soul development that I am going to help you with all my love and power.
Let not the things of the world detract your attention from these spiritual necessities, and you will find that all these material things will be supplied you.
Be firm and courageous in your beliefs and professings and God will be with you in every time of trial and distress. This I know and tell you as one having knowledge. I want you to let your faith increase until doubt shall flee away, and only trust in the Love and goodness of God remain with you. I will not write more tonight.
So with all my love and blessings I am
Your own friend and brother in Christ,
St. Peter

A google search for James Padgett will bring free access to all of his published messages, or hard copy's can be obtained here.