Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Interplanetary visatation

I feel that in the not too distant future highly developed humans will visit earth from other planets in gods universe.

They will offer us solutions to some of our problems and also desire to help us.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Technique to easily resolve difficult soul damage that results in loss of energy.

There is a simple method of resolving difficult damage to the soul caused by spirit attack that I would like to reveal to the world.

If you spit through your urine stream as you urinate it causes something wonderful to occur. The unloving desire felt by the spirits who attacked you as a child in order to take from you, and this happens to  humanity collectively, the energy of the body, and profit from it, can be released. this allows god or divine angels to very easily heal the soul. all you need to do is believe they will.

Obviously this needs further explanation, that there are groups of spirits, who are all babies who were killed by other spirits in a horrific manner in order to create a particular soul condition that is like their own. These spirits are sometimes known as the demon clans who enslave the earth.

I will explain further the technique. As you pee spit so that your saliva drop falls through the stream and then wait calmly until the end of your flow. Towards the end, or immediately after your flow ceases a certain energy will be released through your penis or vagina. It can be visible to developed soul perception but I recommend you simply know it is coming and desire to experience emotionally the desire, Feel it.

The desire that is release is the one that was most affecting you when you last went to the toilet. My most recent example was a desire of a group of women, They exclaimed 'lets pull his brains out' as they swooped in on the spiritual substance of my spirit body's brain during a traumatic event of my childhood.

I feel I have given you enough to experiment with, now go play.

Feeding the soul with physical food and drink.

I started a line of experimentation with drinking water into the area of my body that I had just released emotion from, (conscious guidance with awareness). this then lead to directing the water into my spirit body, that has now developed into something that is very beneficial.
It is possible to swallow food and drink into the soul. Doing so causes a considerable boost in joy and the souls work capacity. I do this by chewing a mouthful slowly as I make the food and my saliva happy by smiling into them, then as I swallow I direct the food into the soul again with a conscious choice to do so, as I receive divine love into the chewed up food. Of course the divine love goes into the soul and the physical food goes into your physical body but the effects of this if you can see them are quite profound.
I like to do this for the part of my soul that I as Alex Cooke on earth am most connected to, the part that is now (since very recently) within the celestial heavens (Tenth sphere at time of writing) this guy does a lot of work within the lower spheres and earth plane and often gets a bit exhausted. I also do this for the highest aspect of myself, Mathusla, (Methuselah of the bible) that is now at one with god and my soulmate (Edina) in the 39th dimension.
I just worked out as I wrote this, (I am eating a delicious piece of brown rice and chia seed toast spread with peanut butter,) that this can be extended to swallowing into the souls of others, and that is is a beautiful and gentle way of enervating a soul to receive divine love.

New material on it's way.

Hey it's Methusla here, I have some new material on it's way. I hope to have some fascinating stuff integrating divine love principals with development of human potential. I hope to have some videos up soon that teach physical movements that aid in developing the soul or one or other of it's potentials.

I have a desire to display some of the more fantastic abilities of a highly developed soul. and a desire to teach others how to develop the same capabilities.

Topics of future discussion will include:

My own identity and life story.

The soul hat: This is an energetic construct that is built by god, it has many potent functions. It can be given to any person. it assists the person who desires to live their life free of spirit influence. It protects the head from overcloaking spirits (within certain limitations imposed by soul condition), It has other functions that you can choose to engage, such as showing a person the emotion they are not being humle to, destroying harmful energy, it can hide your spiritual brightness should you desire this, it can help with telepathic communication, it causes a person to be unable to be connected to by people who desire to harm them energetically.

What I will call 'the fingers of intent: Emanations that issue from the midsection and can preform functions at your souls behest.  (These can be read about in some of Calos Casteneda's Excellent books, I think tales of power talks about Don Genaro pulling himself across a waterfall with these fibers, which he had developed through natural love techniques and with the assistance of some spirits) I will be explaining how they can be developed with far less effort through an emotional process and strengthened by receiving divine love into them.

What I will call the body of intent: This is something that can be developed through movement, (see Magical Passes: Unbending Intent) This is a Calos Casteneda thing again but the true nuts and bolts of the artform that he practiced. see also the magical passes book and the three 'Tensegrity' series' DVD, which develop different areas of human potential.

The potentiality of reciving divine love into your body and its effects, which as I currently under stand turns the body into a kind of heart and allows it to experience emotion. allows fierce humility!

Mediumisticly received communications from the highest of celestial Angels.

That's all i'll list for now I feel there will be many other topics of descussion that become available to me as I remember more of my existance.

I am looking forward to the new life my soul condition is going to allow me to live.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cleaning your connection to god.

What I want to talk about today is a method of strengthening your ability to connect to god. It is very straight forward, but the subtlety involved can make it difficult.

Long for divine love
If it comes to you, thats great keep doing that.
If however longing for god's love makes you uncomfortable, if it feels difficult;
then let yourself feel that discomfort.

To put this another way, The prayer for divine love brings to the forefront exactly what is currently preventing you from actually receiving love.

In my experience of doing this it is usually feelings of fear that come up.
Fear of not being able to 'find' god,
Fear of failing if I try,
Fear that there may be no response, or that something other than god may answer.

One more thing. I believe this should go better for you is you do not cease the longing for love as you feel through the discomfort that comes up. In this way god will be able to assist in the release. The discomfort, the fear will just flow out easily as divine love flows in.

This is my go-to practice when I feel stuck.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Having a longing for love or truth from god can be more readily answered if you preface it with a feeling of relying on god to achieve the result.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Holding God beneath your feet.

What I fail to explain is the effect of the mentioned redistribution of energy which is a lack of connectedness to the body.